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Khel'Lae / Khel'Lav

Postby Khel'Lae on July 26th, 2020, 5:31 pm

Khel'Lae (Light Brother)
Khel'Lav (Dark Brother)


Race: Akalak
Gender: Male
Age: 44 Years Old
Birthday: 12, Spring, 476 A.V.
Birthplace: Riverfall

Appearance: Khel stands tall at 7' 4" with a smaller build than most of his Akalak brethren. He has midnight purple skin, and has long, premature silver hair adorning his tattooed face—geometric patterns layering, crisscrossing, and curving through his entire face in deep black lines and stark white fills. His status as Cerulean jarring and open for all to see. The only spots of colour on his marked face are a pair of pale gold eyes that seem piercing and pained at the same time. He seems shrouded in an aura of unease, and his eyes oft dart about as if waiting for someone or something.

Character Concept

Khel as a dual soul-ed character is an exploration into the concept of duality or separation consciousness, versus unity consciousness or oneness within the "microcosm" of a single individual. He starts off already an adult with the dark brother Lav as the dominant soul directing the physical body most of the time. Thus, he's already a tattooed Cerulean Cultist. Not by choice, of course.

After the coming-of-age rite that Akalaks go through in their 30th year, the passive light brother, Lae, was pushed aside. It was a late entry of the darker personality for most Akalaks, but a shocking one. The light brother had had no contact with his dark brother for 30 odd years, and the sudden breaking free of Lav was violent on many levels. Lav's personality is unquestionably stronger, and Lae was relegated to an imprisoned soul—his quiet demeanour and avoidance of confrontation was a major factor. The disparateness of the two halves lead to a very handicapped individual, whereby Lae through his steadfastness makes way to the surface at very unpredictable timings.

The light brother is gentle at heart. He has a steady and quiet demeanour, and is an avid learner of all things esoteric. Lae's personality is by and large due to growing up without his Akalak father, who had passed away before his birth, and his closeness to his Konti mother. He did not really resonate with his own race. Lae did only what was necessary as a member of the community, and was raised primarily by his Konti mother from whom he drew knowledge and wisdom about life—learning more about mysticism than martial prowess (albeit to avoid confrontation he kept up with the minimum necessary to undergo Akalak rites).

Lav on the other hand is a more self-serving and conflicted personality. He wars with the reality of his Akalak birthright—in his mind, it's more a curse. Has an obsessive thirst to pry open the hidden meaning behind his and Lae's lot in life. To the point that whenever he hears word of the Gods Wysar and Akajia having been seen in the city, he drops all to chase them down, but has never been successful in sighting them. Like his light brother his interests do not lie in the martial culture of his race, and similarly dives into the mysticism of the world (likely due to the shared memories from Lae's formative years). However, unlike his other soul, he avoids his mother, and also delves into the darker side of things: staring into the shadows, digging up secrets, and relishing in the umbrous tasks given by the Riverfall Council to marked Ceruleans.

Khel's progression and character growth will be plagued by the handicap of mental and emotional instability—swinging back and forth between the two personalities at the most unpredictable of times. For now, the dark brother eventually regains control. Most of the time. His continuing story will also be largely influenced by his relationship with his mother, but with different dynamics depending on which half is in control at the time. Additionally, the relationship between the two halves is also a major theme in his life—the rejections, reluctant and rare collaborations, and the thwarting of their personal philosophies. But no matter how different they are on the surface, Lae and Lav are actually quite similar at their core, but it will take a long time for realization to happen.

Character History

Born to his Konti mother Laia, Khel'Lae had lost his father during the pregnancy. His mother's gentle nature and steady hand eased the lack of having a father figure. Esteemed for the rare birth of another Akalak into the community, she was given many freedoms and privileges. However, there was always a schism with his paternal grandfather, Khurak, where there was a tug of war over Khel's upbringing. But, in her Konti way, she avoided much of the confrontation by letting Khel's grandfather believe he was controlling the rearing of his grandchild. She surreptitiously and lovingly brought Khel up the way she felt was best.

Throughout his formative years, Khel'Lae’s intelligence was a joy for Laia to watch. He quickly understood the hidden actions of his mother, and fell in with her plans. Deliberately doing whatever he needed to do as an Akalak, he learned unarmed combat and the culture and heritage of his people, but simultaneously and secretly gave more effort in his relationship with his mother, as well as the mystical and philosophical life lessons she handed down to him. He learned Flux from her to make up for his lack in the martial prowess, and immensely enjoyed devouring knowledge of djed. It seemed like a fun game to play, and he played it well. Of course, he loved Khurak, but under the surface he could not relate to him or his people well enough.

It was only during his 30th year, after receiving his very own Lakan, that his universe crashed into a chaotic and violent swirl. The dark brother Lav, burst into his consciousness in a disoriented and fear-driven rage. Laia his mother was the closest at hand to receive the lashing of Lav's aggression. In the midst of it he almost killed his own mother with the Lakan that held his essence—slashing with fear and confusion—before the extended family brought him to his sputtering knees. Everyone thought the light brother would come back into dominance, but to the dismay of his Akalak family, Lae remained submerged forcefully by Lav's aggressive will. The punishment or "salvation" in store for him was the facial markings of the Cerulean. Not cursed, but relegated, defined by his instability, and irrevocably branded.

As Cerulean, he was neither outcast nor lauded; a simple example of what not to be, and a tool for the Riverfallen Council’s shadier duties. He left his ancestral home, avoided his mother, and stepped into an obsession and a self-imposed outcasting. All the “why’s” of his dual existence in a fog of war waiting for him to blow it all up—If only he knew the how of it. His mind and body stalked the reason without relent—he laid it all at the feet of the dastardly patrons of his plight and race—Wysar and Akajia. It was exhausting. And Lae, cloistered at the back of his own mind, continued to watch everything unfold like an ironic play by dark comedians.

In the intervening years, Lav continued to have the majority of control over the shared body. Lae had not the constitution, nor the want to edge his way back in. The Konti way strong in his views on life. Conflict bred nothing of good. But every now and again, much to Lav’s annoyance, Lae comes up unbidden up for figurative air. Randomly. Always sudden. This unpredictable dance peppers their relationship—uncontrolled—if it were possible for dance partners to have no sense for rhythm, timing, nor cooperation.

Clandestine-styled training occupied a lot Lav’s time. He would never admit it, but his thirst for knowledge rivalled his Light Brother’s. Between Council work, Cerulean training, and his own personal mystical research, the Dark Brother sought out Wysar and Akajia whenever there was word of their presence in the city, to no success. It was laughable but the man was serious—doggedly following rumours and whispered sightings. Listening, always listening. Lae would give his own commentary in their shared mind, but Lav would pointedly ignore him even if there was a sliver of sense in his discourse.

For he sought the answers to questions that had no real answers. Truth behind existence, fate, and the hidden secrets of the Akalak race would never satisfy him. But Lav will keep going, and Lae will keep watching, thinking, and jumping in whenever it was inconvenient. Zooming out, the brothers will have to deal with their duality and the shared guilt of almost killing their mother.

But mostly, they continue to have to deal with each other, and their dysfunctional kinship.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Tukant
Poor Language: Kontinese


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Flux 26SP 26 Competent
Intelligence 10SP 10 Novice
Meditation 9SP 9 Novice
Philosophy 5SP 5 Novice
Unarmed Combat 10RB 10 Novice


Helpful Lores:
Philosophy: Concept of Sacred Geometry (Spiritual, Meditation)
Meditation: Active Breathing Techniques for Mindfulness


1 Personal Lakan
1 Pair of Knuckles (Cold Iron)
1 Set of Camouflage Armour (Heirloom)
1 Set of Clothing
-Dark Brown Shirt
-Simple Black Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Black Hooded Cloak with
Haphazard Splashes of Dark Green and Brown
-Simple Black Soft-Soled Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel

Heirloom: Deceased Father's old Camouflage Armour


Location: Takula Outpost

House: 20×20 Room with Basic Furnishings and a Hearth


Purchase Cost Total
SP +100GM 100GM
Personal Lakan -2GM 98GM
Knuckles (Cold Iron) -6GM 92GM

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