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After an unsettling reading with a frightening customer, Lina embarks on a mission; a mission to save a life.

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Uxoricide Impediment Ⅱ

Postby Lei'Lani on August 17th, 2021, 1:01 am

Uxoricide Impediment, part Ⅰ

23rd Summer 521av
Early Afternoon, University Quarter

  Lina rubbed warmth into her bare arms to abate the chill that swept through her, despite the pleasant summery day, as Syna gleamed joyously above in clear blue skies. Her mind awhirl as she idly wandered the cobbled streets of the University Quarter; in a rare instance of intense distraction, she was almost oblivious the thick milieu of fear emanating from the crowds in the streets around her.

  Her stomach churned in turmoil from the reading she had given that man earlier in the day. That malevolent look in his eyes haunted her and that guileful smirk of his as he beamed with the news that his marriage was something to overcome for the prospect of a new love sent shivers anew through her bones.

  A salty, sultry breeze ruffled Lina’s unkempt messy mane, blowing it across her face; the usual fond seaside scent that reminded her of the familiar essence of Mura, of home, almost went by unnoticed.

  Why was she so perturbed by that reading? Replaying the last moments before Jornus left her secreted room within the LightShow Theatre, Lina shook her head and brushed back her stray hair with both hands away from her face, interlocking her fingers behind her neck.

  She was being silly, of course he wasn’t going to harm her. He was probably just going to leave her, that was all. Swallowing hard against the dry lump in her throat, Lina nodded to herself in affirmation. Of course, he wouldn’t harm her, she was simply allowing the consternation of the visions she had glimpsed from his past in the Chavena to cloud her judgement. Images, which she reminded herself, were entirely without context.

  Breathing deeply to calm herself, Lina refocused her mind to the sweet sea air as another gust blew by her down the winding street. She needed to distract herself from the intrusive and unsettling thoughts of the day.

  Just as she attempted to redirect her thoughts, Jornus’s last words rattled around her mind, “It certainly has highlighted the obstacle in which I must... Subdue."

  Subdue... Just how was he going to quell his wife? The sickening image of his previous wife tumbling from her chair from the images she had glimpsed from his personal chavi, halted Lina in her steps.

  An exasperated harrumph from a gentleman and his woman who followed closely behind her, startled Lina to jump to the side of the street and take refuge beneath the doorway of a nearby home.

  No, that was it, her mind refused to release this bone and nothing would settle her unease unless she knew for sure. Lina was mostly easy going and never really cared much what others did to make themselves happy; in reality did the details of life really matter in the afterlife? Her only condition was that life was preserved; no one could just stand by and allow a life to be lost.

  Determination set Lina’s jaw tightly as she took firm grip of her roiling stomach. She had to find him. If she could just pay Jornus and his wife a visit to alleviate her concern for the woman’s life, Lina knew she could let it all go.

  If she was wrong there would be no harm done, however, if she was right... She couldn’t just let an innocent woman come to harm, not when there was an easy way for him to move on to a new love without having to ‘subdue’ his wife.

  The strength of her will flared in her large doe eyes as they glanced up and down the street, her fists clenched in resolution. She just had to find him and she would know everything was alright.

  But, how?
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