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Postby Farren on May 31st, 2022, 12:58 am



Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: 91st of Summer, 504 A.V.
Birthplace: Sunberth
Height: 5ft7in
Weight 100 lbs
Hair color:Dirty blond
Eye color:Light Brown


Farren presents herself as a giggly young woman whom is easily amused by the slightest joke. She has a face that was made for smiles, and she uses that to her advantage. There is a noticeable leanness to her body characteristic of those who miss the occasional meal and not for lack of trying on her part.

Her long hair typically hangs loose about her shoulders, unless she is working at which point she'll usually do something with it so it remains out of the way. It ranges from dirty blond to dark gold depending on how much sun it gets, and matches her amber colored eyes.

Character Concept

Farren has done many things out of necessity that she is not proud of, but she has always done them in order to put herself in a better position than before. It has lead to many things, not the least of which was betraying the closest relationships she had left, leaving her very alone in this world. An with a void that big, there is only one thing in her mind that she can do to fill it. Become the most powerful woman in Sunberth so she never has to do anything she doesn't want to ever again.

Character History

Farren was born the fourth child in a family already swollen too large on the Sunset row. She grew up seeing her older brothers, and older sister abused by their parents and in turn abuse one another. The only one who never took part was Cleon whom was scarcely a year older than her. He took plenty of abuse, but he never dished it back, and never took it out on her. It was something she never forgot about her brother, and probably why she ended up doing what she eventually did later on down the line. Before it came to that however Farren had her own abuse to endure, and Cleon couldn’t lift a finger without making it worse for the both of them. They survived as best they could because Farren couldn’t see the bigger picture. Their parents had kept their world so small that it was impossible to see any other option. Then something changed in Cleon, and changed in her as well. Faye was born, and suddenly they had a younger sister to take care of because their parents certainly weren’t going to do it.

Because she often had to assume the role of mediator, she got awfully good at talking and managed to persuade their parents for a time to completely ignore Faye while she and Cleon raised her. Farren did anything and everything in her power to keep their attention off of Faye, doing things that would haunt her forever after. An unfortunately, the day came were none of that mattered. Their parents took Faye and didn’t come back with her until later that night. It was the longest afternoon of Farren’s life waiting for them to come back and she was beyond surprised to find out that they hadn’t done anything to Faye while they were out. That night she convinced Cleon to run away, to sneak them all out before their parents could take Faye outside again. Cleon agreed, and they ran never looking back.

They found a place to hole up in the mines. Several places actually, constantly moving about to keep them all safe. While Cleon thieved to do his part towards feeding and clothing them, Farren ended up selling her body. She’d done it before so it was nothing to her, and at least she was getting paid. They continued on like that for a while, subsisting on this uneasy peace while Farren found ways to survive that didn’t include selling her body. Eventually she found with a look, a careful word, and the promise of something greater she could often get by a little better. Only problem was, competition was fierce and so she found herself in an unlikely situation. Playing her competition off one another so she could get the real prize. Eventually, this earned her the wrong sort of attention or so she was told by a member of the Night Eyes.

They kept her protected, and in return she had to come work for them. A simple exchange, or so she thought until she learned the true cost of her cooperation. It wasn't long before she was forced to make a terrible choice between her family and the organization that had become an integral part of her, and she chose the latter, letting Cleon escape away with more than his fair share of what they had saved up in order to hopefully find Faye a good life elsewhere. Try as she might to feel bad about it, a deep part of her was relieved to see them go. It was only later that she learned the real reason the Night Eyes showed interest in recruiting her which had a lot more to do with her family than it had with her. Specifically, their involvement in a drug making operation through which she picked up a little philtering and herbalism through helping them out on occasion. When the Night Eyes couldn't get the leverage they needed against her family, and because Cleon ran away, they focused their efforts on her.

Meanwhile Farren became absorbed in her work with the Night Eyes, learning the supplementary skills that would become an integral part of her work with them. All the while, her trial approached which she awaits with nervous anticipation.


Fluent Language: Common


Competent skills

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Rhetoric 15 RB, 12 SP 27 Competent
Seduction 26 SP 26 Competent

Novice Skills

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Herbalism 5 SP 5 Novice
Philtering 7 SP 7 Novice


Sunberth: Layout of the Sunset Quarter
Night Eyes: Becoming a schnook


1 Linen dress (Red)
1 Set of linen stockings (Creme)
1 Leather boots, high (Black)
1 Linen cloak (Black)
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack (Dark Brown):
1 comb
1 brush
1 razor
1 bar of soap
7 days worth of dried rations
1 set of flint and steel
1 dagger

Heirloom: A lock of her brother’s hair kept in a small wooden box.


Location: Sunberth


Sunset Quarter Apartment, Basic 1.5sm/day


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +600 GM 600 GM
Dagger - 2 gm 598
Philter's Lab - 400 gm 198

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