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Downe Acres

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Set in one of the farthest areas of the south Agremmon Fields, bordering the southern forest and hills, lies a farm known to have been held by one of the longest living farmstead families in Sunberth's population.

The Downes.


Like many of the other farmstead families, the residents of Agremmon Fields, the Downes as a whole tend to be of the more peaceful minded of Sunberth denizens, though 'peaceful' is a relative term as they still hold fast to the anarchistic views of wanting no government 'keeping them down'. They rarely bother to interact in the town proper unless selling or trading goods. When they do, this is mostly to those with the money to buy them, like the syndicates. That doesn't mean the Farmsteaders are pushovers though: many of the regions tend to be akin to the crossbow-wielding, 'get off my lawn' types you'd find in any hinterlands of a settlement. The settlement of Downes Acres is just one of the many that serve to grow food, drugs, and other assorted 'goods' for sale in Sunberth's climate of chaos.

At first glance, this farm may look like a rundown, beat up pile of boards, dirt and manure, but through the right eyes, it was no less than paradise. Nestled at the base of a small hill range to the west and a forested area to the south, the farm also has a small stream that runs through it east to west and is used for irrigation. In the other two directions is farmland as far as one can see, and farther. Guy Downe is the owner of this particular farm: his family consists of his wife Lily Downe, his son Ailill Downe, and daughter Nola Downe. Guy and his family have been running this farm to the best of their ability to turn a profit and pay a small percentage of money to the Daggerhands in return to get protection when it is needed.

There are a number of buildings on this farm, from small cottages to a central farmhouse, to a barn with silo and chicken coop. Each building is simple in design and decor. On the outside of the buildings is where the most damage can be found, the inside is much better cared for. The buildings are all centralized on the farm, the rest of the land divided into four oblong trapezoids. Each quad would be named according to direction (north, south, east, and west.) Many things are done on this farm, things both legitimate and things no so legitimate.

The southern quadrant is permanent pasture land and connects to the barn. This area in divided into three sections that connect to a central corral that joins to the south side of the barn. From west to east the first section is for cattle, the second is for swine, and the third has horses, sheep, and a dog run. The north quad of this farm is used for the cultivation of hemp during the summer months. In the winter months, it is used as pasture and fertilized by the animals, mushrooms are harvested from this field during the appropriate time of year. The western quad in the summer is used to grow wheat and other grains, in the winter it is used for seasonal crops. The eastern quad is split in two from east to west. The northern of the two sections is an orchard of apple trees. The southern half of the eastern quadrant has the chicken coop, a herb garden, and pens for the male animals.

Besides these developed lands, the Downes lay claim to about five square miles of the south woods. This makes them neighbors of Natlana and Max Aquillar who run the Aquillar Hot Springs a good five miles distance away. The Downe's farm products tend to help supply the inn; though they do seek other sources of commerce in a neutral manner with other businesses of Sunberth. However, in the farmstead community, they are somewhat at odds with the Morianders, who want their son to marry Nola, giving her a chance at life, at the expense of his son, they want her father Guy to cede Downe Acres to them when he passes on. They have steadily been increasing their pressure on the family to acquiesce for this agreement. Ailil's sister, Nola, currently dislikes the Moriander's eldest son and has made her views known that she would not welcome being given to him. Suffice to say, while not at blows yet, this does put Guy Downe at odds with his own conscience as he hopes to give his son time to prove himself, or gain enough standing in the community to renegotiate.

As a gift from Guy Downes, and to help him gain a small shred of respectability, the son Aillil lives in a small cottage on the property and works for wages at his father's side.

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