Alvena Celandine

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Alvena Celandine

Postby Alvena Celandine on May 21st, 2011, 11:24 pm

Alvena Celandine

Basic Information

Nickname: Vinny
Race: Symenestra
Birthday & Age : 11 winter 488 AV, 23
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 177 cm, 43 kg

Physical Description
Pale skinned as is defined by her race, Alvena's crimson eyes stand out more than the rest of her facial features, surrounded by dark rings resting underneath. Reaching down almost to her elbows, Alvena's hair bears a color closer to a Konti white than the typical shades of gray most Symenestra are akin to. Parted to her right, it is naturally straight but often unkempt, and hangs loosely, though she occasionally ties it into a bun if it is getting in her way.

Most of her body is protected by traditional black exoskeleton armor. To favor her movement, it is lighter than most. Her torso armor is fashioned into a corset, her shoulders and waistline equipped with armor plates to protect her frail body. Her forearms and shines are also protected. The rest of her frame is covered in a black silky fabric, and at her feet she wears black ballet flats, fitted perfectly to allow her steps to remain as noiseless as they would be barefoot. Above her armor, she covers her waist in a thin skirt to hide the pouches that hold her belongings such as mizas.

Character Concept

A proud member of the Symenestran race, Alvena is a shy girl who hides behind eloquent speech and polite manners to please those around her. Though she is an honest person, she often twists the truth with careful wording or avoids facts that she would rather be left unsaid. She is very caring, almost nurturing, to those weaker or younger than her. Though she is averse to conflict, she will not hesitate to spill blood if the situation demands it (She is however, quite good at avoiding this so called 'situation'). She uses her physical prowess to hunt, though she sees it as a necessity rather than a passion. Her real interests lie in her faith in the god Viratas.


Alvena believes profoundly in the god Viratas, always looking to his teachings in order to make her decisions. Her morals circulate almost entirely around the Viratassa, which dictates the importance of bloodshed, not a matter to be taken lightly, but also necessary. Thus, she scorns killing without reason but would not feel regret if she feels it was justified. There are, of course, grey areas that constantly leave doubt in her mind and emotionally unpredictable.

Alvena does not believe in taking up hobbies that are not completely necessary to her survival or the survival of others, and even though she finds herself curious about a number of subjects, she never allows herself to dig too far into them.

Being a huntress, she prefers getting around on all fours rather than standing up straight. She usually hunts alone, using the advantage of stealth to creep up on her targets.

Character History

Born in Kalinor with a Symenestrian mother, Alvena grew up in a typical family structure, though once she grew old enough to understand she had killed her mother during her birth, her remorse was stronger than what most of her kind would feel. In her grief, she turned to Viratas, whose teachings justified her mother's unfair death, in order to give her daughter life. She remembers most of her child life consisting of her perpetually rereading fairy tales of Symenestrian life before the Valterrian, and her faith grew stronger every day.

Having a very hopeful personality, Alvena was often felt crushed by events that didn't happen as she would have wanted, but she never saw these things as a reason to become a skeptic. As a child and into her adolescence, she assumed that she would become a priestess, frequently studying and memorizing the short Viratassa. However, it was brought to her attention that the city was lacking hunters, and after a few outings assisting her father, she had come to a crossroads. She finally decided that she would rather support the community with the bearings of food, instead of sitting on her thumbs contemplating the teachings of her god instead of taking action upon them. Blood for Life, as the religion dictated, and it was the blood of food that would keep the family alive during the harsh times.

As Alvena grew older, she started to despise her home in Kalinor, dreaming of living in the daylight once more. She hated the emptiness of the city, always hearing from traders and merchants about their adventures in the bustling world outside the caverns. Though she loved her family and friends in Kalinor, she felt as though she was leaving her life unfulfilled by staying there.

Mid-Spring 511 AV, Alvena announced to her family and friends that she would collect her savings and start to travel, not to harvest but rather on a journey of sorts. She wanted to clear up misunderstandings of her race that caused so much bloodshed upon misunderstandings to those she met and wake up to a different environment that wasn't the dark, cavern ceiling of Kalinor. Although her peers at first rejected the idea, she stubbornly convinced them that she would surely return, and she was not one to betray her word. Reluctantly, they agreed, and Alvena proceeded to convince a trader who came through Kalinor regularly to drop her off at his next stop. And so, the young Symenestra embarked on a voyage, first stop: Denval.
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Character sheet

Alvena Celandine

Postby Alvena Celandine on May 22nd, 2011, 12:46 pm


Acrobatics: 10 (Racial)
Hunting: 20 (SP)
Stealth: 10 (SP)
Weapon(bow): 10(SP)
Tracking: 5 (SP)
Weaving: 5 (SP)

Lore of Viratas
Lore of Symenestran History

* 1 Set of Clothing (cloak/coat & footwear included)
* 1 Waterskin
* 1 Backpack which contains:
o 1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
o Food for a week
o 1 eating knife
o Flint & Steel
Father's hunting bow (family heirloom)

600 gold mizas
-5 gm(Fish)
-51gm(Climber's quiver, Arrows)

Symenos: Fluent
Common: Basic
Poor: Nari
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Alvena Celandine
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