[Flashback] Leap into The Sky (solo)

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Considered one of the most mysterious cities in Mizahar, Alvadas is called The City of Illusions. It is the home of Ionu and the notorious Inverted. This city sits on one of the main crossroads through The Region of Kalea.

[Flashback] Leap into The Sky (solo)

Postby Julius Aldoid on March 13th, 2011, 5:10 am

3rd of Winter, 500 A.V.

Contrast is something many people don’t think about in Alvadas. The sky is always azure as Ionu’s eyes, and Juli took them in like a mirror. Terra cotta roofs with the ever present cream yellow plaster. Vegetation always looked fresh, as it rose up from the earthen cobble, filled with colors of slate and clay. It always seemed like the town had just been through a rain storm- that fresh ozone smell always carrying though it, lest you were near the Bizzarre, in which case the smell of exotic incense would trail in. The thing was, though to others it was exotic, to a patron child of Alvadas, it just smelled like home.

He ran though the streets, the wet air drawing past him as his legs pumped the pavement, the crunch of wet dirt grinding past the heels of his shoes, the constant buzz of the verge of tiredness tingling behind his eyes. He knew his legs could not go on, that once stopped, he would likely collapse. It made him want to run faster, to rush harder. He wished he could just run forever.

He wished he could fly.

To just leap into the sky, tear though the clouds and never come down.

Such dreams only carried him faster to the library. He prayed he could time it just right.

And on this day, his prayers were answered, a bookish man wandering from the library, the door slowly drawing to a close.

“HOOOOOLD THE DOOOOOOOOOR,” He yelled, the voice carrying though the streets, the bookish man totally shocked as the boy blew past him and leaped into the doorway.

If Julius had been inclined to believe in heaven, it was in this moment, as the air carried him forward, his face slowly drawing to a wall of water that just stood before him. Its face was placid, but he knew that his splash would smash though the doorway. In a moment, his hot skin and burning muscles, which screamed and burned, crying out for mercy, would soon be embraced by water, that no matter how illusory, would be the picture of relief. For a moment, he imagined himself as a man on fire, plunging into a tank of water.

In a dive, he slid though water, cutting it like a hot razor though cold block of soy curd. He flew over the card catalog, his hand catching the top of it and, twisting him as all his force was redirected, and he found himself drawn flush against the reverse of the catalog. He crouched and scrambled, his arms pulling him along, away and to the right, for to the left, somewhere, the stacks, Ms. Whatserface, the librarian stalked the stacks, and his entrance was so not according to library policy. He scrambled though the water, and drew himself to the hidden safety of the other side of the catalog.

He hid; he shut his eyes and prayed for an invisibility he had no capability of providing. He hid for a good moment, imagining himself as nothing; the space of his body taken up by nothing more than the water around him. And weather his routine had succeeded, meriting nothing more the a derisive roll of eyes from the librarian, or , more likely, she had wandered over, spotting the little maniac in the middle of his ‘I’m invisible’ routine, and just left him to his madness, no one spoke to Julius about his little entrance.

Peering about, noting that the patrons did nothing but look amongst themselves, he swam along the bottom, again using his arms to aid him as he did a frog-like paddle-stroke, stomach within an inch of the bottom, he wandered over, exhaling deeply, watching the bubbles fill his vision and his body finally relaxed.
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