Dom's Character's Plotnotes (WIP)

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Dom's Character's Plotnotes (WIP)

Postby Dommy on September 9th, 2021, 7:53 pm

_ ghost who doesn’t realize he is dead; thinks he is cursed to “wake up in a new body every day”
_ thinks he still works as a dentist
_ rereads the same book at the library; will hunt down anyone who rents or misplaces it
_ stays with the living to protect his wife who is now an old woman; his uncompleted task is to have children with his wife

_ prone to explosive fits of rage and immobilizing sadness
_ has “selective hearing” when the fact that he is a ghost is too real; unaware/in denial of his wife’s aging
_ obsessed with his wife; “is the only one who can take care of her”; keeps her isolated from others
_ strongly distrusts magic and doesn’t really understand gods, but fears them so pays the necessary respects to the city gods
_ really wants to be a father and gets along with children really well

_ Late twenties/early thirties when he died
_ Dentist from a close-knit neighborhood
_ Grew up fairly well off and isolated, had a nuclear childhood, good career, and wife. Not necessarily spoiled, but never struggled.
_ When trying to have kids, they learned his wife is infertile, so they started trying various options; Was so against not being the biological father hat he would rather go to a mage than adopt, despite his distrust

_ He and wife did some drug/ritual for the mage… they both had a weird “trip” where his wife thought he had died and he felt like he had
_ The mage messed up and now he is cursed to wake up in a new body every day; at first it was only the body of children which he thought was part of the curse (that he was forced to re-live through all these people)
_ The mage paid them to keep quiet about this side-effect, and they gave up on having children
_ As far as he thinks, they are still seeking a solution

_ He and wife did some weird ritual for the mage… he died
_ The mage gave the money back because she accidentally killed him
_ Wife tried to get husband to move on, but couldn’t convince him he was dead
_ Eventually wife gave up and learned how to make the soul food to keep her husband from starving and has slowly lived out the rest of their life in isolation with him since

_ His wife is a gnarled old woman (about seventy); has Big Tiddy Goth GF vibes
_ She has a ferret that likes to sit in her massively oversized hats and judge people
_ She spent the last of her savings to come to Syka, indentured as a weaver for a richer Sykan [correct?]; she aspires to die with her husband on a tropical beach
_ Keeps to herself, but loves children and the water; she is teaching herself to swim
_ Still worships Rhysol and is scared of Kihala because she tried to cheat her infertility; respects Dira, but does not want to attract her attention and get her husband taken away
_ Learned some spiritism to take care of her husband, otherwise doesn’t touch magic with a ten foot pole due to last time

_ Get so notorious as a body-hopper, who is bad at keeping his hosts alive, that the local authorities think he is a serial killer
_ Wife dies of old age, husband has to accept that he is a ghost (Catalyst for more reason to hang on? Revenge for his own death? The possibilities are endless!)
_ Explore textbook trauma behaviors through the perspective of ghosts
_ Possess/get stored in a legendary item... become the legendary item (@ _ @)

_ shows up to work to remove someone’s teeth… except it's not his work, and no one needs their teeth removed
_ finds a secret note hidden in “his” book and decides to follow it
_ tries to “stay awake” to prevent the body change, witnesses his host body die with him in it
_Light a lantern for Ravosala Regatta with his wife on the 18th
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