Holiday Challenge! 7/4/20 - 7/12/20

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Holiday Challenge! 7/4/20 - 7/12/20

Postby Moritz Craven on July 14th, 2020, 3:32 am

The thread is here.

Holiday takes place in Fall, and is called "The Fall of Lies" (invented by several young children, so name is a bit punny).

It is a day in which lies are supposed to fall away, leaving only the truth in your words and actions. Mainly created due to Moritz desire to see people being more open and honest with each other, and less deceitful in general.

Its all about being open and honest in actions and speech. Actively going out and telling people the truth who you previously have kept things hidden from. Revealing true feelings and thoughts. Professing ones truth. Acting without deception in ones dealings with others.

The customary food is honest food without any deception. Singular visible items made of one ingredient like fruit, or with each ingredient clearly visible like skewers with each item separate. No spices or things not clearly visible.
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Holiday Challenge! 7/4/20 - 7/12/20

Postby Gossamer on July 15th, 2020, 1:53 am

Hi Folks.

Thanks for playing. Once you guys have updated your ledgers (I noticed two of you weren't updated), as a prize for participating in this challenge, the three winners can add 400 GM to their ledgers or the equivalent amount of items off the price list. :) This money or equivalent items must be acquired in thread and listed in your CS as such.



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