[Lilith's Scrapbook]

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[Lilith's Scrapbook]

Postby Lilith on May 5th, 2011, 7:30 pm

So this is my scrapbook! Mostly, this will be about me and filled with pictures of me, my cat, and various things about Miz. Mostly about me and my cat, though.


Name: Ariel
Age: 19
Sex: Femfemfem.
Where I live: Arizona, USA
What I do: Student at University of Arizona
Likes: Video games, my cat, writing, food
Dislikes: Not a whole lot. I am easily pleased.

And yes, I know, I did the duckface.

Mu Shu

Age: Old fart
Sex: Male
Where I live: Ariel's room
What I do: Sleep
Likes: Sleep, food, headbutting Ariel in the eye
Dislikes: Not sleeping

I will get in on this CS sheet shortly. Also, this will be prettier I PROMISE.
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