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This northernmost city is the home of Morwen, The Goddess of Winter, and her followers who dwell year round in a land of frozen wonder. [Lore]

Avanthal Winter 520 AV Calendar

Postby Bluster on December 4th, 2020, 10:43 pm

Winter 520 AV's Calendar

Winter in general is bitter, and though it brings no snow with it, there is still a fierce cold made even fiercer by the winds that whip off the northern tundra. These winds start off weak in the early season with a few gustier days, but by the 60th, they are almost constant, making travel and work outside of the walls much more difficult.

8th- After winter dawns once more with no signs of the return of its Goddess, Gheira (the ghost who heads the Everwatch) recommends that increased training be done of the citizenry to have a ready militia. Throughout the season, Eyrwen can be found wandering Avanthal and dragging inactive people to the training grounds for lessons in survival and combat. Always looking for opportunities to better her own people, Gheira tries to get as many of these to allow some possession training for her Everwatch members.

13th- Bojar Snowsong has been seen gathering a few people every week or so and heading out to Svanhildur, Avanthal’s prison. The people he gathers seem to be the ones who are struggling the most, those who are either enraged by the losses they have suffered or depressed by them to the point of uselessness. Whatever transpires at Svanhildur changes most of them. The rage is gone; the depression, lifted; and those people are ready to face the next day. This is a moderated encounter. If you would like to have such an encounter, PM me or leave a request in my office, and I will let you know if you receive an invitation and what you see there.

31st- A small herd of wild caribou has been spotted by the Far Scouts. A hunt is coordinated in an effort to bolster already flagging food supplies.

37th- The hunters return with the spoils of their hunt but with troubling news as well. The frost heaves that have been seen out in the tundra are spreading, following unseen paths of underground water channels. One such path is on meandering course toward Avanthal.

52nd- Marus has managed to acquire several new traders from the Outpost. Many exotic items that not usual available in Avanthal are found, and for the next several weeks, no one in the city goes hungry.

89th- In the early morning, predawn hours, a heave forms at the base of the Icewall in an uninhabited area of the city, causing a fifty-foot section of the wall to collapse. At its discovery by the Everwatch, a watch is set, and many Vantha spend the season change at the site, wondering what this means for the future of their city.
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