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Ansel Lazarin

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Ansel Lazarin

Ansel Lazarin
Date of birth478 AV
Place of birthRavok
Date of death513 AV (aged 35)
Place of deathRavok
TitleEbonstryfe Paladin
Weapon: Halberd55
Unarmed Combat25
Gnosis marks


Born of the Lazarin family, high expectations were already held for the young Ansel to join the Ebonstryfe. His father began training him for that destiny at a very young age. Ansel was everything a young Ebonstryfe was supposed to be. He completed his crucible with apparent ease, and was well on his way to future promotions.

Things changed when his mother died. Not in a bad way, at least as far as the Ebonstryfe was concerned, but Ansel was no longer the idealistic boy he was when he first joined the Ebonstryfe. He went mad, and his cruelty become well known to his superiors, as well as the Ebonlord, Gru'tral.

Ansel became a favorite of the Ebonlord, and was trained personally by the mighty Druvin. His madness was honed into a deadly killing machine, and over time he was promoted to the rank of Marshall, heading the team of paladins specifically designed to hunt and capture mages for the Ebonlord to leech. Ansel is a valuable asset to the leader of the Ebonstryfe, and his skills are employed often.


In 31st of Summer 513 A.V, Ansel was slain by Sevris.