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Lyra Nix

Postby Lyra Nix on July 30th, 2020, 5:10 am

Lyra Nix

Physical Attributes
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Birthday: 10, Spring, 494
Birthplace: Lhavit
Fluent Language: Common

Appearance: Lyra is on the shorter side standing at 5'4" with a fit athletic build from growing up in Lhavit. She has golden brown eyes and dark brown hair, falling a little below her collar bone. Plump lips border a bright smile against sand colored skin. Mildly curvy figure.

Location: Okomo Estates

Purchased: 1st of Winter 520

Description: Single room cottage the standard size of 20x20 (400 sq ft), and with a 12x12 (144 sq ft) garden. The garden comes complete with a small three foot stone wall and simple metal gate. Furnishings include a hearth, fine bed, chest, chair, small table, fine arm chair, and a chamber pot.
Character Concept

Lyra is a friendly and warm person, always willing to help those around her and usually smiling. On the flip side of this, she can be quite stern when the occasion calls for it and will stand her ground if she needs to and stand up for what she believes in. Lyra is not prejudiced with other races, having seen her fair share of them growing up in a city many come to see. She is loyal to those close to her and will run to their aid any time day or night. Lyra has an artistic mindset, seeing the beauty in all things, sometimes in things or in ways others don't. She loves to observe the world around her.
Character History

Lyra was born to average parents, living in a small house in Okomo Estates. When not working, her father tended the property and the few chickens and goats they had, and Lyra's mother tended the garden. As a small child, Lyra helped out wherever she could, even if some of that help was observing and listening. Her parents would explain while she watched and she made sure to pay attention when they spoke. After all, she one day hoped to manage a home of her own so every day was a learning opportunity. Unfortunately her childhood would be interrupted and her lessons put on hold.

Lyra was 6 when Aysel, Talora, and Zintila turned their attentions elsewhere and Lhavit fell to corruption, bringing the dark years upon them. No one escaped the effect of that corruption. Living conditions plummeted, slaves outnumbered the remaining citizens, and the Diamond of Kalea was all but in ruin. The 11 years they were gone utterly became a blur in Lyra's memory. Those years were rough and monotonous to say the least, but Lyra's family's faith never wavered, and she drew strength from them to push on and prevail.

Their faith did pay off though when Aysel and Talora returned to Lhavit and worked to restore the city. Now 17 in a city tentatively back to normal, Lyra finally had time to really explore her interests and figure out what she wanted to do with herself. In those explorations, she discovered her love for art. Having been too young to truly appreciate it before the dark years, art resonated with Lyra in a way she never expected as a teenager. Art moved her, forced her to think, forced her to confront herself and the world around her, and soothed her when she needed it. It was anything and everything she needed it to be. From then on she knew art was her future and she began learning the craft.

For her 18th birthday, Lyra's parents gifted her an Artist's Toolkit and with their full support, she threw herself into the industry, spending her free time studying any piece and type of art she could lay eyes on. She began dabbling with several branches of the field before falling in love with painting. Something about the brush and paint gliding across the canvas just felt like home to her. Felt as right as breathing. Lots of trial and error and practice followed over the years but Lyra's belief in her passion and in herself never ceased. Every mistake was a lesson eagerly learned. To this day it's something she still wholeheartedly believes in, complete with intentions of expanding her craft beyond just the canvas.
Skills and Lores


Skill Total Acquired Proficiency
Animal Husbandry 13-100 (12 SP)(01 TP) Novice
Cleaning 03-100 (03 TP) Novice
Drawing 20-100 (15 RB)(05 TP) Novice
Gardening 12-100 (12 SP) Novice
Interrogation 01-100 (01 TP) Novice
Land Navigation 02-100 (02 TP) Novice
Observation 14-100 (14 TP) Novice
Planning 03-100 (03 TP) Novice
Socialization 05-100 (05 TP) Novice
Painting 36-100 (26 SP)(10 TP) Competent

*Lhavit: Streetplan
*Painting: How to Mix Pigments
*Lore of the joy of owning a first home
*Lyra: Imagining a future
*Graycie: Lyra’s Laperm cat
*Animal Husbandry: The correct way to approach a cat
*Nat Hawker: Appearance & mannerisms
*Nat Hawker: Painter at Tain’s Studio
*Fai Piramba: Appearance & mannerisms
*Location: Tain’s Studio
*Lhavit Location: Piramba’s Pet Shop
*Lhavit Location: The Swing
*Lhavit Location: Port Tranquil
*Drawing: Adjusting pressure for varying line weights
*Drawing: Adding depth through perspective
*Drawing: Stepping back to check your work as a whole
*Painting: Varying brushstrokes for painting water
*Painting: Different brush sizes for different parts of the painting
*Painting: Using two colors on a brush at once
*Drawing: Deciding how much to draw as a guide for a painting
*Painting: Going from top to bottom to avoid wet paint
*Painting: Imitating the flow of tree branches with brushstrokes
*Painting: Technique to paint sun rays
*Drawing: Sketching guidelines
*Painting: Mixing sky blue
*Painting: A minimalist painting
*Painting: Using white to lighten colours
*Drawing: Transferring a sketch to a canvas
*Painting: Using the tip of a brush for tiny details
*Painting: Painting from memory

* Starting Items


  • Artist's Toolkit* -

    This kit contains a number of items useful to those who produce art; paintings, drawings and sketches. There is a collection of various types of brushes, a number of different sized canvases, a number of small bowls and a handful of specially shaped charcoal (18th birthday gift)


  • Linen Undergarments*
  • Linen Shirt*
  • Linen Pants*
  • Low Boots*
  • Cloak*


  • Comb*
  • Brush*
  • Soap*
  • Razor*
  • Balanced Rations (1 week)*


  • Deed: The deed to her home in Okomo Estates (Acquired Winter 520)

Additional Possessions

  • Waterskin*
  • Eating Knife*
  • Flint & Steel*
  • 2-qt Cooking Pot*


  • Chef's Toolkit* -

    Includes the necessary items used in cooking and preparing food such as a knife, small pouch of salt and simple seasons. Found primarily in the form of a small kit that breaks down for easy transport in a backpack

  • Table Set* -

    This includes bowls, plates, cups and utensils (fork, spoon, knife), enough to accommodate a single person


  • Graycie -

    A Laperm cat around 12 lbs with thick, curly fur. Her coat is a creamy fawn color, with some grey on her legs and a mostly grey head with piercing blue eyes

(1 Ki = 10 Tk = 100 Jk)

Transaction Cost Total
Starting + 100 Ki + 100 Ki
Turn in Housing + 500 Ki + 600 Ki
Sturdy Travel NotebookWooden cover, inner compartment for writing tools. (Purchased from The Good Book in Lhavit) - 8 Ki + 592 Ki
Fall 520 RentElegant Room at Solar Wind Apartments - 91 Ki + 501 Ki
Fall 520 ExpensesCommon - 135 Ki + 366 Ki
Chef's ToolkitIncludes the necessary items used in cooking and preparing food such as a knife, small pouch of salt and simple seasons. Found primarily in the form of a small kit that breaks down for easy transport in a backpack - 10 Ki + 356 Ki
Table SetThis includes bowls, plates, cups and utensils (fork, spoon, knife), enough to accommodate a single person - 1 Ki + 355 Ki
2-qt Cooking Pot - 2 Tk + 354 Ki, 8 Tk
Fall 520 Wages + 546 Ki + 900 Ki, 8 Tk
Home PurchaseOkomo Estates Starter Home - 500 Ki + 400 Ki, 8 Tk
Winter 520 ExpensesCommon - 135 Ki + 265 Ki, 8 Tk
Laperm CatMedium-sized cat around 12 lbs, with thick, curly fur. Very affectionate and loving, and often enjoy sleeping with their owner - 15 Ki + 250 Ki, 8 Tk
Animal Grooming Kit - 10 Ki + 240 Ki, 8 Tk
Small Cage - 5 Ki + 235 Ki, 8 Tk
Small Perch - 5 Ki + 230 Ki, 8 Tk
Winter 520 Wages + 552 Ki + 782 Ki, 8 Tk
Fine Bed - 40 Ki + 742 Ki, 8 Tk
Fine Arm Chair - 20 Ki + 722 Tk, 8 Tk
Spring 521 ExpensesCommon - 135 Ki + 587 Ki, 8 Tk
Absent until Summer 522
Thread List

Spring 521 AV
* 12th - Portrait of a Lady (Madeira-Job-Ongoing)
Winter 520 AV
* 1st - Lhavit Roads... Take Me Home[/size] (Solo-Completed)
* 3rd - Companion in a Cattery (Solo-Completed)
* 12th - In Full Swing (Solo-Job-Completed)
* 20th - Sailing Adventures (Solo-Job-Completed)
* 50th - Prickly Sensations (Solo-Placeholder-Challenge)
Fall 520 AV
* 5th - Painted Peaks (Solo-Job-Completed)
* 10th - It's the Small Things (Solo-Job-Completed)
* 38th - Burning Tales (Ari'Ellin-Calendar-Ongoing)
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