Ideas for Thread Rewards

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Ideas for Thread Rewards

Postby AustinCarent on April 6th, 2011, 10:26 am

example: PC has 5 seperate interactions with rare creatures, each rewarded through multiple threads, giving the person a "lore of rare creature appearance & behaviours". (or something of the like)

Wouldn't it make sense if you could build up the content of a lore you receive by having multiple events that in combination make up the sum of the lore.

another example: PC wants a "lore of Cyphrus grasses and nuts". It could be more dynamic if the PC were able to connect the lore to events they have in their storytelling.

So perhaps instead of rewarding a full out lore, allow people to create their own lores and support those lores with threads. Maybe some people would object to this because it would double the amount of threads on their 'to do list', and in their case perhaps smaller one experience type lores can be rewarded. I guess I'm inquiring into the concept of having novice to expert type experience tokens that can be accumulated to trade in for a lore of a particular level/grade/w.e you wanna call it. So say novice or single experience lores will be worth 1 point, then threads that are longer and more indepth (the degree of this is determined by storyteller of area that is administrating reward) will be 5pts, 10pts, and finally 20pts (or something like this). So expert or master type lores could be people who have really put forth a lot of thought/effort/love/latenightsandcoffee, you get the idea.

If there is a similar or equally effective method I don't know about then I've just missed it in my Miz research, but alas I love to have discussion so I thought I would put it out there anyhow!
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Ideas for Thread Rewards

Postby Rage on April 6th, 2011, 1:03 pm


Moderator Note:

I would like to ask if you are some kind of troll, because if so, please return to whatever bridge you've been guarding before and stop posting threads that have been posted by others before. This is not the first time you have done this. While not even slightly funny the first time, it's quite irritating now. If you would like to revive old topics, post in that thread, not create a new one with no single original thought from yourself in it.

The contents of your thread has been posted by Hex a long time ago. Check it - word for word it is the same. Even the title is the same. This is a copy-pasta. Please cease and desist.

Notice: I will not be available for modding in the foreseeable future until I've cleared up my backlog of Miz stuff (PC and ST-wise). Hopefully, it's a temporary thing, but we'll see. I will still grade your threads, however.
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Ideas for Thread Rewards

Postby Stitch on April 10th, 2011, 9:25 am

I know this situation has been resolved, but I just had to post a cute kitty picture that I feel explains a lot of people's feelings about this situation.

Secret :

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