A World of My Own[Landeril]

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A World of My Own[Landeril]

Postby Landeril Shieldus on May 11th, 2011, 7:20 pm

NPC Info :
Denarian - Landeril's Father. Isur, Deceased at age 213, 499 AV.

Blacksmithing: Master
Weapon Smithing: Expert
MetalSmithing: Master
Armorer: Competent
Long Sword: Expert
Mage Craft: Competent

NPC Info :
Elveria - Landeril's Mother. Isur, Deceased 506 AV.
Agriculture: Competent
Herbalism: Master
Gardening: Expert
Medicine: Master
Shielding: Expert

NPC Info :
Galea - Landeril's Smithing Teacher. Isur, 174 Years old
Blacksmithing: Master
Weapon Smithing: Master
MetalSmithing: Master
Armorer: Master
Axe: Expert
Spear: Master
Mage Craft: Competent
Reimancy: Competent

NPC Info :
Aeris - Landeril's Weapon Teacher. Human, Age 35.

Long Sword: Master
Scimitar: Master
Bastard Sword: Expert
Short Sword: Competent
Dual Wield: Expert
Running: Master
Hunting: Expert
Tracking: Master
Trapping: Novice
Herbalism: Novice
Land Navigation: Expert
Wilderness Survival: Expert
Reimancy: Novice
Familiary: Competent

~Landeril, The Isurian Black Smith of Denval

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