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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Touch of Fire

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Touch of Fire is Lhavit's foremost blacksmith. It is the quintessential stop for anyone desiring a product of metal, particularly steel. The shop itself is sectioned off inside, with the customer initially entering the showroom. Here they will find a multitude of metal products on display, ranging from the common farmer's tool to the practical and deadly weapons carried by the Shinya. Typically they would be greeted by one of the apprentices in the shop to discuss their business. To the right, a small doorway leads to a smaller room that showcases a grand collection of a particular type of sword; the Katana. Difficult to forge and expensive to make, Aska prides herself in crafting these weapons. Those who seek these blades should be prepared to pay quite handsomely, as she does not part with them easily.

The primary work area is situated behind the elegant showroom. The proprietor of the Touch of Fire, Aska Terras, can most often be found laboring in this area. The amount of space and equipment filling the room is more than ample to handle the stress of the city's needs. Rather, the most common explanation for an overdue order would be a lack of competent help. Despite this, the people of Lhavit have come to depend on the Touch of Fire and its Isurian owner when it comes to the crafting of metal.

Aska Terras
ImageName: Aska Terras
Race: Isur
Birthdate: 408 AV
Birthplace: Sultros
Occupation: Owner and smith at Touch of Fire
Gnosis: 1 mark of Izurdin (Izentor level 1)
Skills: Blacksmithing - 75, Construction - 41, Leadership - 76, Metalsmithing - 85, Negotiation - 32, Organization - 71, Weaponsmithing - 52
Languages: Common (Fluent), Isur (Fluent)

Aska Terras has lived in Lhavit for as long as any of the Lhavitians currently alive can probably remember. She came at the tender (Isurian) age of 30, seeking out the beautiful city and wishing to perfect her trade. Though Aska is of the Terras clan, she is not likely ever to be remembered as the most skilled smith in Mizahar. What she will be remembered for is her fierce love for Lhavit and all that it stands for.

Aska's shop is essentially a one stop shop for all things metal in Lhavit. She does not simply specialize in weaponry. In truth, she much prefers crafting and repairing tools that benefit the working class of Lhavit such as farmers, rather than forging weapons day in and day out. Despite this, Aska has become quite apt forging weapons, particularly the rare and beautiful katana, and her blades of this type are highly prized.

Those who work as one of Aska's many apprentices will find that she is obsessed with deadlines. When an order comes in, it should and will be filled as soon as possible. This is where Aska's creativity comes into play; though she is not especially skilled in all aspects of the forge, she can sketch ideas and plans to help her improvise solutions and maintain both speed and quality in her work. She expects her cohorts to learn to do this as well as they train under her.

Etran Meluc
ImageName: Etran Meluc
Race: Human
Birthdate: 468 AV
Birthplace: Sunberth
Occupation: Smith at Touch of Fire
Gnosis: 2 marks of Izurdin (Izentor level 2)
Skills: Armorer - 52, Blacksmithing - 61, Drawing - 27, Leatherworking - 45, Metalsmithing - 63, Weapon: Longsword - 27, Weaponsmithing - 73
Languages: Common (Fluent), Isur (Poor)

Etran was born in Sunberth and lived there for part of his young life with his parents. His father was a blacksmith and his mother stayed home to take care of him and the house. Most days Etran could be found with his father at the shop, learning by asking questions a mile a minute like all children do. Finally at the age of thirteen he was allowed to start work with his father, learning by action rather than talking now.

The lessons in hard labor and fresh burns he went home with every day mellowed the boy out until he was just as pensive and methodical as his old man. His mother passed when he was sixteen and both men became more reclusive and grew apart without her warmth to bind them. Even their job wasn’t enough to keep them together over the next few years. Finally the young novice blacksmith left home hoping to find light somewhere in remembrance of his mother.

Word of the starry city reached Etran and he knew it was the only place that could remind him of the beauty his mother possessed would be that city. When he was twenty one he entered Lhavit with a heavy heart and sought out the Touch of Fire to dedicate his life to the one trade he knew. No longer a young man Etran is hardened and weathered from his travels and the only love he has ever known, sweat and hard labor.

He is a no nonsense kind of man and often comes across gruffer then he means to. Close to no one but his boss, Aska Terras, he is dedicated to her vision for her shop and training the apprentices as much as he is dedicated to his own work. His relationship with Aska is often heated with debates and yelling but even when they butt heads Etran always respects the Isurian. Quality over quantity is his motto and he's not afraid to tell someone if they need to redo a project. Though he’s not slow at his job, and will always make his deadlines, he will throw out a project without blinking if it isn’t up to his standards of excellence. He expects the same from the anyone working in the shop.

If you wish to purchase an item crafted using Etran's level 2 gnosis, please contact your ST for permission and more information; a modded thread is required.


Crowbar: 2 kina
Grindstone: 25 kina
Hatchet: 6 topaz kina
Hoe: 3 kina
Nail Hammer: 5 topaz kina
Pitchfork: 1 kina
Rake: 1 kina
Shovel: 2 kina
Spade: 2 kina
Splitting Axe: 5 topaz kina


Broadsword: 35 kina
Cutlass: 12 kina
Dagger: 2 kina
Great Axe: 30 kina
Halberd: 10 kina
Heavy Mace: 12 kina
Iron Staff: 25 kina
Longsword: 15 kina
Pollaxe: 11 kina
Rapier: 20 kina
Scimitar: 15 kina
Scythe: 18 kina
Short Sword: 10 kina
Spiked Gauntlets: 5 kina
Stiletto Dagger: 1 kina
Waraxe: 20 kina
Warhammer: 12 kina
Katana: Price varies


Breastplate (Includes helmet & greaves): 200 kina
Buckler Shield: 15 kina
Chain Shirt (Includes steel cap): 100 kina
Chainmail (Includes gauntlets): 150 kina
Steel Shield (Small): 9 kina
Steel Shield (Large): 20 kina
Studded Leather Armour: 25 kina

For items that are not listed, please refer to the Price List. If you wish to purchase a katana, please contact your ST for permission and more information; a modded thread may be required.

1 golden miza = 1 kina, 1 silver miza = 1 topaz kina, 1 copper miza = 1 jade kina

This location is free to use and requires no moderation or permissions except in the case of purchasing a katana or an item crafted by Etran's level 2 gnosis; in that case, please contact your ST.
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