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Adal Karelyn

Postby Adal Karelyn on March 24th, 2022, 4:32 am

Adal Karelyn


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Birthday: 72nd of Fall, 497 A.V.
Birthplace: Lhavit

Appearance:Special Note: Adal developed cataracts in her early twenties and since this point her eyes have taken a milky blue color that generally obscures the pupil beneath.

Adal stands at five foot four inches, and weighs approximately one hundred and twenty pounds. She is fair-skinned, with a heart shaped face, big round eyes, full lips and a long nose. Her teeth are straight and white as she generally takes good care of them. Adal tends to wear her long dark brown hair combed to one side where it hangs loose although it is sometimes held together at the top by a small silver comb. Fair skinned and lithe, she generally follows standard Lhatvian fashion and has collected a few outfits that she likes to switch between depending on her mood.

Character Concept

Adal Karelyn is a young blind woman with a passion for sculpting and a deep yearning to explore everything the world has to offer. What she lacks in experience she makes up for with a certain intensity and thoroughness that she brings to everything she does. She believes that deep down everyone has a kind person within them who only wants to be loved, and to love in return. She approaches life with a mixture of compassion and unbridled curiosity.

Character History

Adal was born to a small family of modest means on the peak of Zintila. Unfortunately due to a autosomal recessive gene Adal was born blind, and had a difficult start because of it. She fell behind when it came to schooling, requiring special instruction in order to catch up with her peers. With that being the case, she didn’t make many friends growing up, and those that she did were distinctly outside of her age group. Friends like Nilen whom never treated her like she was any different from the other children which was all she really wanted. Nilen would often stop by their small abode on Lhavit's central peak to go exploring where she got to experience the area in a way she never had before. It was through this experience that she came to love a place known as Tain's studio where Nilen showed her how to do something that would become very meaningful for her. Namely sculpting which she found to be a fantastic creative outlet, and a great way to get to know people.

With the discovery came friends with similar passions and she started to make regular trips from her house to Talin’s studio which was the one journey her mother would allow her on unsupervised. Ever since her father had died when she was young, her mother had kept a close eye on her, and kept a mostly rigid schedule up until she fell ill in the Winter of 521 A.V. before eventually passing away on the 10th day of Spring, 522A.V.


Fluent Language: Common


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Animal Husbandry 15 RB, 11 SP 26 Competent
Carving 9 SP 9 Novice
Sculpting 30 SP 30 Competent


Sculpting: Modeling a face through touch.
Sculpting: Using soapstone as a medium


-Simple sleeveless white dress
-Simple sleeveless light green dress (16 topaz kina)
-A light blue scarf embroidered with a white flower design (5 topaz kina)
-Simple Undergarments
-A long white wool jaket with a fur trim, and half cape sewn across the top (13.5 topaz kina for the jacket, 1 kina for the linen half cape alteration)
-A pair of sturdy sandals
-A pair of low cut leather boots with a fur trim (4.5 topaz kina)
-A set of copper earrings (2 topaz kina)
-A copper ring (3 topaz kina)
-A silver headband (4 kina)
-A simple chain copper necklace (5 topaz kina)
-Three simple copper bracelets (3 topaz kina)
1 Waterskin
An Imperial Watcher named Drooly
1 Backpack which contains:
-Stonecarvers kit (70 Kina)
-Woodcarvers kit (50 Kina)
-5 lbs of Soapstone (1 Kina)
-1 lbs of Clay (1 Jade Kina)
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
393 K, 7 TK, 3 JK

Heirloom: A gold ring she got from her mother. It is of a simple design, with an etching of a daisy across the inside.


Location: A simple four hundred square foot room she rents at the solar apartments for five topaz kina a day.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Kina 100 Kina
Cashed in Housing +500 Kina 600 Kina
Sleeveless light green dress - 16 TK 598 K, 4 TK
Light blue embroidered scarf - 5 TK 597 K, 9 TK
Long wool jacket with half cape - 1 K, 13.5 TK 595 K, 4 TK, 9 JK
Low cut fur trimmed leather boots - 4.5 TK 595 K, 4 JK
Copper earrings - 2 TK 594 K, 8 TK, 4 JK
Copper ring - 3 TK 594 K, 5 TK, 4 JK
Silver headband - 4 K 590 K, 5 TK, 4 JK
Copper necklace - 5 TK 590 K, 4 JK
Three Copper Bracelets - 3 TK 589 K, 7 TK, 4 JK
Stone Carver’s Kit - 70 K 519 K, 7 TK, 4 JK
Wood Carver’s Kit - 50 K 469 K, 7 TK, 4 JK
5 lbs of Soapstone - 1 K 468 K, 7 TK, 4 JK
1 lbs of Clay - 1 JK 468 K, 7 TK, 3 JK
1 Imperial Watcher with guard training - 75 K 393 K, 7 TK, 3 JK

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