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Date of birth495 AV (aged 28)
Place of birthSyliras
TitleTroublemaker of Sunberth
Escape Artist32
Animal Husbandry6
Gnosis marks

“Darik” is a human currently residing in the fabled city of Sunberth. Because of his residence, Darik’s a thief. ((albeit a terrible one)) Because of need to sustain himself, he was recently forced to take a job of Killroys. It actually turned out less grueling then he initially thought and he made an abundance of money. Currently he is stockpiling that money for intentions only he knows.

Physical description

If you saw Darik in a crowd you wouldn’t be able to pick him out. He is cursed with brown eyes and hair, which so happens to be the norm for most humans. His hair is long, but not long enough to stop him from seeing clearly. He’s clean shaven, but not because he shaves it, he can’t afford a razor to do that. He just can’t grow a beard. That doesn’t irk him at all, a beard has no purpose in his reasoning. At least hair can make you appear more attractive, so people can be seduced easier. He's skinny, his body is all bone, no muscle. He's 5’10, not too tall, but not short either. Told you, you wouldn’t be able to point him out in a crowd.


Darik had a normal family growing up. He had one little brother and sister, and a middle aged mom and dad. They weren’t the best off financially, but they had a house that was filled with love. They lived in Syliras under the protection of the knights, so crime was non existent, and their life was a peaceful one. Because Darik came from a poor family, he dropped out of school at the age of twelve, to get a job. His job consisted of running the errands for the family business. His dad rented out a small dinky blacksmith, but it was enough to provide for the family. At the age of fourteen Darik finally realized a startling conclusion: he was a drain on the family’s resources. Both his sister and brother had a skill that benefited the family: The brother was a blacksmaith, while the sister could weave intricate patterns with a needle. He on the other hand could do nothing.

Being a generous soul, he told his family he was leaving. The mom and dad pleaded him not to, but they finally gave in. They had a box full of savings and they gave it all to him. They told him to use it to buy protection to travel to another city. He left with a heartfelt good-bye from his family. You’re probably thinking Darik is a great guy right now aren’t you? Nope, not even in the closet. He wanted to leave because he knew his family loved him so much. As such they would have to give him all their savings. It was the perfect strategy to get free money.

He then went to the town’s stable and bought a horse. He decided to forgo the convoy, because he figured a strapping lad like him could get to a city without any trouble at all. Also he wanted to save the money, why waste it when you don’t need to?

((More to be added later))

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