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Sevris Lazarin

Postby Sevris on July 25th, 2012, 2:08 am

Ravok CS Template

Physical Description
Name: Sevris "Hiro" Lazarin
Race: Human
Age: 25
Birthday: 52nd day of Spring of 492 A.V



Character Concept

Sevris can be quite honor bound, but doesn't let it control every aspect of his life. He aspired to be an Ebonstryfe of the Ravok, as most do when their family has been brought up through them. Sevris however has own ambitions to fill. He would like to venture out and expand his knowledge. A deep need for more power to push his own limits, but remembering his first mission is to Rhysol. For he sought only the love of the God he served. For that he had to spread his presence even greater in Mizahar.


The Shade

The power of Chaon has corrupted Sevris with its immense powers. As his devotion for the god thickens, so does the power that the mark gives him. The Lazarin was beginning to be well known household name within the city.

Known as the Shade on the battlefield. He is ruthless, deceptive and strict. But he treats his comrades quite well and as equals if they show him his proper respect. However if they should anger him, they have the chance of awakening his Shade side.

The Punished

There was a betrayal. But never in all his years would he have guessed the source. The Ebonstryfe had cast him out. After all his work, blood sweat and tears throughout the years. Was for naught. Exiling himself to the far reaches of Mizahar, he went to Alvadas in search of a way to find himself. Rather this was a test from Rhysol himself or the fate of his destiny.

What was he without the Stryfe? Just another power hungry Lazerin. Power. Yes through all things was his dedication to getting more power. In all forms. His Chaon powers as well as learning a form of magic. In his exile, he would spread Chaos across the region. Rhysol would have no choice to see him.

Character History

Sevris was born in Ravok into the Lazarin family. His mother and father were one of the more respected members of the Ebonstryfe. His Grandfather was the Druvin Lazerin. As seen from his upbringing he was an excellent fighter. So his parents sent him to train so that he could become an Apprentice. So he could hone his skills and make him even greater.

Task after painstaking task. Sevris completed without fail, even though most of his missions were trivial amongst the citizens of the Ravok, pretending that he was helping them out with even the most tedious tasks, but in actuality it was for further advancement when he needed their votes. But he did them nevertheless and he was quite popular for it was well.

Sevris has now been employed as a Guard within the city of Ravok, and also an Apprentice to Ebonstryfe currently undergoing the Crucible. He has also started to make a name for himself, completing a very dangerous mission against a Dire wolf. The company has now given him the nickname Dire Slayer.

It was a title Sevris usually dismissed but he wanted it to be known of his great accomplishments. But as he conquered the Dire Wolf and now the Crucible. The Ebonstryfe have now promoted him to Solider, and given him the customary armor along with it. Now he plans on moving along in his servitude to Rhysol after meeting him personally, his resolve is much more firmer because of it.

As time went by and the Ebonstryfe army grew into disarray when Gru'Tral and Lazerin began to feud with one another. Rhysol saw no need of intervention between his two Druvin. Instead opting to let them fight it out and the last one standing would win his attention.

Attention had also found its way to Sevris as they were beginning to recognize his skill, which was why he and two other members of his family were charged with the Assassination of Ansel Lazarin. Gru'Tral's personal Mage Hunter. Sevris planned his execution for his grandfather with Thaedus's oversight. It was a resounding success with Sevris killing both Paladin's and Ansel with the help of Darrel and Miriam. He was now a Paladin of Ebonstryfe for his efforts.


Through a falling out with Ebonstryfe ousting Sevris from his status as Paladin to nothing. The Punished Lazerin turned his efforts and migrated to the large city of Illusions. There he would have to figure out how to get back into the good graces of Rhysol and the Ebonstryfe.


1 Set of Clothing (Black and Gold)
-Silk Shirt
-Silk Pants
-Silk Undergarments
-Silk Cape
-Leather Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
-Double-Bladed Sword
-Brigandine armor (Crucible earning)
-Black Officer Uniform
- MC2 Longsword
Secret :
MC2 Longsword- For whatever reason, Liandra allowed Sevris to keep the longsword she loaned him. If he practices with it, and compares it to other longswords, Sevris will notice a few things about it. First and foremost, it is sharper than the average longsword, able to cut flesh and pierce armor easier than a normal blade. It is also more durable, and doesn't seem to dull or get chinks in it when clashing with other swords.

- MC2 Helmet
Secret :

You will be able to see any uses of projection. Res will become more obvious, even if it is invisible. Any material created with Res will look different from normal materials. A morphed appendage will also appear differently. Shields are also visible. You are unable to identify Aurists, however. Any items created with world magic, for example magecrafting, will also appear slightly different.

Heirloom: A golden mouth mask(50gm worth)

Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Living Expenses Summer 512 -45 GM 55 GM
Seasonal Wages (Guard) [Fall] +637 GM 692 GM
Living Expenses Fall 512 -45 GM 647 GM
Expenses: (Velvet, Avg Dress, Cotton Shirt & Pants, bedroll) -36gm, 1sm 611 gm 9 sm
Double-Bladed Sword -100 gm 511 gm 9 sm
Blood Decoy -5 gm 506 gm 9 sm
Seasonal Wages (Guard) [Winter] +644 gm 1100 gm 9 sm
Living Expenses Winter 512 -45 GM 1,055 gm 9 sm
Paid for Dire Wolf head + 250 gm 1,305 gm 9 sm
Silk Clothing Bundle (&Leather Boots) -178 gm 5 sm 1,127 gm 4 sm
Loot: Ambush on the Dawn +100 gm 1,227 gm 4 sm
Sold: Double-Bladed Sword +100 gm 1,327 gm 4 sm
Double-Bladed Sword (Cold Iron, Serrated Blade) [Paladin Discount] -250gm 1,077 gm 4 sm
Seasonal Wages (Soldier) [Spring] +546 gm 1,623 gm 4 sm
Seasonal Wages (Paladin) [Fall] +1,288 gm 2,911 gm
Pay: Kaie -500 GM 2,411 gm 6 sm
Seasonal Wages (Paladin) [Winter] +1,288 gm 3,699 gm 6 sm
Seasonal Wages (Paladin) [Spring] +1,274 gm 4,973 gm 6 sm
Living expenses [Spring 513, Fall 513, Winter 513, Spring 514, Summer 514] -2,340 gm 6 sm 2,633 gm 5 sm
Living Expenses [Spring 516] -450 gm 2,183 gm
Living Expenses [Fall 516] -45 gm 2,093 gm 6 sm

Skills, Lores, Magics, Gnosis, Languages

Gnosis Marked 1 - Chaon

Individuals marked by Rhysol often experience a burning sensation around where the god's blood touches them. This sensation is akin to touching white-hot metal. The burning does not stop with the flesh however as it quickly spreads into the blood so that the entire body feels as though the skin will split open at any moment. The pain then extends into the mind where one's head feels as though the skull will fracture at any point and bring about death. Death however does not come and after what seems like an eternity, yet only lasts a moment or two, the burning pain is replaced by a cool, soothing, almost erotic feeling that washes away all thoughts of pain and death.

Marked individuals will forever bear a crimson scar upon their body where they were touched by Rhysol's blood and are blessed with the ability to tap into the very essence of chaos. More often than not, the marked individual, or Chaon, is able to spread corruption through voice or touch. For example, a living being touched by a Chaon may have their hair fall out, lose sight in one or both eyes, have their senses twisted so that they perceive everyone and everything as being out to get them. With a few otherwise harmless words whispered into the ear of a target, the Chaon may plant a seed of corruption. This could be as minor as the target developing a horrific odor that will not wash away to something more extreme such as giving birth to a barely sentient, grotesquely deformed, minor servant of Rhysol (this can take a few seasons of frequent attempts at very subtle corruption). It should be noted that the Chaon may also pass their corrupting abilities through objects so that those coming in contact with said objects, are affected as if the Chaos spoke to or touched them while enacting the curse.

As Rhysol is a being who does not take kindly to competition thus using his mark to corrupt others does have limitations. Each curse may affect but a single person. Thus if one wished to curse an entire crowd of people they would have to approach each and every one of them and lay out the curse individually. Curses do not reveal their effects immediately. As mentioned, they are the seeds of chaos planted by a Chaon to slowly eat away at their targets mind and body. Minor corruptions such as loss of hair, sight, twisted senses or bad body odor take up to a couple of days to fully hatch and last a week at most unless further curses are applied. It is through the continued use of this power that one may bring about truly awful curses though it often takes a season or two of weekly corruption to bring about such dramatic affects. Items cursed by the Chaon may only affect one person at a time; once the cursed item passes the curse on to a person, the item loses its ability to curse others.

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Double-Bladed Sword 25 SP, 30 XP, 2 SXP 57 Expert
Unarmed Combat 5 SP, 15 RP, 11 XP 31 Competent
Intelligence 20 SP, 3XP 23 Novice
Staff 5 XP 5 Novice
Longsword 6 XP 6 Novice
Body Building 2 XP 2 Novice
Evasion 1 XP 1 Novice
Brawling 1 XP 1 Novice
Longbow 2 XP 2 Novice
Wilderness Survival 2 XP 2 Novice
Detection 1 XP 1 Novice
Riding 1 XP 1 Novice
Rhetoric 2 XP 2 Novice
Running 1 XP 1 Novice
Land Navigation (Forest) 1 XP 1 Novice
Acrobatics 6 XP 6 Novice
Intimidation 9 XP 9 Novice
Observation 17 XP 17 Novice
Seduction 1 XP 1 Novice
Swimming 1 XP 1 Novice
Leadership 10 XP 10 Novice
Interrogation 4 XP 4 Novice
Tactics 8 XP 8 Novice
Persuasion 1 XP 1 Novice
Sailing 1 XP 1 Novice
Subterfuge 1 XP 1 Novice
Planning 2 XP 2 Novice

Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Ancient Tongue
Poor Language: Tukant


Investment: Velvet, Velvet came from Sunberth
Sevris: Bound by duty & loyalty to Rhysol & Ravok
Religion: Rhysol attracts all races of believers
Ravok Location: Temple Of The Black Sun
Brawl at a Dance Show!
Taking Control of a Situation in a Crisis
Murder at An Execution!
The Reason for The Attack at the Execution
Old Lady: Able to Disappear Without a Trace
Miro: Ebonstryfe Apprentice
Attack At the Nitrozian Party
Identifying A Kelvic
Kelvic Shifting
Kalina: Ocelot Kelvic
Kaie: Myrian
Expendable Until Proven Not
Tasked to Kill Ansel
Fighting a Marshall
Miriam and Darrel: New Accomplices
A Babbling Woman, a Corpse, a Mystery
Guarding a Drunk Named Garron
killing yukman
kyodaija (acquaintance)
The Voice is Back
The Rising Dawn Attack
Bested by an Akalak
Fighting the Rising Dawn
Lore of Religion: Rhysol
Lore of Ravok Politics
Lore of Styn Judicar
Riding on a Water Glider
Laying an Ambush
Dire Slayer
Facing a Commander
Ambushing the Dawn
Fighting a mage without their magic
Attacking your opponent's lead arm to parry
Countering an opponent's ploy
A taste of how reimancers are initiated
Mages: Still dangerous up closed

Thread List
Date Thread XP Earned
22th day of Summer, 512 A.V Maestro of the Arts I 1 XP Longbow,1 XP Riding, 1 XP Unarmed Combat, 2 XP Double-Bladed Sword
24th day of Summer, 512 A.V Maestro of the Arts II 3 XP Double-Bladed Sword, 1 XP Unarmed Combat
41st of Fall, 512 AV The Rising Dawn 5 XP Double-Bladed Sword, 2 XP Intimidation, 2 XP Observation, 2 XP Acrobatics, 1 XP Swimming
1st day of Fall, 512 AV Maestro of Arts III 2 XP Double-Bladed Sword, 1 XP Body Building, 1 XP Evasion, 1 XP Tactics, 1 XP Unarmed Combat, 1 XP Acrobatics
1st day of Winter, 512 AV Big Bad Wolf 5 XP Double-Bladed Sword, 1 XP Longbow, 1 XP Observation, 3 XP Tactics
76th day of Winter, 512 AV Go Zone 1 XP Double-Bladed Sword, 1 XP Interrogations, 1 XP Observation, 1 XP Unarmed Combat, 1 XP Tactics, 2 XP Intelligence, 2 XP Intimidation, 2 XP Leadership
56th day of Spring, 513 AV (Vitrax)Bringing the Metal(Sevris) 5 XP Double-Bladed Sword, 5 XP Staff, 3 XP Unarmed Combat, 2 XP Acrobatics
(Flashback) 92nd day of winter 508. A.V First goodbye, [Sevris] Detection 1 XP, Seduction 1 XP, Observation 1 XP
80th Day of Spring 513 A.V Battle of the Wilds 3 XP Double-Bladed Sword, 1 XP Sailing, Observation 2 XP, Leadership 3 XP, Longsword 2 XP, Tactics 1 XP, Persuasion 1 XP
28th day of Summer, 513 AV Faces in the Crowd (Sevris) 1 XP Investigation, 1 XP Socialization, 1 XP Observation,
31st Day of Summer 513 A.V [Quest] Plotting to Overthrow the King 2 XP Double-Bladed Sword, Planning 2 XP, Observation 1 XP, Leadership 2 XP, Subterfuge 1 XP, Tactics 1 XP, Intelligence 1 XP
53rd Day of Fall 513 A.V Wrong place. Right Time. 4 XP Double-Bladed Sword, Unarmed Combat 1 XP, Observation 3 XP, Leadership 2 XP, Intimidation 2 XP, Tactics 1 XP, Acrbatics 1 XP
30th Day of Spring 514 A.V The Nitrozian Party 1 XP Double-Bladed Sword, Rhetoric 1 XP, Observation 1 XP
47th day of Fall, 514 AV Fight! Fight! Fight! 1 XP Unarmed Combat , 1 XP Longsword, 2 XP Observation

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