The Syka Job And Wage Request Thread

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The Syka Job And Wage Request Thread

Postby Gossamer on December 5th, 2022, 10:09 pm



Jobs/Business Requests/Seasonal Experience:

  • All job threads will be arranged IC in thread.
  • All businesses must have an approved business plan from the business plan forum.
  • Jobs and businesses are heavily encouraged. If your pc doesn't have a way to contribute to the settlement they will not be allowed to stay.
  • I will gladly pay wages at any time you complete your job requirement threads.
  • Job requirements consist of two threads of at least 2,500 words total. You can write more words or threads than that, of course, but the 5,000-word minimum is required to earn a wage.
  • Once job threads are completed (they don't have to be graded) turn them in for wages in this thread.
  • Seasonal Experience requests must be made of threads where your PC does not earn XP in your job duty but it has to do with your business.
  • I do not pay partial wages. It's all or nothing.
  • Job threads older than one season can not be paid. They must be no older than a single season behind.
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The Syka Job And Wage Request Thread

Postby Willis Efram on July 1st, 2024, 11:17 pm

Applying for a job as a Leatherworker in Syka.

He would be working through the The Syka Mercantile: procuring goods, leather, waterproofing material, etc, from them; and then making and selling leather items to them to be sold at their shop, either filling common orders for items they usually carry and sell or occasionally making custom orders once he gets a bit better, along with doing repair work for damaged items.

Let me know if that requires any adjustments or if that plan for a job wouldn't work,

Current skill in Leatherworking is Novice.

Willis Efram
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