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Gale McCenry

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Gale McCenry

Date of birth480 AV (aged 43)
Place of birthZeltiva

Gale McCenry is a local courier who was born and raised in the city of Zeltiva. He brings and carries letters and messages from various people across the city, and occasionally brings packages to the citizens. Previously, however, Gale was a local freelance artist who sold his drawings under a tree at the local fish market.

Physical description

Not one for fancy clothes, Gale typically has a fairly plain appearance. He’s not big by any means of the word, being five foot six and not matching the muscular structure of many of the sailors that live in the scholarly city. In fact, due to the recent famines throughout Zeltiva, it's clear that Gale is underweight, and by no small amount. Gale’s hair is a wavy, blonde and reaches to the bottom of his ears and has scruff lining his jaw and mouth. His eyes are a light, pale blue and his fingers are long and lanky.

However, he is missing three fingers on his left hand, leaving only his index finger and his thumb to go about his business. On that same hand however, he has a shimmering vortex, having been given the first mark of Priskil, the goddess of hope. Gale also has a right side limp from a large scar on both the front and back of his thigh.


Gale was born in Zeltiva to Adwin McCenry and Austin Franklin but was raised purely by his mother. He was given a lot of freedom as a child to pursue what he wished and eventually fell in love with art. He attended the University of Zeltiva to study the subject and eventually took it up as a career after being convinced by a young woman named Hana Filk.

Hana later became Gale’s wife after many years of arguing and fighting with her parents who never approved of their relationship. She died of an illness shortly after, leaving Gale with a cynical, pessimistic outlook on life as a whole, which he still has, but for various other reasons.

It wasn't until a near decade later when Gale met his suspected father, who he realized was a vile Nuit named Ignotus Everto. Gale, during their encounter, was convinced to murder an innocent sailor, giving the Nuit a bad reputation in Gale's eyes. A search party was sent for the murderer of the sailor, but Gale managed to slip by unnoticed.

But not long after such, he later murdered a pirate while protecting a dear friend Ricky and his wife, Telion. As if to reward for his bravery and keeping the family safe, Ricky and Telion chose Gale to become the Godfather of their child. They gave birth to a baby boy named Martin, and it's clear to anyone that Gale loves the boy as if it was his own. This was especially clear when Ricky and Telion had to leave Zeltiva to seek a healer for Ricky. Due to the dangers of the trip, the couple left Martin in Gale's care for an entire season, he doing everything he could to make sure the boy was happy while they were away.

But soon after he met his best friend, Gale met a Kelvic otter name Kendhl Pilkvist. At first he wasn't overly fond of the rambunctious, optimistic Kelvic, seeing as she slapped him in the face with a fish upon their meeting, but she quickly grew on Gale and the following day they bonded. But this bond didn't last long because soon after, while the two walked in the Mirahil Pass, they were both attacked by a pack of wild dogs, the leader being a large, wolf hybrid Kelvic. The leader had killed Kendhl soon in the battle, and another had bitten Gale's hand. After chasing most of the other dogs away, Gale ended up being bitten on the leg by the leader, before he temporarily defeated the mutt. Gale had to leave Kendhl's body behind whiel he searched for medical attention, going to Ricky's house first. Ricky carried Gale to the Infirmary and his wounds healed up, leaving him with his limp and amputated fingers.

It was nearly a year later before Gale was able to visit Kendhl's grave. Upon visiting, he finds Kendhl who has returned as a Ghost, haunting her grave. To this day, the two are still trying to figure hings out between them, catching up and learning about one another.

In a more recent event, Gale had met on of the few elderly men in Zeltiva, who they both find is his biological father. The two are still learning about one another and are simply catching up. Gale tries to do everything he can to help his father and regain a relationship in which he was never able to have until now.

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