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Gregor Smith

Postby Gregor on January 21st, 2022, 1:59 pm

Gregor Smith


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birthday: 11, Fall, 498
Birthplace: Alvadas
Height: 5'11" (1.8 m)
Weight: 184 lbs. (83.4 kg)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red

Appearance: Gregor is a man of plain appearance that wouldn't stand out in a crowd, save for his heat hardened face. Having grown up in a forge Gregor's face is a little rough, but otherwise average in appearance. The real character comes from his eyes and the almost impish sparkle in them. He also takes a good bit of pride in maintaining his 'man beard'. Of a solid build and nearly six feet tall his hands are calloused and anyone can see he's worked hard since he was old enough to swing a hammer.

✨Character Concept✨

What is the core abstract of your character?
Gregor is a builder and creator. Although he can't actually raise structures himself, he can supply the right people with nails, hinges, steel building rods, and more. Under normal circumstances Gregor is a nice and outgoing person that's easy to talk to, and gets along well with most people, or at least doesn't piss them off.

The smithing trade has taught him patience as well, and it takes a lot to make Gregor angry, through one can go straight to pissing him off by taking advantage of the poor and harming children. He likes to laugh, joke, and doesn't consider working in a forge a job. To him it's fun. He's also inquisitive and likes to learn new things. They don't have to be related to smithing either.

    Does my character have the skills to survive here?
    Got the basics, will work on the rest

    Does my character have the equipment to survive here?
    Yes he does

    How is my character getting here? Be realistically creative.
    He traveled with a Svefra trade ship to seek new opportunities. It's not often a new city is founded so he wanted to be a part of making Syka a more livable place.

    What can my character's presence contribute to the setting?
    Gregor is a blacksmith, he will be able to provide quite a few building materials and offer other services to Syka.

    What is my motivation for my character being here?
    He wants to be a part of making Syka a more civilized place

    What does my character want out of his/her Syka experience?
    If things go well and he works hard, Gregor is hoping to make a name for himself.

✨Character History✨

The history and childhood of Gregor started twenty-three years ago with his father Rogor. A blacksmith in the city of Alvadas, the man made a good and honest living for himself. Gregor became part of his life in a rather sudden and most unexpected manner. His mother showed up at Rogor's forge one afternoon, informed the man of his new status as a father, then having no desire to be a mother, washed her hands of both of them.

It came as something of a shock to the smith, as he did vaguely remember the woman from a night of mutually excessive drinking and too many hormones, but after that they didn't see one another again. Now to be told he was a father and have an infant of less than a week dumped on his doorstep left the man's head spinning. Rogor didn't even know if Gregor was his or not. Either way he was left with a choice, raise the boy, or turn him over to an orphanage.

Knowing an orphanage wasn't an easy place to grow up, he decided to raise the child as his own. By the age of six Rogor began to realize that Gregor was his biological son, seeing much of his own face and features reflected in the young boy. The smith was a firm believer in hard work, honesty, and living by a code of honor, and this was something he imparted to the child.

Gregor also began to follow in his father's footsteps, often asking questions and helping his father around the forge mostly by bringing him tools and ingots of metal. This is when he wasn't learning the basics of education or just goofing off with other kids outside the forge. Though Rogor believed in hard work, he also knew that sometimes a kid just needed to be a kid. As Gregor grew older he became interested in his father's trade as he'd inherited his father's desire to help people and be of service.

Rogor never married or had any other children as such wasn't something he'd ever planned for or showed much interest in. He did however love Gregor and treated him as a father would, teaching him the trade of blacksmithing, though he didn't have as much time as he'd have liked. Already 61 years old when Gregor was dropped off as a child, Rogor's age was catching up with him. Though able to impart his son with considerable knowledge of blacksmithing, they young man lacked practical experience.

For his part Gregor never showed a tremendous interest in romance either. He's enjoyed the company of a woman for the night from time to time, though most of his focus is on building and creating things. That was part of what brought him to Syka in the first place, the chance to be of use and help build things that would hopefully last for centuries... or longer.

He learned to speak Isur from an Isurian who was a friend of his father's. The man lived in Alvadas and would often work the forge with his father. He also learned a few word, phrases, and curse words in Tukant from a drunk Akalak.

Rogor Smith :


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Isur
Poor Language: Tukant


Please list skills in alphabetical order by competency

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Blacksmith 12 SP + 15 racial 27 SP Competent
Metalsmith 27 SP 27 SP Competent
Weapon: Greatsword 11 SP 11 SP Novice


Alvadas Culture
Navigating Alvadas


Tent, Four-Person (Piton x4) :
Fishing Pole
Greatsword, Wooden
Surf Board

Large Chest, Inside Tent :
Axe, Splitting
Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
Blanket, Winter
Book, Blank
Cloak (Wool, Fine)
Fishing Kit
Headwear, Hood (Wool, Fine)
Jacket (Wool, Fine)
Mouth-Wash (8 oz)
Nail Hammer
Rope, Hemp (50 ft.)
Scarf (Wool, Fine)
Simple/Work Clothes
Scrollcase, Watertight
-Parchment x5
-Vial, Ink

Worn :
Boots, Riding (Leather)
Belt (Leather)
-Pouch, Belt x2
Gloves (Leather)

Backpack/Rucksack Combo :
Comb (Wood)
Brush (Wood)
Card Deck
Case, Map
-Map, City (Syka)
Eating Knife
Flint & Steel
Lantern, Hooded
Oil (1-Pint Flask)
Scrollcase, Watertight
-Parchment x5
-Vial, Ink
Table Set
Toothpaste (4 oz)

Pet: Festus the Ferret

Heirloom: The Greatsword: Bladeshatter. The sword was forged by Gregor's ancestor six generations ago and has been passed down from father to son ever since. (Value: 50 GM)


Location: The beach

House: A canvas tent


Winter, 521 :
Purchase Cost Total
Starting +600 GM 600 GM
Boots, Riding (Leather) -2 GM 598 GM
Breeches 8 SM 597.2 GM
Cloak (Wool, Fine) 1.5 GM 595.7 GM
Doublet 3 SM 595.4 GM
Gloves (Leather) 1 GM 594.4 GM
Headwear, Hood (Wool, Fine) 1.5 GM 592.9 GM
Jacket (Wool, Fine) 1.8 GM 591.1 GM
Scarf (Wool, Fine) 3 SM 590.8 GM
Shirt 1 SM 590.7 GM
Axe, Splitting 5 SM 590.2 GM
Mouth-Wash (8 oz) 5 SM 589.7 GM
Toothpaste (4 oz) 1 GM 588.7 GM
Toothbrush 3 GM 585.7 GM
Table Set 1 GM 584.7 GM
Map, City (Syka) 2 GM 582.7 GM
Rope, Hemp (50 ft.) 1 GM 581.7 GM
Vial, Ink x2 2 GM 579.7 GM
Card Deck 5 GM 594.7 GM
Ferret (Festus) 2 GM 592.7 GM
Bedroll 1 SM 592.6 GM
Blanket, Winter 5 SM 592.1 GM
Case, Map 10 GM 582.1 GM
Fishing Kit 10 GM 572.1 GM
Fishing Pole 1 GM 571.1 GM
Lantern, Hooded 7 GM 564.1 GM
Oil (1-Pint Flask) 1 SM 564 GM
Nail Hammer 5 SM 563.5 GM
Piton x4 4 SM 563.1 SM
Pouch, Belt x2 2 GM 561.1 GM
Surf Board 3 GM 558.8 GM
Quill x2 1 SM 558.7 GM
Parchment x10 2 GM 556.7 GM
Scrollcase, Watertight x2 10 GM 546.7 GM
Book, Blank 3 GM 543.7 GM
Rucksack 1 GM 542.7 GM
Greatsword (Wood) 12.5 GM 530.2 GM
Large Chest 2 GM 528.2 GM
Belt (Leather) 4 SM 527.8 GM
Tent, Four-Person 10 GM 517.8 GM

✨Thread List✨

None as of yet.
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