(Flashback) Sink Your Teeth Into It (Miharu)

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Encompassing a vast wilderness filled with flora and fauna of immense proportions, the Northern Reaches include all the Talderian Forest north of the Suvan and stretch into the vast permanent tundra and ice fields outside Avanthal.

(Flashback) Sink Your Teeth Into It (Miharu)

Postby Aello on April 10th, 2011, 2:22 am

Summer 2, 509 AV

Aello was walking silently through the snow, on the look out for something to eat. A peacock-feather tipped arrow had already been laced onto her bow. The three middle fingers of her right hand had wrapped around it, pressing it lightly into the bowstring, and assuring that it didn't go anywhere. The edges of the bowstring seemed to dig into her pale flesh, causing her fingers to sting, turn red, and then grow numb with the cold. Her left hand was gripping the center of the bow's wooden frame rather tightly, although her fingers had largely lost their feeling, and taken on a blue edge. Her throat felt dry, as each of her inhalations and exhalations seemed to freeze in midair. A pale white mist that floated around the edges of her pink lips; trying to match the color of her skin. Although buried beneath a thick head of relatively long brown hair, the girl's ears had turned red long ago, as had her nose. It stung a bit, but the girl ignored it, being so intent on the completion of her task.

"Hopefully some sort of animal will pop out of the snow soon," Aello whispered. Her bow was dangling by her side, the arrow pointed at the ground. She wouldn't lift it until the last moment, in order to help prevent a day such as yesterday. A day in which she had accidently shot another human being, a young Vantha named Berus. A person who whined far too much for her liking. A shy smile crossed her lips as she thought of the boy. He's probably lying in bed beneath down covers, his injured leg propped up on a pillow drinking a warm mug of hot chocolate with extra cream right now. Inside, warm... having people dote on his every need. Milking this wound far more than he should. Aello giggled as her right foot pushed into the snow. It crunched beneath her feet. You know, he may just be enjoying his injury in the end.

Aello took another step into the frozen wilderness. The snow seemed to glisten in the pale sunlight. Although the sun's golden rays tickled Aello's forehead, it provided little if any warmth, which is why she forced herself to keep moving. She didn't want to freeze. Not to mention, she could cover more ground if she moved quickly, and made sure to scan every inch of frozen wasteland with her eyes before doing so. Another sigh escaped the girl's lips, "why doesn't there seem to be anything other than whiny Vantha boys out here?" Aello whispered into the wind. Well, you haven't seen one of them yet, so you should quit your complaining. "But we haven't seen anything yet." True.

OOCWhy yes, Aello does have a nasty tendency to talk to herself. (The stuff in bold is what she is thinking).
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