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Gale McCenry

Postby Gale Austin McCenry on May 7th, 2012, 12:28 am


─╔╦═╦═╦═╦═╗╔╦═╗ ╔═╦═╗ ╔╦╦═╦╗╔╦╦╗
╔╝║═╣║║═╣║╠╝║╚╣ ║║║║║ ║║║║║║║║╔╝
║║║═╣╔╣═╣║║║╠╗║ ║║║║║ ╠╗║║║╚╝║║─
╚═╩═╩╝╚═╩╩╩═╩═╝ ╚═╩╩╝ ╚═╩═╩══╩╝─

Basic Information
Name: Gale Austin Franklin McCenry
Nicknames: Bloodeye
Race: Human
Age: 39
Birthday: 67th day of Spring, 480A.V.
Height: 5'6

Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Vani
Poor Language: Nari

Housing: The World's End Grotto
Location: Zeltiva
Occupation: Artist

Physical Appearance
With a fairly plain appearance, that including clothes, Gale isn’t a flashy by any means of the word. He has deep blue eyes with dark blonde hair and a body of that of a mere blade of grass. It is clear that Gale is significantly underweight, due to recent famines in Zeltiva, and looks like a small breeze can push him over. His hair is rather wavy and can even be considered curly, depending on the person and the day. Currently, his hair is fairly long and has medium length facial hair. There are two patches, however, that don't seem to grow hair which starts from the corners of his mouth and goes down to the base of his jawline.

The man wears plain clothes with solid colours. He does not wear any jewelry, hats, or clothes that have patterns or designs on them. Gale has only has two finger, those being his thumb and forefinger. His right thigh has a large scar that seems to have stretched skin. Because of this, Gale has a slight limp, and although it doesn't hinder his daily activities in drastic ways, especially if he has his cane, he is at a disadvantage when doing other activities, such as running, climbing, and stretching. Gale also has a lucan at the base of his sternum, represented as two footprints with strokes resembling wind flowing around them.

He carries a fairly worn brown pack with him that contains his usual items, such as his sketchbook and art utensils, a snack, and half of the mizas he currently has.

Title Deity Level Thread
Luminance Priskil 1 Falling into the Black

Gale has befriended Priskil, Goddess of Hope, Light, and Vigilance and has been thusly marked with her first gnosis. This mark takes the shape of a glowing swirling vortex on the back of his left hand. Gale can generate a mild glow, usually from the palms of his hands, though only for a few minutes at a time. This glow is about equivalent to a torch and may give some courage to those affected by fear and negative emotions. Gale can also strengthen any source of artificial light and feel the presence of any kind of light, even beyond walls and obstacles.

How He Actually is

Due to having been saved by and befriending Priskil, Gale has gained a new sense of optimism he hadn't had before. While before he thought the world had nothing to offer but what he brought to the table, thinking it a very one-sided relationship, now Gale believes the world has been fairly good to him in terms of hope. Looking back on his past, he doesn't see it only the sadness and pain, but how it could have been worse and how lucky he was to have had the opportunity to cherish the memories he has.


Gale's optimism isn't to say he doesn't struggle with the memories of his past. He often is haunted by his ghosts of lost lovers and friends, wondering what he could have done differently. He's still wrought with pain, especially of his most recent scar of losing his bondmate. The only difference now is that Gale doesn't see his past as a reason to end it all, but as a reason to fight and continue to prove that there is good in this hard world that he lives in.


Although his goals and drive are different, Gale is still as stubborn as ever. Once he's made up his mind it's hard for him to change. He almost always thinks he's right, even in situations he has no knowledge in, and this often gets in the way of his better judgment as well as potential friendships. This too is something he is struggling to overcome, but his strong opinions don't appear to be going without a fight.


Gale is a rather friendly person, even more so now that he has met Priskil. But friendly doesn't mean extrovert. Gale struggles to maintain energy and enthusiasm in long conversations or large social events. He doesn't mind going to such events, but he's usually sitting on the outside of the group, looking in. He's content with silence and doesn't need conversation, or even consistent contact for him to bond with someone.

Old :
Like many other artistic souls, Gale has a wide variety of moods and emotions in which he has no problem expressing. It doesn't take much to flip his lid and it also doesn't take much to calm him down. Emotion practically spews out of Gale like a waterfall and he hardly stays in the same mood for long, even if it's a subtle change. Gale can go from passionate, to depressed, to outraged, to overjoyed, to shy, and to relaxed all in a single day.

Having had the history he has as well as the continuous bad luck to follow, there is no question as to why Gale would be a pessimist. He expects the worst to happen when he contemplates future events, even though he doesn’t always prepare for it. Having the ‘glass is half empty’ outlook on the world, his drawings often reflect his view of the world as well as his explanations and opinions on certain worldly subjects.

Having been drawing since a young age, Gale has grown a creative and artistic sense about items and people. He is a very visual person and often judge’s people’s actions by the way they look. Not to say he acts upon those judgments, but he is prone to making false accusations about such people, places, or things. Gale takes heavy interest and any art subject. He is known best for his drawings and sketches, but having fallen in love with a dancer and musician in his early years, the man takes much joy in watching a performance by any busker on the streets. If he had enough coin, he would surely offer some, even to the worst of dancers or musicians, for he knows that they probably better than him on the subjects.

Gale is as stubborn as a mule once he has his mind set on things. He even is stubborn on subjects he knows nothing about and it takes a lot to change his mind about basically anything. He hardly takes no for an answer when he wishes for a yes and is one who refuses to retreat to safety when a friend is in danger, even if he was ordered to stay put. He's sarcastic in his own way and, although he'll listen to other's opinions and ideas, he is always creating excuses in his mind to keep his logic intact despite superior reasoning.

As much as Gale denies his fact, he is indeed a hypocrite. What he says isn't always what he does and it clearly shows with his cowardly actions and thoughts. His morals are thought to be set in stone but in reality they are molding pieces of clay that he twists and forms to get out of certain situations or to look like a decent Zeltivan at best.

With Gale's life spinning around him uncontrollably, Gale has found himself in a very doubtful and unclear state. He doubts himself and his actions consistently and he always seems to be unsure abut his decisions or what he's doing. He more often than not rejects new troubles, refusing to believe the reality, and his answers about his life o how he is feeling is almost always vague or a flat out lie.
What Friends Thinks
Best Friend : Ricky (Presumed Deceased)

Ricky loves Gale with compassion after the amount of time they’ve been together, and with the artist there to help him out time and time again Ricky trusts Gale completely. A true friend to consider; Gale proves to be a wonderful companion to have, thus earned the name Godfather of Martin respectively in doing so. Deep down Ricky feels an innate sense to not only guard but ensure Gale’s safety and well being by any means, and highly values any thoughts or opinions Gale may hold in regards to a matter the fisherman may have.

Bondmate: Kendhl (Deceased)

She knows he's sad, and thinks it's because of her. She's torn between wanting to stay with him a lot, but she can't because she's so cold. Still loves him, though. It's one of the two things tying her to the world of the living. She wants to see him happy but doesn't know how to get there, and knows that her presence isn't exactly the most emotionally healthy thing.
What Other People Think
"Nemesis": Ignotus Everto (Whereabouts Unknown)

Gale is embarrassingly stupid. But darn it, at least he's kept himself alive, and he's an idiot.

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Gale McCenry

Postby Gale Austin McCenry on September 22nd, 2012, 3:14 am




Spring 67th, 480 A.V.
Gale was born on Spring 67th, 480 A.V. to a young woman named Adwin McCenry and Ignotus Everto. Although Gale was a surprise to the woman, she accepted him the best she could. She didn't take long to come up with a name, naming him after the gales along the Zeltivan shore for she thought they were a nice representation of how quick her life changed because of him.

Winter 28th, 490 A.V.
Although Gale had had feelings for the 'flower girl' for quiet some time, he hadn't officially met Hana, his future wife, until the 28th of Winter in the year 490 A.V. when he was sketching in the sand at Matthew's Bays. Hana had come over and started a brief conversations before heading off for home, leaving Gale to deal with a group of pesky boys who had been spying on them and a mysterious man who uses fire to drive the pestering boys away.

Fall 3rd, 499A.V.
Despite Adwin's lack of influence on Gale, he still loved his mother unconditionally, which lead to devastation when she died on the 3rd of Fall, 499 A.V. when Gale found her on the floor when he returned home from the University. He was never fully sure about what happened but he assumed it was natural causes for there was no signs of a break in or struggle.

Winter 22nd, 501 A.V.
Without the approval of Hana's parents, Hana and Gale got married on the 22nd of Winter, 501 A.V. They said their vows in Mirihal Pass, not far from the city, though they did it alone without any spectacular celebration. Hana went home with Gale that night, therefore the next morning, Gale found himself in a sticky situation when his in-laws decided to pay a visit.

Spring 68th, 502 A.V.
The 68th of Spring is the day every year that Gale dreads, for on that day in 502, Hana passed away. She had struggled several dozen days before hand from the illness she was inflicted with, but she sent Gale away to get some flowers when she died. As a result, Gale built a coffin and buried Hana in Mirihal Pass where they got married.



Summer 84th, 512 A.V.*
When Gale first meets his father since his encounter as a child, Ignotus finds out about Gale's wife and his story since then. He uses hypnotism to convince Gale that a Kelvic bat named David, a sailor, murdered Hana and convinced Gale to kill him. Afterwards, a search party is sent out to find the murderer, though only a select few know of who actually done it.

Summer 68th, 513 A.V.*
Despite a rather interesting encounter with a Kelvic named kendhl, Gale is convinced to go to a Bonfire out on the docks a few other people. Gale has a great time with a prank or two thrown in before suddenly bonding to Kendhl. They spend the rest of the night with their friends and having a great night out.

Summer 28th, 513 A.V.*
After Ricky is attacked by old enemies, Gale visits him at the Infirmary. What starts out as a normal check in on his friend turns into a day he'll never forget as Ricky offers Gale the position of him being the Godfather of their son Martin. Gale is quick to accept the position, having considered Ricky and Telion his family anyway.

Summer 89th, 513 A.V.*
When Kendhl and Gale are out for a walk in Mirhil Pass, they are met by a wild pack of dogs. They are attacked, one killing Kendhl and another biting Gale's fingers off. The leader of the pack ends up being a Kelvic wolf hybrid, giving Gale his extreme dislike for Kelvics and his disgust with canines in general. He returns home after the battle to his friend Ricky who takes him to the Infirmary.

Winter 20th, 513 A.V.*
With all the events and recent happenings in Gale's life, Gale decides he doesn't want to deal with it anymore, and attempted suicide for the second time by jumping off the docks in the night. However, he was saved by no other than Priskil, the Goddess of Hope. After some discussion, Gale is offered her friendship and accepts, gaining her first mark of Luminescence.
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Gale McCenry

Postby Gale Austin McCenry on September 22nd, 2012, 4:35 am


Summer Calender

1234567 8910

519 AV
519 A.V.
Thread TitleThread DateThread Location Thread Summery Thread Participants

516 A.V. - 518 A.V.
516 A.V. - 518 A.V.

515 AV
515 A.V.
Thread TitleThread DateThread Location Thread Summery Thread Participants
The Squire, the Silor, and the Artist 5th DreamscapeAre dreams about the future prophetic or just Deja Vu? Ricky, Kreig
All That You Know 6thRicky's HouseAfter Gale and Ricky's big fight, Telion gets the two to come together and finally make up. Ricky


514 AV
514 A.V.
Thread TitleThread DateThread Location Thread Summery Thread Participants
You! 14th Kelp Bar Gale gets into yet another bar fight. But this time with Ricky! Pulren, Ariann, Ricky
Hurricane Drunk 67th Kelp Bar This is your birthday song! It doesn't last to long, Hey! Roane
Breaking the Ice 72nd The Fountain of Cascading Harmony Gale and several others are called for a surprise meeting where Ricky reveal his internal disease Ricky, Aoren, Pulren
A Boy and His Dogs 77th Dreamscape Gale has a nightmare regarding the dog attack when one of the dogs starts to help him. Aoren
So Close Yet So Far80th Zeltiva Streets Gale goes to run errands, unaware of a certain ghost searching for him Kendhl
In the Name of Love 85th The Loveless In order to pay for Martin and Fenvour's needs, Gale decides to get a new job down on East Street. Mod: Eldritch
Thread TitleThread DateThread Location Thread Summery Thread Participants
The General Shopper12th The General Store Gale meets a kelvic horse while at the General store. This should be good. GST: Ricky Characters: Black
Full Circle 78th The World's End Grotto Gale wakes up a rather frustrated man who's been looking for his family. Know any Maze's Gale? GST: Ricky Characters: Jadlin
Reunion 80th The World's End Grotto Ricky's home! Ricky
Thread TitleThread DateThread Location Thread Summery Thread Participants
Cairn of Lies 5th Mirahil Pass Kenny and Gale meet again beside Kenny's grave. Kendhl
The Courage to Forgive 5th Quill's Rest After Kenny and Gale meet again, they walk to the Quill's Rest to discuss and answer some questions each other have. Kendhl
Evading Frost 7thGeneral StoreGale gets to talking with a stranger as the Obelisk awakens. Naomi
Long Time No See 29th Ricky's House Ricky and Gale spill it all when they finally get some time to talk. Ricky
Where the Lines Overlap 30th Kelp Bar Kenny meets Gale at the Kelp bar and end up in a huge argument Kendhl
Dance Dance 42nd World's End Grotto Gale and Kendhl dance a Gale's place Kendhl
Simple Gifts 45th Fish Market Gale returns to the tree he used to draw at only to get a gift from a boy with Down Syndrome. Solo
Infirmary Action 50th Infirmary Gale meets a woman while trying to help out at the infirmary. Eshe
Don't Kick the Puppies 51st Fish Market/Infirmary Gale kicks a puppy and ends up going to the infirmary for a check up Solo
Massagynist 52nd Zastoska Bath HouseGale gets a massage at the Bathhouse Eshe
Seeing You In Me 65th Fountain of Cascading Harmony Gale meets his real father. Solo

513 AV
513 A.V.
Thread TitleThread DateThread Location Thread Summery Thread Participants
Asking for Favours 2nd East Street Ricky gives Gale a place to stay when he is kicked out of the Grotto after staying there for far too long. Ricky
Sight and Sketching 10th Wright's Memorial Library In exchange for drawing lessons, Gale has the opportunity to learn Auristics Tsaba
Surprise for a Guard 15th World's End Grotto It's Ricky's Birthday! Happy Birthday Ricky! Ricky, Castor, Tallis, Reign
Revenge of the Three 26th Ricky's House, Graveyard The people who killed Odis come back for revenge Ricky, Tallis
Day at the Docks 65th Docks Gale meets an Otter Kelvic by being slapped with a Fish. Kendhl
Beach Bonfire Bonanza 68thDocks A planned party with free beer, tattoos, food, and a great time Kendhl, Wart, Yas Heron, Ricky, Annalisa, Athinar
Together We Stand 75th Fountain of Cascading Hope Gale attends Ricky's wedding. Congratulations buddy! Ricky
I Hate Dogs 89th; Noon Mirahil Pass When Gale and his new bondmate are out for a walk, a group of wild dogs decide to crash the party Modded by: Abstract Players: Kendhl
Trail of Tears 89th; Midnight Ricky's House Gale finally returns home about the dog fight Ricky
Wounds That Don't Heal 90th Infirmary Gale wakes up at the Infirmary after the tragic accident. Niall
Alternate Roles 91st Infirmary Ricky comes to visit Gale Ricky
Thread TitleThread DateThread Location Thread Summery Thread Participants
Drawing on Circumstance9th Gale's TreeFresh from the Infirmary, Gale goes back to work, about to get his sign... But how is he suppose to climb the tree? Jayden Leina
Stalking an Illusion 67th Streets of Zeltiva Gale is stalked by someone who believes they have seen him before. Amelia
Thread TitleThread DateThread Location Thread Summery Thread Participants
An Honest Days Work 6th The Bringer Gale gets to work on his first day on the job with his new ship crew Ariann
Falling into the Black 20th Docks It appears that the second attempt it note worthy by some people... Mod: Eldritch
Godfather Godson Time 21st Ricky's Place Gale finally gets to hold his godchild and gets to talking to Ricky about what happened the night before. Ricky
Casting the First Stone 23rd The Docks Gale meets a Kelvic while at work who questions his sour voice and random coughing fits. Kalina

512 AV
512 A.V.
Thread TitleThread DateThread Location Thread Summery Thread Participants
Bays and Flowers27th The Quill's RestGale decides to restock on his inventory of art and goes to the Quill's rest to draw, ending up drawing a flower and the bay.Solo
Pool Party35th Tock's BackyardGale attempts to loosen up and have some fun, helping a small group fill a pool, then falling in.Tock, Nai'shee,Marin, Zerran
A Certain Kind of Sadness... 51st Kelp BarGale's depressing day is interrupted by a Hypnotist who eventually coaxes him to talk about his past.
First Thread Created. :D
How to Save a Life60th .The World's End GrottoWhen Gale almost commits suicide, Tock's quick actions saved him. But her methods of convincing him to not be so foolish in the future was more painful then he had expected.Tock
And the Body Count Rises... 62ndKelp BarHaving a good day, Gale goes to the Kelp Bar but ends up having his good day flipped back around in a bar fight.Rayes, Wrenmae
Remember Me? 84thShoreline and Kelp BarGale meets up with Ignotus again and ends up finding a darker side to him, resulting in the death of an innocent sailor.Ignotus
Thread TitleThread DateThread Location Thread Summery Thread Participants
The Heist 1 Day After The Auction Unknown Quest. Gale is braught back into yet another dastardly deed when Wrenmae asks for that favour back. Moderator: Echelon Characters: Wrenmae, Ignotus, Miro
The Blood Eye 1stJuil Waverunner's Office, Wave Guard's Headquarters, Lord of Council's Office, Old Quarters Quest. Gale signs up for the investigation for his own crime in hopes to try and pin it on someone else.Moded by Arcane Characters: Ethan, Tallis, Ignotus
Out with the Old2nd Gale's Tree Before Gale goes to a fortune teller, he finally sells an old picture of his.Solo
Gale's Fortune2nd Aselm's TentGale gets more advice from a Nuit.Anselm
All that Glitters4th Zeltiva's Market Gale stops a lad from conning someone but gets into some trouble while doing so.
Gale has a shirt by this point, but because of it being graded before I was able to modify it, it will have to stay. Sorry for the confusion.
Some Shyke About a Son 20th Zeltiva ShorelineGale, I am your father! Iggy
Apprentice? You're Kidding... 43rd Zeltiva Streets An evil girl becomes Gale's apprentice. Somehow. Runo
The Broken Shell 56th: Afternoon Zeltiva Shoreline Gale meets a homeless man throw a temper tantrum Ricky
When Turtles Rest56th: Evening World's End Grotto Long time no see. Not really Ricky
Hopes in a Fountain 57th Fountain of Cascading Hope Want to make a wish, Gale? Ricky, Runo
Farewell. Old Friend. 60th of Fall. 512 A.V. Maria Satterthwite Memorial Cemetery Better say goodbye to the enemy for Ricky's sake. Ricky, Sebastian, Zivilist
Thread TitleThread DateThread Location Thread Summery Thread Participants
Dancing On the Edge 32nd Cerulean Pier Ooooo, a dancer. This is going to be fun to watch. Kayliegh
Subtlety of Post Ball Intoxication 85th Kelp Bar Gale and Valo meet at the Kelp Bar at dangerously late times and Valo gets a little taste of Gale. Or is that Kelp Beer? Valo

502 A.V.
Thread TitleThread DateThread Location Thread Summery Thread Participants
The Person Who Makes it Doesn't Need it 67th and 68th of Spring Infirmary and various other locations around Zeltiva When someone passes away you have to do what needs to be done Solo
503 A.V.
Thread TitleThread DateThread Location Thread Summery Thread Participants
Love Burns 28th WinterZeltiva's shoreline Young Gale gets teased about his crush and gets Love help from a Nuit who secretly plans to use him when he's older. Ignotus
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Gale McCenry

Postby Gale Austin McCenry on September 22nd, 2012, 4:45 am


Image Item Thread Description
ImageCloakSP A plain, brown cloak, in which is hardly worn. He only wears it during the winter season when it's windy, rainy, or stormy outside.
ImageVest The Denvali Party A Brown Doublet vest with two belt like straps. It looks brand new and free of any damage. He considers it his work vest for he wears over his white tunic during his working hours.
Image Tunic The Bloody Eye A plain, green, linen tunic with small, inconspicuous tears around the wrists and lining the bottom of the shirt from every day wear. It is his casual shirt, and he wears it for every day things, such as going to the market or meeting with friends.
Image Tunic The Denvali PartyA plain, white, linen tunic that is light and easy to maneuver in. He considers it his work shirt and wears it under his doublet vest.
Image Trousers SP Simple, black, linen trousers. Gale considers these as his casual pants for every day things, for they are too restricting to wear for his work. They have been worn many times and have inconspicuous tears on the bottom of the pant legs from the use.
Image Trousers The Denvali Party Plain brown trousers that are light and easy to maneuver in. It is Gale's work pants and they are appear new and are free from any damage thus far.
ImageDrawersSP Gale's undergarments. You get the jist.
Image Boots The Denvali Party Black, ankle high boots that have hefty straps to keep them secure on ones feet and have decent traction. Although they were bought for the Denvali Party, Gale uses them for his for boots, for his previous shoes had little traction leaving him to slip, trip, and even slip out of his shoes. They look brand new and free of any damage.
Image Boots SP Plain, black boots that can be tightened with strings. They are Gale's casual wear and uses them for walking around town, for they slip off his feet fairly easily while running.
Image BackpackSP A leather backpack with three extra, small pockets on the sides. Over the years, it has gain some holes in the smaller pockets and the straps appear to be torn off the pack back many times, but have been loosely repaired with a quick sewing job.
Note :
All items marked by brackets are always carried within Gale's backpack.
Image Item Thread Description
ImageCombSP And old, average wooden comb with two different sized prongs.
Image BrushSP An old, average, thin bristled, wooden brush with a sturdy handle.
Image SoapSP Average, non-scented soap.
Image RazorSPSharp razer with a sturdy, wooden handle.
Image Item Thread Description
Image Water skinSP A medium sized, black water skin, Holds about 16 oz of water.
Image Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)SP Balance week of Zeltivan fishes and food.
Image [ Eating knife ]SPA dull, short knife with a clean, but jagged blade. The wooden handle is mainly stained red from defensive purposes in [I Hate Dogs].
Image Chestnuts Don't Kick the Puppies2 lb of basic Chestnuts.
Image Bread So Close Yet So Far Half eaten after feeding Martin, it's a plain loaf of Ravelled Bread.
Image Milk So Close Yet So Far Gallon of milk bought to feed Martin. It contains traces of bread crumbs.
Image Item Thread Description
Image Item Thread Description
ImageArtist Tool Kit SP Consists of a small canvas, several paint brushes, and shaped charcoal.
Image [ Flute ]SP A hand made, wooden flute made by Hana's father Traven. Flute has several small notches in wood from scraps and bonks.
Image [ Music Book ]SP A tattered book of sheet music for flute. Edges are old and ragged but music still legible.
Image Item Thread Description
ImageFlint & SteelSP A small piece of flint and steel. Steal has silver flecks from where it has been hit multiple times.
Image BucketGorillas in the Sand Narrow and deep, wooden bucket with a sturdy handle. Has traces of sand inside and in wood.
Image Basket So Close Yet So Far A shallow and wide brimmed basket with a long, sturdy handle.
Image Item Thread Description
Image [ 100 paged sketchbook. ] SPHana had given it to Gale as a gift before they got married. This sketchbook almost never leaves his person.

Note: The dashes in the parenthesis are using the same page
Starting Page Total Pages Hana Used Pages Gale used Pages used IC Total Pages Left Threads
100 12 23 4 65 (---)(--)-
Purchase Cost Total Thread
Starting +100 GM 100 GM SP
Artist Tool Kit-25 GM75 GM SP
Wooden Flute-5 SM74 GM, 5 SM SP
Music Book -4 SM 74 GM, 1 SM SP
Kelp Beer-5 SM 73GM, 6 SM *
Inn Meal - 1CM 73 GM, 5 SM, 9 CM *
Kelp Beer - 1 SM 73 GM, 9 CM *
Repaying for Mug -1 GM 72 GM, 9 CM *
Kelp Beer -5 SM 71 GM, 5 SM, 9CM*
Kelp Beer -5 SM 71 GM, 9 CM *
(Summer 512) Seasonal Expenses (Poor) -45 GM 26 GM, 9 CM N/A
Selling Bay picture + 1GM 27 GM, 9 CM *
Aselm's Fortune Telling - 1GM 26 GM, 9 CMv *
Pound of Chestnuts- 1GM 25 GM, 9 CM *
Bucket -5GM 20 GM, 9CM *
(Fall 512) Seasonal Expenses (Poor) -45 GM -24 GM 9 CM N/A
(Winter 512) Seasonal Expenses (Poor) -45 GM -69 GM, 9 CM N/A
(Spring 513) Absence -0 GM -0 GM N/A
(Summer 513) Seasonal Expenses (Common) -135 GM -135 GM N/A
(Summer 513) Seasonal Wages +591 GM 456 GM N/A
(Fall 513) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 321 GM N/A
Linen Tunic, White -5 SM 320 GM 5 SM *
Doublet Vest -3 SM 320 GM 2 SM *
Linen Trousers, Dyed (Brown) -1 GM 2 SM 299 GM *
Low Boots -3 SM 298 GM 7 SM *
Entrance Fee -5GM 293 GM 7 SM *
(Winter 513) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 158 GM 7 SM N/A
Kelp Beer (3) -2 GM 156 GM 7 SM *
Paying Boy -1 GM 155 GM 7 SM *
Large, Simple Basket -1 SM 5 CM 155 GM 4 SM 5 CM*
Loaf of Bread -2 CM 155 GM 4 SM 3 CM*
Gallon of Milk -1 SM 155 GM 3 SM 3 CM*
(Spring 514) Seasonal Wages +182 GM 337 GM 4 SM 5 CM N/A
(Spring 514) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 202 GM 4 SM 5 CM N/A
(Summer 514) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 67 GM 4 SM 5 CM N/A
(Fall 514) Absence 0 GM 67 GM 4 SM 5 CM N/A
Tea and tip -4 SM 5 CM 67 GM *
Kelp Beer -5 SM 66 GM 5 SM *
2 lb Chestnuts -2 GM 64 GM 5 SM *
Massage and Toiletries - 6 GM 2 SM 58 GM 3 SM *
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Gale McCenry

Postby Gale Austin McCenry on September 22nd, 2012, 7:57 pm


PictureSkill EXP Total
ImageRhetoric +2 XP, +1 XP, + 2 XP, +3 XP, +5 XP, + 1 XP, +2 XP, +3 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP24
ImageBusking +15 SP 15
ImageBrawling +2 XP,+ 3 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP 13
ImagePhilosophy +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP13
Image Painting +10 SP 10
ImageDrawing +15 RB, +15 SP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +3 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1, +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP, +1 XP, -40 XP, + 1 XP
Note :
The -40 is from Gale losing 3 of his fingers and therefore losing most of his ability to draw well
Image Persuasion +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP 8
ImageDancing +5 SP, +1 XP, +1 XP7
Image Instrument; Flute +5 SP, + 2 XP7
ImageChildcare +4 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP 7
ImageRunning +2 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP 7
Image Storytelling +3 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP 7
ImageWeapon: Dagger+1 XP, +4 XP, + 1 XP, +2 XP6
ImageLand Navigation +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP 6
Image Investigation +4 XP, +2 XP 6
ImageSwimming +2 XP, + 3 XP 5
ImageSubterfuge +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP5
ImageIntimidation +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP 5
ImageInterrogation +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP 4
ImagePlanning +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP 4
Image Acrobatics +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP 3
ImageIntelligence +1 XP, +2 XP 3
Image Stealth+2 XP2
ImageBody Building+2 XP2
ImageActing +1 XP, +1 XP 2
Image Medicine +1 XP, +1 XP 2
Image Organization +2 XP 2
ImageTracking +1 XP 1
ImageBusiness/Retail +1 XP 1
ImageDetection +1 XP 1
ImageTeaching +1 XP1
ImageReading +1 XP1
Image Unarmed+1 XP 1
ImageCamouflage+1 XP 1
Image Endurance +1 XP 1
PictureSkill EXP Total
PictureSkill EXP Total
ImageObservation +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP,+1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +3 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +3 XP, +3 XP, +1 XP, +4 XP, +5 XP, +2 XP, +5 XP, +5 XP, +4 XP, +3 XP, +3 XP 74
PictureSkill EXP Total
ImageSocialization +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP , +2 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +3, +5 XP, +3 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +5 XP, +3 XP, + 2 XP, +1 XP, +4 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP, +3 XP, +5 XP, +5 XP, +3 XP, +3, +5 XP, +5 XP, +3 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP 83

1. A childish idea *
2. All dogs are not to be trusted*
3. Bitter Doubts, Does Anyone Care?*
4. Bored of drawing flowers *
5. Convoluted thoughts, Difficult tales to form*
6. Curiosity of the World *
7. Desire To Lead *
8. Echoes of Regret, Kendhl’s Fate*
9. Haunted By A Single Outcome: Is it the Only One?*
10. Hypocritical Wisdom *
11. Memories of another love *
12. Pressure of a New Acquaintance*
13. Realizing your drawings are depressing *
14. Remembering Your Sanity to Remain So*
15. Sanity is a Gift, or a Price?*
16. Secrets untold *
17. Something to say, not always a good thing*
18. Suspicion of the Alleys *
19. Taking Revenge *
20. To Adapt to One's Situation *
21. Urgent has a different meaning to different people*
22. Vengeance to keep the nightmares at bay *
23. Anguished Process of Capturing The Soul *
24. Art as an Escape *
25. Composed Emotions *SP
26. Deep Seeded Terror of Canines *
27. Dogs Cause More Pains Than Pleasures *
28. Enjoying Murder *
29. Faithless in Fear *
30. Fear of heights lingering after Suicide attempt *
31. Grief over lost wife, and digits *
32. Guilt over Murder *
33. Hating dogs: They killed your bondmate *
34. Hating the Name Harry *
35. Hatred and Selfishness *
36. Know What You Want *
37. Loving the Scent of Zeltiva *
38. Pleasure In Others Pain *
39. Remorse For Cruel Thoughts *
40. The Difficulty of Facing a Friend*
41. The Shock of a Fish to the face *
42. Self-Gnosis: Grief Counseling*
43. Showing Depression on the outside *
44. Sympathizing With The Lost *
45. Walking helps with a broken heart *
46. Brawling: Fighting dirty tips the scales *
47. Bullied by Love Rival *
48. Clinging to Home*
49. Dragged into yet more dastardly deeds *
50. Eating Zeltivan Fish*
51. Fighting is Painful *
52. Hearing The Noises Outside the City *
53. Maneuvering through Crowded Docks *
54. Nausea By Remembering the Past *
55. Not really dancing *
56. Painting: Don’t paint on plain paper *
57. Similar to the Girl Carving Walls?*
58. The two kinds of walking *
59. Acrobatics: Evading A Bar Brawl Chair To The Face*
60. Camouflage: Making Use of An Old Raccoon Hole*
61. Childcare: Dip Bread In Milk Too Feed *
62. Childcare: Food Is A Good Distraction *
63. Childcare: Gauging The Needs of An Infant *
64. Dagger: Low Fighting Stance*
65. Endurance: Bracing For A Punch*
66. Fishing: The Equipment Needed*
67. Flute: Proper Holding Technique*
68. Flute: You Can't Improve By Doing Nothing *
69. Memorization: How the Hai do you do it? *
70. Persuasion: Trying To Appeal To Better Judgement*
71. Persuasion: Diffusing Drunken Debauchery*
72. Philosophy: The Cost of Inaction *
73. Rhetoric: Driving A Point Through Intentional Use Of Names*
74. Rhetoric: The Art of Creative Swearing*
75. Storytelling: Hana and I*

76. An otters name : Kendhl Pilkvist *
77. Anselm the Seer *
78. Austin Franklin: Father *
79. Babies: No Teeth And Soft Mouths *
80. Being Whomever With No Witness *
81. Bloodeye: The Nickname Fits *
82. Bozderon Shadow Dogs: Bad News *
83. Caution around those who suffered loss *
84. Distracted by Telion *
85. Dogs: Once Loved Now Scorned *
86. Elaine Spade, The Silent Lady: My First Ghost! *
87. Elaine: Barely Audible *
88. Emery, the nice stranger *
89. Ethafael: Horns of beauty. *
90. Gale: An Honorary Maze! *
91. Gale McCenry's OracleHeaven above, strong. Fire below, luminous.
92. Employing strength with illumination,
93. Making illumination effective by strength,
94. Being truthful within and adept without,
95. Developing oneself and others as well,
96. It is therefore called sameness with people
97. Gale: Dog Kicker Extraordinaire *
98. Ghosts: Cold Touch*
99. Ghosts: Intangible*
100. Ghosts: Interior Climate Control *
101. Ghosts Make Things Cold *
102. Ghosts: Materialization *
103. Ghost Slap *
104. Ghosts: Soul Mist Projection *
105. God: Sagallius, God of Manipulation and Puppetry *
106. Hadrian the Curious *
107. Hadrian's Painter Friend – Lucas *
108. Hadrian's Offer for Introductions with Lucas *
109. Hadrian the University Professor *
110. Halabin Clarke *
111. Homali: Gone somewhere?*
112. Hana the 'Flower Girl' *
113. Hana Used To Apologize Too *
114. Harry and Kaelic *
115. Harry the Bloody-Eyed Old Man: The Best Name*
116. Ignotus (acquaintance) *
117. Ignotus AKA Mr. Fabulous: Scholar by day, superhero by... day too *
118. Ignotus' Cold and Clammy Hands *
119. Ignotus is a Nuit *
120. Ignotus, marked by Sagallius. *
121. Ignotus' Personal Philosophy *
122. I love Kendhl *
123. Keeping Enemies Close *
124. Kelvics and Nudity *
125. Kendhl: A Handprint on the Soul *
126. Kendhl: A haunting memory*
127. Kendhl's death *
128. Kendhl Pilkvist: Ghost*
129. Kendhl: Self-centered (?) Spirit *
130. Kendhl: Spelled Strangely *
131. Kendhl in trouble *
132. Ken's first time in the forest *
133. Leigo: Beginning to get suspicious *
134. Lucas Arias: An artist *
135. Martin: Going to be a curious lad?*
136. Martin: My Godson *
137. Martin: Ricky's Child *
138. Murdock: Wave Guard *
139. My Life: A String Of Tragedy *
140. Nadea the Baby Sister *
141. My Limp: Running Mechanics and Pain *
142. My Limp: The Hopes of its Curability *
143. Nickname: Goober Face*
144. Nicknames: Takes away someone's identity*
145. Nuits are Body snatchers *
146. Parents: Missing Them Is Hard On A Person *
147. People Are Boundlessly Different *
148. Questions About Hana's Death *
149. Rayes: Uncommon interest in Gale McCenry *
150. Ricky: A Fisherman Without Fish*
151. Ricky: A Furious Parting*
152. Ricky: Always his usual self*
153. Ricky: And Reimancer and a Shielder*
154. Ricky: Caring and Appreciative *
155. Ricky: Doesn't deserve to die.*
156. Ricky Has Inner Strength *
157. Ricky: Impending Fatherhood *
158. Ricky: Is dying *
159. Ricky is Ok!! *
160. Ricky knows Ignotus*
161. Ricky: Lost A Finger*
162. Ricky: Marked by Priskil *
163. Ricky: May Not Return *
164. Ricky: Nexus of Coincidence *
165. Ricky: Pulling himself together *
166. Ricky: Repeatedly Comments on Stories*
167. Ricky: Suffering Brain Cancer *
168. Ricky: The Journey To Syliras*
169. Ricky's Travels*
170. Roane: a Kelvic *
171. Roane: doesn't like Kelp Beer *
172. Sailors Are Sickening *
173. Srath: Giant Gorilla man *
174. Telion: Always Pleasant *
175. Telion: Not exactly the most pleasant of people *
176. The Artist's Burden*
177. The Dead Sailor: David *
178. The Evil Little Con Artist *
179. The Insane: Just Like Animals*
180. The woman who works at the Equinox *
181. Tock's Rage *
182. Tock's Crazy Method of Persuasion *
183. Unknown girl: Theft of a sketchbook! *
184. Valo: Troubled Artist *
185. Witness to Ricky's grief *
186. Women Usually Tend To Childcare *
187. Zerren: Kelvic Panther *
188. Alleys of Zeltiva*
189. A Memento Too Old: Hanna’s Grave*
190. Grotto: Why Do I Bother?*
191. Infirmary: Feels Like A Prison Some Days *
192. Location: Fish Market *
193. Location: General Store *
194. Location: Zeltivan Infirmary *
195. Lore of Zeltiva Street-plan *SP
196. Zeltiva: Anselm's Tent *
197. Zeltiva's Fate with or without Ignotus*
198. Zeltiva: The Quill's Rest *
199. A Bright Moment Breaking The Chain Of Tragedy *
200. Asthma Attack *
201. The Beach Bonfire, Summer 513*
202. Cough From The Night Before… *
203. Acting as a Guide *
204. A Hot Day in Zeltiva *
205. An awkward kiss *
206. Anguished Process of Capturing The Soul *
207. Attacked by dogs in a forest *
208. Attempting Suicide *
209. Becoming A Godfather *
210. Being Marked by Priskil*
211. Breaking up some gamblers *
212. Broken Request: Bury Kendhl*
213. Building a sandcastle *
214. Carrying a Dog's head: can't let go *
215. Creating light through Priskil's mark *
216. Dragged into a brawl at the Kelp Bar *
217. Filling a Pool *
218. Flashbacks to the attack *
219. Flopping Into The Ocean, So Graceful *
220. Foolish Argument *
221. Forgetting Under the Forgiving Tree *
222. Getting wasted at the Kelp Bar *
223. Losing a bondmate *
224. Meeting a Miserable Mystery *
225. Murdering for the First Time *
226. The Obelisks: Harbringer of Chaos *
227. Pretending to Investigate a Murder You Perpetrated *
228. Refusing to Take On An Insane Apprentice*
229. Rescuing Two Damsels in Distress *
230. Revisiting a spouse's grave *
231. Saved from death by Priskil, Goddess of Hope*
232. Sketch book Stolen *
233. Staying to Hear Insanity*
234. Suicide Foiled: Saved by Tock *
235. Telling Ricky about the attack *
236. Telling Roane about the attack *
237. Threatened With Fire Reimancy *
238. Trying to end it all*
239. Used By A Child *
240. Using Glass to Kill *
241. Wearing Appropriate Clothes for Murder Investigation *
242. Carrying A Wish In Your Pocket *
243. Cayenne: Medically Mysterious *
244. Cooking Fish: Smells Petching Delicious *
245. Drool: It's Kind Of Gross *
246. Elderberries: For Swelling *
247. Glass: A Makeshift Dagger *
248. Money Is A Good Motivator *
249. Not getting a drinkTo use a door, open and walk through.*
250. Ruining A Drawing With Charcoal Explosions *
251. To use a door, open and walk through.*

252. A mother’s Hint *
253. Bearing the Burden of Other's Losses*
254. Content is like a meadow *
255. Cussing: Impolite Round Womenfolk *
256. Death: A familiar concept*
257. Don't Apologize For What You Don't Have Control Over *
258. Drawing: Layers upon layers some are named some are not. *
259. Hoping To Be A Sailor And Paying The Price *
260. Inevitability of Death, Especially at Night *
261. Irony: David's Wife the Customer *
262. Memory: Passing out on his own wedding day. *
263. Nightmares: Bombardments of Grueling pictures and terrible storylines *
264. Parenting Is Full Of Sleepless Nights *
265. Payment in A Thank-You *
266. Procrastination is a problem *
267. Silent Drawing*
268. Solitude over socialization brings problems of its own. *
269. Stinging Nettle: For Panic Attacks *
270. The Difficulty of explaining Imagination *
271. The Harshness of the Wilderness*
272. To Cast a Wish *
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Gale McCenry

Postby Gale Austin McCenry on September 23rd, 2012, 12:11 am




Gale sees any sort of vortex as a symbol of good luck and hope. This is mainly due to his encounter with Priskil, the Goddess of Hope and the fact that she saved his life. He believes as long as he has a vortex on his hand that there is a silver lining, even if he doesn't exactly see it.


In Gale's eyes, Dogs are the very spawn and creators of evil. They are horridly selfish beings that enjoy the pains of others and travel in packs to leisure in the fear it creatures in their prey. He sees dogs as the lowest of the low, and sees any comparison to them as being a highly disrespectful insult, and thus, if pestered to such an extent, he will use it as a curse word or use it as a horrid name to call someone he deems low and unforgivable. He has an intense urge to kick and curse at dogs that he sees within the city. At times, he might even wish to stab said dog, but he generally holds himself back unless the situation 'calls' for it. This is an outcome of several different, smaller events in his life, but the biggest event that triggered his sour hatred was when his bondmate was killed on the 89th of Summer, 513 A.V.
Fun Facts
He is allergic to cats
Is afraid of Heights, and horses and hates bats.
Absolutely HATES canines with the bottom of his heart
Thinks Kelvics are evil until proven otherwise
Left Handed
Extremely ticklish
Has a habit of biting his cheeks
Takes a liking to learning about Tall Tales and Natural Phenomena
Is an Auditory learner
Has to verbalize thoughts to organize them
Has horrible hand writing
Is unaware that he has Asthma
Has no tolerance for spicy foods.
Hates Card games
Never says conjunctions such as They're, I'm, You're, Aren't, Can't, etc.
Motto is 'Depends on your definition"
Prefers to sit on the arms of the couches and edges of chairs rather than on the actual seat
Never calls people by there nicknames
Loves the colour Pink, especially on flowers
Occasionally talks to himself without realizing it
Tends to run his hands through his hair often
A very brisk walker and walks in as straight of a line as possible
Never can pour things without spilling it
Is a push over and easily manipulated
A terrible Liar
Is strongly susceptible to brain freeze.
Usually stands with his hands on his hips
Wakes up at the same time every day
Extremely intolerant to pain
Breaths through his mouth rather than his nose
Has been called a number of 24 different names
Which are :
Twinkle Toes, Prude-Pants, Blondie, Bloodeye, Harry, Lover Boy, LoveBird, Monster, Murderer, Bloke, Coward, Mate, Goof, Old Man, Boy, Idiot, Pretty Boy, Vagik, McMopey, Whiner-baby, Goober Face, Portraits, whore-child, and last but not least a Bloody selfish dirty 'orse petchin' no good wanker
Gale currently has no goals
Theme Songs

"My relationship with myself"


"When it comes down to me thinking about who I am as a person, I end up thinking about two different things. When things go wrong, like when Hana or Kendhl died, or when Ricky got a sickness, I always want to be negative and I always want the world to just stop for a moment so I can recover. This instinct, for the lack of a better word, is likely the reason why I attempted suicide on multiple occasions in my life seeing as the world does not work that way. But on the other hand, I have this passion that always strives to be the one who is not so negative all the time. I want to be a better person and I want to be a better influence on others so they can learn from my experiences. I keep telling myself it will get better and I think about how it could get better. But this usually creates a conflict and I end up having emotional and mental battles with myself throughout the seasons, and sometimes several times a day. One side tells me to end it all while the other says to forget, and sometimes I do not know which side to pick. In the end, I am a pessimist at heart and this conflict is the reason why I think this song represents me well. It has both the good and the bad and I believe that makes it an accurate representation." ~ Gale


"My relationship with Ricky."


I believe that this song explains a lot about how I feel towards Richard and Telion. Ricky is probably the closest person I have in my life right now, and he and I both know that I would likely do anything for him. We are more like brothers than we are friends, and although we each make mistakes and things happen and we might argue or fights, we always come around. I do not think anything will change that and this song I believe displays that although things are rough sometimes, that we still care for each other and do our best to protect one another and their families.


The Dead
"My relationship with those who have died."


Death has always been a hard subject for me, as I am sure it is for everyone else. But Death is a little different in my eyes than one might expect. I have loved many and lost many, and I think about those I have loved and lost all the time. On most occasions, they are good memories, seeing and my wife and I had a lot of good, fond memories, and Kendhl wouldn't accept anything less than a good time. When I remember these memories I always end up thinking about how lucky I am to have them, but of course, death is not a happy thing. I think this song displays this very well in that I am glad for the times I have had but of course I still long for those moments back.


"My relationship with Priskil."


All throughout my life, I have had a very hard time finding a figure, a person who I can look up to with certainty that if I follow this person that they will lead me in the right direction. I know everyone makes mistakes, but many of the figures in my life were not very reliable or were not around. This let to a lot of mistakes and I have gotten into a lot of trouble. But no matter where I am at, whenever I look at the mark on my hand or I think of Priskil, I get a sense that someone is looking out for me. Ever since she saved me from from taking my own life, I have always felt a sense of comfort and hope at the simple thought, and it helps me get through the day. I think this song does a good job of interpreting this hopeful and comfortable feeling.


The gods

My life have been a very difficult journey, as most people's have. I do not think about it often, but when I do, when something bad happens, it always appears to be some sort of major coincidence. When my wife died after our wedding, the day after my birthday, that seems strangely coincidental. When me and Kendhl were attacked by dogs when not one have I seen a dog in the pass, that was strangely coincidental. Whenever I get down to it and think about why it happens, I always come to the same conclusion that the gods are playing with me. Some of thing have helped me, such as Priskil and Leth and Laviku, which helps me think sometimes that this might not be the case, but I always have a feeling that they are just sitting up in the sky watching me, waiting for me to make a mistake so they can smite me for it. I don't like really having that feeling and I think this song displays that feeling very well, that at times I am uncomfortable about it, though obviously, not all the gods are bad.
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Gale McCenry

Postby Gale Austin McCenry on September 23rd, 2012, 1:36 am



Martin Maze


Relationship: Godson
Status: Alive

Name: Martin Maze
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Birthday: Fall 85th 513 AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Location: Zeltiva

Martin had come into Gale's life before the boy was even born. After Ricky and Telion were attacked by pirates wishing for revenge, they pronounced Gale to be the Godfather of Martin. He cherishes the title and takes pride in the job, but he didn't realize he would need it so soon.

When Ricky came down with an illness and needed to leave to Syliras for a healer, Martin was left in Gale's charge for an entire season. All the while, Gale got to know and care for the child in every way he could. He believes Martin is a very smart and curious boy, but he's as stubborn as an ox like his father and know exactly what he wants. In other words, Gale treats Martin almost as if he were his own, doing everything he can to look after the child. He loves the boy with all his heart, just like he does with his parents, and he cherishes every moments he spends with him.

Threads :
Title Date Summary
A Friendly Visitation 28th of Summer, 513 A.V. Gale, while visiting Ricky and Telion in the Infirmary, is offered the job as Godfather to their unborn son.
Godfather Godson Time 21st of Winter, 513 A.V. Gale and Ricky talk about hidden secretes while Gale gets to hold Martin for the first time.
So Close Yet So Far 80th of Spring, 514 A.V. Gale runs errands with Martin to get him the supplies he needs.


Traven Filk


Relationship: Father-in-law
Status: Alive

Name: Traven Filk
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'2
Birthday: 3rd of Fall, 443 A.V
Place of Birth: Syliras
Location: Zeltiva
Occupation: Wood Carver

Mr. Filk was born and raised withing a small family in Syliras. His Grandfather was an experienced trader and talented carpenter and made his living off of his work and those who saw it respected his talent. He passed down the trade to Traven's father who also passed it down to Traven and his brother. Traven helped his older brother run the shop and took on many responsibilities that made him the stern man he is today. He moved to Zeltiva after meeting his wife and started his own shop but with the same title. He never was as good as his father or brother, and never got much reputation for his work, but Traven continues to try his best to support the family he has left. He currently doesn't have much business and is seriously considering closing down the shop.

Unlike his older brother, Mr. Filk takes his responsibilities as a father and a shop keeper seriously and with an iron fist. He has no sense of humor, generally is very strict, and doesn't like change, but he only wants the best for his shop and his family. For this reason, he never liked Gale. With Gale's persistence in drawing, and what he thinks is a shady background, he didn't approve of Hana and Gale's relationship. Traven refused to help Gale in any way, including giving any sort of money or work. The most he's done for him was let him sleep at their house after Gale's mother died and had no place to stay. Though that was short lived and he was kicked out as soon as he had money to get a room at the World's End Grotto. Mr. Filk never approved of their wedding either. After Hana died shortly after their wedding, Traven blamed Gale for her death. Although his theories of why is never the same story twice, he insists that the artist was to blame, and hasn't talked to Gale since.

Skill EXP Proficiency
Carpentry 26 Competent
Intimidation 8 Novice
Leadership 6 Novice
Negotiation 5 Novice
Storytelling 5 Novice


Ceira Filk


Relationship: Mother-in-law
Status: Alive

Name: Ceira Filk
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7
Birthday: 89th of Winter, 444 A.V.
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Location: Zeltiva

Mrs. Filk was born and raised in Zeltiva. Her father was a simple lived fisherman who earned his wages by hard work out on the sea, catching fish and selling it at his stand. Ceira grew up being taught how to fish, prepare fish, cook fish, store fish, and even how to repair fishing supplies. Loving her parents and knowing how much they worked to keep their family together, she didn't mind sweating through the day to help out. She grew up knowing what hard work was and insisted that everyone she met would do the same. But like every bird, she flew from the nest and to Syliras , where she lived for a year, meeting Traven and convincing him to come back home to Zeltiva with her. After they did so, they spent their days running Mr. Filk's carpentry shop and looking after their two daughters.

Mrs. Filk is a heart working, determined woman who demanded that others put their backs into what they were doing. She frowned upon laziness and was always moving, refusing to lay about. Ceira always kept her girls active and working hard, Hana with dancing and learning how to play the flute, and Madoline with her persistence to become a doctor. She never liked Gale either, assuming that drawing and painting wasn't hard work and a job for a lazy, self centered mooch who would rather beg for their money from other people rather than having an honest day's work. Even those this dislike for Gale coursed through her, she isn't as hard on him as Traven. She was the one who was able to convince Traven to let Gale stay with them until he had enough money to pay for himself, but after the season was over and Gale had some money, she kicked him out herself. When Hana died, Mrs. Filk blamed Gale for not being able to protect their daughter, but unlike her husband, she knew that he loved Hana too much to be the one who caused it. However, she also refuses to help Gale in any way, and hasn't seen Gale since her daughter's death.

Skill EXP Proficiency
Fishing 26 Competent
Cooking 12 Novice
Food Preservation 7 Novice
Intimidation 5 Novice


Madoline Filk


Relationship: Sister-in-law
Status: Alive

Name: Madoline Filk
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5
Birthday: 32nd of Summer, 463 A.V.
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Location: Mura

Madoline has the hard working spirit and the determination of her mother, but managed to avoid her father's none-existent sense of humor. Being the older one of the two sisters, Madoline has taken care of Hana while her parents worked on the shop. Not that Madoline minded at all, for she dreamed to become a doctor in Mura. She made sure to take care of Hana and studied hard to learn the most she can about the medical field. Madoline left for Mura a year before Hana and Gale had married, and sent letters to her sister to keep her up to date.

Unlike the rest of the family, Madoline never hated nor loved Gale. Before she moved away, he was simply another one of Hana's friends. She never minded his presence but never took any particular interest in him or his work, and thus, never got involved with the conflict between her parents and Gale. It changed when Hana and Gale got married, and even though she wasn't there to show him her change of perspective, he could tell from the notes she sent Hana, having brief notes and shout outs to him. When Hana passed away and Gale sent her the news, he received no reply.

Skill EXP Proficiency
Medicine 20 Competent
Herbalism 15 Novice
Philtering 10 Novice
Teaching 5 Novice

Ricky Maze

Relationship: Great Friend
Status: Alive

Name: Ricky Maze
Nicknames: Richard
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Birthday: 15th of Summer, 486 A.V.
Occupation: Waveguard

Gale met Ricky by chance when he happened to be at the right place at the right time. Ricky's house had been destroyed during his travels and caught Gale's attention by throwing a fit. Although at first he thought it was hysterical, Ricky's dog Odis made him gain his composure and bring up a conversation. Few words were exchanged and thus, the relationship was set. Over the seasons, going through various hardships together, such as Odis' death, Gale's homelessness, Ricky's assault, and Kendhl's death, Ricky has become Gale's greatest friend.

Despite Gale's introverted and secluded nature, he could honestly say that he would tell Ricky anything he wanted to know and would do anything for him. Ricky has become like a brother to him, and just happens to be the only thing separating Gale from insanity. He can't imagine not meeting Ricky for he strongly believes that if he hadn't, he would no longer be walking along this world. He trusts Ricky with his life, and currently, that is where it is during the madness that started consuming him.

Threads :
Title Date Summary
The Broken Shell 56th of Fall, 512 AV; Morning Gale meets Ricky when Ricky throws a fit about having no home to come back home to.
When Turtles Rest 56th of Fall, 512 AV; Evening Gale bumps into Ricky at the World's End Grotto and they end up getting a bite to eat and chatting
Hopes in a Fountain 57th of Fall, 512 A.V. Gale and Runo find Ricky making a wish at the fountain and Ricky asks them to join him.
Farewell. Old Friend 60th of Fall, 512 A.V. Gale attends to Odis' funeral
Asking For Favours 2nd of Summer, 513 A.V. After getting kicked out of the Grotto, Ricky, quite literally, takes Gale home with him.
Surprise For a Guard 15th of Summer, 513 A.V. It's Ricky's birthday and Gale participates in the surprise for his good friend.
Revenge of the Three 26th of Summer, 513 A.V. The people who killed Odis come back for revenge, and Gale does his best to protect those Ricky cares about.
Beach Bonfire Bonanza68th of Summer, 513 A.V.When a stranger invites Gale to have a bonfire on the shoreline, Gale brings along Ricky so he has a familiar face to interact with.
Together We Stand 75th of Summer, 513 A.V. Gale is invited to see Ricky and Telion finally join together for better or for worse. Hopefully for the better.
Trail of Tears Summer, 513 A.V. ; Midnight After the attack in the pass, Gale makes his way home to Ricky's house where Ricky doesn't hesitate to take Gale to the infirmary
Alternate Roles 91st of Summer, 513 A.V. Gale is in for a long recovery once he was brought to the infirmary, so Ricky visits his friend to see how he is holding up.
Godfather Godson Time21st of Winter, 513 A.V. After attempting suicide and befriending Priskil, Ricky and Gale have a deep conversation about one another that makes their relationship all the more deeper.
You! 14th of Spring, 514 A.V. Gale is at the Kelp Bar again and a brawl breaks out. Again. However, Ricky is there as well and is determined to take care of his friends.
Breaking the Ice 72nd of Spring, 514 A.V. Ricky becomes the bearer of bad news when he gathers those he trusts and explains to them that he is going to die unless something can be done.
In Search for a Cure 75th of Spring, 514 A.V. Ricky and Telion are off to Syliras to try and rid of Ricky's illness. However, Gale has to stay behind and take care of Martin.
Reunion 80th of Summer, 514 A.V.After many sleepless nights and countless dirty diapers, Ricky finally returns home.


Kendhl Pilkvist

Relationship: Bondmate
Status: Deceased

Name: Kendhl Pilkvist
Nicknames: Bob
Race: Ghost
Gender: Female
Birthday: 30th of Spring, 508 A.V.
Time of Death: 89th of Summer, 513 A.V.
Place of Birth: Alvadas

Gale's meeting with Kendhl was like a slap to the face. Not only because she literally slapped him with a fish, but because of her bold attitude and instant affection towards him. With Gale being the pessimist and introvert he is, he wasn't particularly fond of the idea at first. But upon having a large bonfire party including several other people, Gale was extremely surprised when they bonded, like most other people. Shortly after their bonding, his secluded, pessimistic coat slowly started to shed. The love he felt for Kendhl seemed to heal the scars of his past slowly and give Gale the hoped he desperately needed.

But the scars were reopened when the two were attacked by a pack of wild dogs and she was killed. Gale was outraged by this fact and that his past was repeating. The hope he briefly had was shattered and the piece seem to be irreplaceable as he started to dig a hole into madness.

Threads :
Title Date Summary
Day At The Dogs 65th of Summer, 513 A.V. Kendhl and Gale meet for the first time because of a slap to the face by a fish.
Beach Bonfire Bonanza 68th of Summer, 513 A.V. Kendhl and Gale bond while at a bonfire party with some friends and a few strangers
I Hate Dogs 89th of Summer, 513 A.V. While out for a walk, Kendhl and Gale come across a hungry pack of dogs and they make a meal out of Kendhl.
Cairn of Lies 5th of Winter, 514 A.V. Gale, after a devastating two seasons after Kenny's death, decides to pay her grave a visit, only to find the ghost herself guarding it.
The Courage to Forgive 5th of Winter, 514 A.V. After Kenny ad Gale meet up at the Mirahil pass after Kenny's long absence, the go to the Quil's Rest to talk things over and catch up.
Where the Lines Overlap 30th of Winter, 514 A.V. Kenny meets Gale at the Kelp bar and end up in a huge argument


Ignotus Everto

Relationship: Nemesis
Status: Undead

Name: Ignotus Everto
Race: Nuit
Gender: Usually male
Birthday: 82nd Summer, 440 A.V.

Gale grew up as an only child with just his mother to take care of him. Although he never knew his father (with the exception of a childhood encounter in which neither of them knew of their relation) he didn't take it too harshly, but was always curious about the subject. He often asked his mother about why he never met him, but she was too tight lipped to say a word. Never spoke of his appearance, their meeting, not even looked longingly out the window for his return like all little kids would expect. As a result, Gale's mind had grown just as distant to the matter as his mother, always pushing the matter as far away from him as possible.

It was only recently that the matter was brought up again when Ignotus solved the mystery of their relationship. Having had convinced Gale to murder a sailor on Hana's behalf, he instantly rejected the idea, until he was proven wrong. He hated this fact, and doesn't speak of it to anyone. Nevertheless, no matter how much Gale grits his teeth, spits, and glares in Ignotus' general direction with hatred and bitterness, there is always a spot in his heart that is thankful to finally know about the aspect of his life that was always hidden from him. But if he could go back in time, he would ask his mother a few questions involving the word 'Why'.

Threads :
Title Date Summary
Love Burns 28th of Winter, 503 A.V. Ignotus plays super hero and helps Gale when a few love rivals come to pester him, both unknowing of their future together.
Remember Me? 84th of Summer, 512 A.V. Ignotus sees Gale again after the long years and uses Hana's death as a way to retrieve a new body without getting his hands dirty.
The Bloody Eye 1st of Fall, 512 A.V. Ignotus and Gale end up on the team to help investigate the murder of Sailor David.
Some Shyke About a Son 12th of Fall, 512 A.V. Iggy finally solves the puzzle and tells Gale that he is indeed his father.


Hana McCenry

Relationship: Wife
Status: Deceased

Married Name: Hana McCenry
Maiden Name: Hana Filk
Nicknames: Flower Girl
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 4'6
Birthday: 4th of Winter, 479 A.V.
Time of Death: 68th of Spring, 502 A.V. (23)
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Grave Location: Mirahil Pass

Hana was a quiet soul that never spoke out of turn. She made it her duty to be as polite as possible at all times. She enjoyed meeting new people and loved making other's smile and thus, she had great relationships with her friends and family. Hana was fascinated by other's talents and did as much as she could to help them improve, being enthusiastic about growth in the subjects you like and chasing your dreams. She grew to love the arts at an early age, whether it was dance, painting, music, or literature. Flowers especially gained her interest, and because of her obsession, she wished to become a Florist.

Hana met Gale on 84th of Summer, 492 AV. They became friends, and that soon grew to good friends. Over the years, their friendship only grew, and on Summer 81st, 501 A.V. they got engaged. The following season on the 32nd, the two spoke their vows and became a couple. However, the marriage didn't last long, for Hana died from an infected bat bite on 68th of Spring, 502 AV. Gale was still unsure of how the bat came around, but
was suggested by his father that a Kelvic bat was involved with a scheme to murder her. Gale currently believes the story.

Skill EXP Proficiency
Dance 30 Competent
Instrument: Flute 15 Novice
Drawing 5 Novice
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Gale McCenry

Postby Gale Austin McCenry on August 3rd, 2013, 1:44 am


Intro :
Eyes gazing out the window, a rather strange man sat on the window sill, watching the people passing up and down the street. They flickered back and forth, carefully observing each individual as they moved, on the lookout for one specifically. A hand was stuck in his pocket and the other supported him as he leaned on it within the window frame. A nearly fingerless hand was pulled out of his pockets and pulled away strand of curly, blonde locks from his face. But once he did, his green eyes clicked and locked onto an individual that was walking in his direction.

The man shuffled clumsily in his fancy, black shoes and long, black coat. He ruffled through a case of sorts as he walked, almost frantically searching it with one hand. The man in the window raised an eyebrow and a smirk, just shy of a smile peered on his lips.

The man removed himself from the window and walked briskly across the creaky floor over to a mirror, hanging lonely on an empty wall. The man straightened out his slouch, his hands grasped his green tunic and straightened it, tying the two strings that hung over his chest into a lose bow. Both his hands rose and ran through the wavy hair, getting caught briefly before being pulled through and dropping to his sides. He rolled his shoulders then stood still for a moment. His eyes stared at themselves for those few moments. But then he turned and headed towards a sturdy wooden door.

The blonde man grasped the door knob firmly and twisted it, allowing the wooden door to open, revealing a rather young man at the door. His arm was raised and his hand was shaped in a fist. His mouse like appearance beamed with shock, allowing his arm to fall back to his side.

“Welcome! You must be the interviewer. Come in, would you?”

The stranger babbled and stuttered on his own breath before frowning. But when the man stepped away from the door with a smile of sorts, the interviewer took a step through the threshold and into the small home.

“Please, have a seat.” The host guided his guest to a small, rather unique living room. There was a small couch in front of a small table. Across this couch was a small, cushioned, wooden chair that squeaked under pressure.

The blonde man moved around the table and took a seat upon the arm of the couch. The stranger hesitated to sit, first observing the furniture, and deciding to take a seat on the small wooden chair. It creaked under his small frame. “Would you like something to drink? I have water and…” The man’s voice trailed off as if in thought about what other beverage he had.

“Oh.” The interviewer said as if startled by the question, ” No thank you.”

The blonde man shrugged and a moment of silence fell upon the two men. The guest observed the rather plain room while the host sat in thought. After a few ticks, he crossed his legs and spoke, “It is nice to have you, though in all honesty, I am not entirely sure why this interview needs to take place.”

“Oh.” The mouse like man repeated and thought for a few ticks, ”It’s nothing, really. It’s a simple precaution, really.”

“Precaution?” The host’s eyebrow raised curiously. “Interesting.” Another silence fell over the two as the interviewer eyed the table in a fairly nervous manner. “In that case, shall we get started?”

“Oh, of course, of course.”

The Basics :
The interviewer took the case he carried off his lap and placed it on the table. He opened it and quickly rummaged through it, the rustling of papers making its way to the host’s ears. Not after long, the young man pulled out a rather small note book and a quill and placed them next to the case on the table. He rummaged through it once more but this time brought out a ink bottle. The blonde man raised an eyebrow curiously.

“I hope you don’t mind me writing down your replies?”

“No, not at all.” The man seemed too quick to reply, wiping his hand under his nose quickly.

The mouse like man nodded and took the notebook into his lap, dipping his quill in the ink bottle delicately and settling down in his chair. “The first few questions are rather basic but are required. I hope you don’t mind. “

“No, I understand.” His blue eyes watched the small quill scribble across the page for a second before the man finally started.

“What is your full name?”

“Gale McCenry.” The blonde man stated with a slight nod.

“G-a-l-e…” The stranger mouthed as he wrote. “Is that with a ‘K’?”

“A C, actually.”

The young man nodded and finished off writing his quick answer. “Do you have a nickname of after sort Mr. McCenry?”

“No, no nicknames.” He shook his head lightly.

“And how old are you?”

“I am thirty-three.”

“When is your birthday?” The stranger hadn’t looked up since he started writing.

“The 67th of Spring.”

The young man took a few ticks to write it down before clarifying, “Spring?”

“Yes.” Gale nodded once more.

“Do you know your current height, Mr. McCenry?” He said as he scribbled on his notepad.

“No, I do not.”

“Do you mind if I measure and see?”

“Uh.” The man blinked a few times, rather startled by the question,” Yeah, sure.”

The interviewer nodded and set his notepad on the table and dug into his case once more. He pulled out a small stick, about a foot long and stood up, looking at the blonde man for the first time since he started the interview. “ Can you stand up for me?”

“Oh, sure.” The man pushed himself off the arm of the couch and stood up.

The interviewer nodded and knelt down, placing the stick up against Gale’s leg. He straightened the stick so it was parallel with his leg before putting his finger on the blonde man’s shin where the stick ended. He picked up the stick and placed it against the man’s leg again, but this time starting from where his finger was. He did this several times, making the blonde man raise an eyebrow. He came up to his shoulders, which was slouched slightly and the interviewer gently nudged him to straighten out. With some hesitation, he did so and the young man continued with his last transition, the stick going a little less than half way past the crown of his head. The interviewer studied the stick there for a few ticks before letting his hand fall and returning to his seat. He started to scribble on his notepad again after dunking the quill in the ink again.

Gale returned to the couch and sat on the arm again, waiting several ticks before questioning, ”So how tall am I?”

“Hm?” The young man looked up for a second. “Oh. Five foot six inches.”

The man shrugged with a simple nod.

“Do you happen to know your weight?”

“Uh.” The blonde man thought. “About one hundred and twenty? Ish?” He stated.

The guest appeared to have huffed before writing down what was said.

The Aesthetics :
“So Mr. McCenry. How would you describe yourself?” He looked up from his notebook with a rather awkward stare.


“Any way you want.”

Gale blinked several times before looking down at the table in thought. “ Well, I suppose I see myself as an individual who has just as many goals and dreams like everyone else. “

The stranger took several ticks to copy this down. He raised his eyes and watched Gale for a few ticks as if expecting him to go on. But after a few more moments, he questioned,” How do others describe you?”

“How should I know?”

“Well, just try your best.”

The blonde man took a few moments to think. “I suppose as an individual.”

The interviewer stared for a few moments expectantly but sighing and writing down his answer. “Do you have a body feature you are typically fond of?”

“A body feature?” He furrowed his brow.

“Yes, a body feature. You know, like your hair or your eyes.” He waved the black quill as a sort of hand gesture.

“Uh.” He took another moment to think. “I would have to say my hands.”

“Your hands?” The guest sounded surprised. His eyes lifted from his notebook and down at the stubs on the stranger’s hands. “Do you have a particular reason why?”

“Um.” The host lifted his hand as if observing it for the first time. “I suppose I like them because they are able to do so much.”

“Uh-huh…” The young man muttered with a slow nod. He started to write his response down. “How physically fit are you, would you say?”

“Not very, I would think.” His hand reached up and scratched the side of his neck. “Considering my weight and all. I can carry something decent, though.”

“Like what?” The mouse like man inquired.

“I could take a fairly large pack of dogs and bring down a man probably twice my size.”

The man suddenly perked up in his seat, both eyebrows raised with surprise,” How do you manage to do that?”

“Common sense, I suppose. “

“So fighting dirty?”

“I would not say that exactly.” His eyes wondered to the wall behind the guest.

“You fight dirty.” The man stated, sounding more puzzled than before.

“Not really, I just do what I need to.”

“Yeah, yeah.” The young man sighed and leaned back in his chair, now almost slouching in disappointment.

“Well hey, how else am I supposed to do?” He eyed sternly, though with a hint of playfulness.

The stranger shrugged and looked back at the notepad. “How do you typically dress?”

“Typically?” He crossed his arms. “Well, I cannot say that I have a lot to choose from. But if I did, I would try to pick the most comfortable clothes I can. Plain would be preferred, but that is just me.”

The man nodded, ”Do you wear any sort of accessories or jewelry?”

“Does a backpack count?”

“I guess.”

“Then I usually wear my backpack. After all, it has most of my stuff in it.”

“You can keep most of your stuff inside your backpack?” The mouse like man raised an eyebrow.

“Well, important stuff, yeah.”

“Hmm.” The young man raised an eyebrow, and scribbling once more on his paper.

The Fam :
“Alright. Are your parents still alive by any chance?”

“One is.”

"Which one?"

"My father."

“Are either of them undead?”

“No. My mother is just dead and my father is just as alive as I am.” The man rubbed the back of his neck.

“I see.” The guest nodded slowly and quickly wrote a jot down. “I don’t suppose you have an siblings, would you?”

“No. I am an only child.” Gale’s hand fell from his neck and into his lap. “At least from what I know of. I suppose I could have some long lost sibling, though I highly doubt it.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, my mother was a prostitute of sorts. I was just raised alone.”

“Oh.” The mouse like man hesitated to write down his response but soon did so. “Do you know your extended family at all.”


“Do you mind telling me about them?”

“Sure.” The blonde uncrossed his legs and leaned back on the arm of the chair by leaning on his palm. “I have a few in-laws. My sister in law was alright, though we never really got a chance to get to know each other since she left for Muro when-“



“It’s Mura, actually…” The interviewer slouched slightly in his chair, almost embarrassed about his correction.

“Ah, Mura. Right. Well, she left for Mura to become a medical student or something of the like. My Parent in laws are rather stuck up and are really obsessed with work, honestly. I do not believe I know of anyone else. Not at the moment.”

“What would you say your relationship with your in laws would be?”

“Um.” The man thought for a moment. “They hate me. At least my parent in laws do.”

“Why do you say that?” The interviewer scooted himself up in his chair. “I’m sure the love you-“

“Ha!’ The blonde man bellowed a laugh. “Hahaha!”

The guest looked puzzled at the man. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing! Nothing at all. I just think it is humorous that someone who refuses you as family and consistently degrades you every time you see them could possibly love you is all.”

The mouse man’s eyes grew large. “Do they actually do that?”

“Yep.” He nodded, ”Every time I see them.”

“How often do you see them?”

“Oh, I do not see them anymore. We left each other alone a long time ago.”

“Oh… “ The young man slouched in his chair again, taking several ticks to write his notes down. “Does this mean you consider your friends closer or more important than family?”


“Oh please, don’t tell me you don’t have any friends either.” The interviewer scoffed.

“No, I do not. That is be-“

“Of course you have friends! Everyone has at least one friend. Don’t you have anyone you feel comfortable talking to?”

The blonde man blinked at the interviewer blankly. “Are you done?”

“Uh?” The interviewer stared at him with confusion. “I guess.”

“Because I was going to say that I do not have any friends because my only friends became my family.”

“How is that possible? Did you marry one of them?”

“One of them, yes. She became my wife.”

"Oh. What about any other friends?"

"I have a friend named Ricky who's married to Telion."

“Then how are you family?”

“They made me the Godfather of their child.”

“Well, that’s not technically family Mr. McC-“

“Why not?”

The young man looked startled at Gale’s sudden interruption. “W-Well, because that’s just an-“

“I do not see why it is not considered family. After all, people go about saying that their dog or cat is family.” The host’s face started to crinkle in frustration. “Why would a dog or a cat be considered family when it is just a pet when someone who you trust to take care of your children if something happens is not?”

The interviewer froze for several ticks. He quickly scribbled a few words down and then asked nervously, ”So does this mean you don’t like animals?”

“It depends on the animal.” He crossed his arms rather roughly.

“Well, what about cats?”

“I am allergic.”


“Horses are wild and untamable.”


“Birds are filthy and are accidents waiting to happen.”

“Well, what about dogs? You have to l-“

“Dogs are abominations on this planet. They are disturbing, filthy mongrels who only look after and care for themselves, and do anything they can to do so. They are preposterous beasts who should not even be considered an animal, but monsters that roam the streets and houses as if they own the land. This world would be a much better place if these ‘dogs’ no longer inhabited it.” The blonde mare glared furiously at his guest.

The mouse like man coward behind his notebook and quickly scribbled Gale’s answer onto the paper.

The Place :
In a meek voice, the young man stuttered, ”S-so, were you born here? M-Mr. McCenry?”

“Born where?”

“In Zeltiva.” He muttered.


“You obviously still live here…” The young man whispered to himself, refusing to look at the blonde man who stared at him and his little sketchbook. “If you could go anywhere, where would it be?”

“Why would I go anywhere? There is nothing wrong with Zeltiva.” He raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t know!” The man sat up with frustration. But after looking at the man’s angered face, he coward back into his seat. “Maybe a place you would like to visit or see?”

The host huffed and then thought for several ticks. “I do not know. Muro, I guess.”


“Mura. Whatever.” He waved his hand dismissively.

The interviewer took a tick to write it down and then continued. “Do you have a favourite place to spend your leisure time in? A place to relax perhaps?”

The man slipped off the arm of the couch and sat in the actual seat, leaning against the arm instead. “I suppose I have a few.”

“Like where?”

“Out in the pass. I use to go there all the time.”

“Do you not go there anymore?”

The blonde man looked at his nails and started picking at them with his thumb. “Not as often as I use to.”

“Why not?” He asked curiously.

“Do you not have any other questions?” He looked at him with a strange stare.

The mouse man slouched more in his seat. “Where do you fear to be?”

Gale looked back at his nails and took an extra few moments to think. “I do not know. The Fountain of Cascading Harmony I suppose.”

“The fountain? Why?”

“Because you make a wish.”

“What’s wrong with making a wish?”

“You do not know what is going to happen.”

The Phenotype :
The guest nodded slightly and jotted down his response. “So, I see you’re missing some fingers?”


“Do you have any other scars or marks?”

The man sighed, “Yes, I do. As you have mentioned, I am missing the last three fingers on my left hand. Also on my left hand, I have a semi-glowing vortex which is my gnosis from the Goddess Priskil. I-“

“You got noticed by the Goddess of Hope?” He asked with disbelief.

“Yes. She saved my life, actually. Now can I finished?”

“Oh, yes. Of course.” The man went back to scribbling on his notebook.

“On top of that, I have a Lucan just below my ribs-“

“Your wife died?”

The blonde man placed his hands over his face and sighed, shaking his head slowly.

“I’m sorry…” The guest said submissively.

“Yes, she died.” He muttered through his hands.

“Okay…” The young man sat there for a few ticks. “Is that all?”

“No. I have a large scar just above my knee on my right leg. It's why I limp when I walk.”

The mouse like man nodded and continued on. “I suppose your right handed?”


“You’re left handed?” The man asked quizzically.

“Yes, I am left handed.” Gale let his hands fall from his face.

The interviewer eyed his left hand, watching the stubs that protruded from it. “Left?... Handed?”

“Yes.” He glared. “I was not born like this you know.”

The man nodded slowly once more and went on. “Do you know any other languages besides Common?”

“Not very well, but yes. I know some basic phrases and sayings in Vani and I know how to curse in Nari as well as how to say yes and no.”

“Do you have an accent?”

“I would not say so, but some people would disagree.”

“Care to explain?”

“Well, if you could not tell, I do not say conjunctions very often, and some people consider that an accent in a way.”

“Why not?”

“I believe that conjunctions degrade what you are trying to say. It makes it sound less important, and when I talk to someone, I want them to listen as if it is something important.”

“I see.” He nodded. Gale merely shrugged. “So, besides that, do you have any odd habits or mannerisms that people usually take notice of?”

“I have quite a few, actually. Do you want me to list them all?”

“If you can.”

“Alright.” The blonde man adjusted himself in his seat. “I am allergic to cats, I do not call anyone by their nicknames, I spill almost everything I pour-“

“Oh, really? Do you use your left hand?” The interviewer chuckled, smiling slightly.

The host rolled his eyes with a smile of his own,” No, I do not normally. I do not know why, but I just do.”

“Heh. Alright, go on.”

“Okay. I do not like spicy food, I tend to sit on the arms of chairs and couches rather than the actual seat, and I have horrible hand writing.

“Wait, weren't you an artist?”

“Yes.” The man nodded with a slight chuckle. “I know, it is a little strange.”

The interviewer sat up in his chair with another chuckle. “Alright. Do you want any tattoos or piercings of any sort?”

“Oh, no, no. Definitely not.” He shook his head vigorously.

“Well, why not?”

“Tattoos just sound painful. Plus, you cannot ever get rid of them. I do not want to get something I will regret later, you know? As for piercings, those are just goddess awful. Why would anyone want anything sticking out of their ear or nose?” The man shuddered. “It is just not for me.”

“Well, if there any circumstance at all when you would get one?”

“N- Well…” His eyes wondered for a moment,” I suppose. If someone was in danger and the only way to save them was to get a tattoo or a piercing I would get one. If I lost my gnosis then I would probably get a tattoo of what it looked like.” He shrugged.

“Jeez. Losing a gnosis from the Goddess of Hope? That… would be depressing.”

“Ha! No kidding!” Gale laughed.

The Job :
“So, Mr. McCenry. I understand that you use to be a freelance artist, no?”

“Yes, I was.”

“What is your current job?”

“I'm currently a Courier.“

"A Courier? Interesting."

"I suppose."

The interviewer smirked,” Do you like your job?”

The blonde man glared,” A job is a job I suppose, but I do like it more than other jobs I've had.”

"Does that include being an artist?"

"No, I wouldn't say that."

“Alright. What is your dream job then?”

“I want to be an artist again.”


“Yes. If I could, I would.”

The interviewer nodded and went on writing. “Alright. What job do you admire most?”

“Does it have to be a paying job?”

“Let’s say yes.”

“Hm.” The blonde man sat back in thought. “I would say something that usually gets frowned upon. Like garbage men an-“

“Garbage men?”

"Yes, Garbage men."

"You admire garbage men?"

"Okay, not necisserily admire, more of respect. It's not exactly an easy job but someone has to do it, so I respect that."

"If you don't admire them then what job do you admire?"

The blonde thought for a moment. " I think I admire the Waveguard then. Putting your life on the line to protect the city is a very admirable job."

The man nodded, scribbling the note down. “What job do you least like?”

“Hm.” A finger tapped his chin. “I suppose a job that does not have an practical use. Like it is not really a job.”

"Do you have an example?"

The man went into thought again, his jaw gnawing on his inner cheek. "I think Fortune Tellers would be one."

"Why do you think that?"

"Well, Fortune telling is just a big trick into getting people's money, really. Anyone can pretend to use a few cards or bones to tell your so called future, and it's not like the world would crumble without them. It's just not a very practical job.

The Youngster :
The guest nodded and flipped his notebook to a new page and continued on with the interview. “Alright. What sort of child were you, Mr. McCenry?”

The man sat there in thought for a few ticks. “Can you explain?”

“Well.” He shrugged,” Were you active as a kid? Quiet?”

The man shook his head. “No, I would say neither. As much as I tried, I couldn't.”

“Tried what?”

“Tried to be quiet.”

“So you were talkative?”

“Oh, no. Not at all.”

“Then what do you mean?”

“When I was a child, I tried to be a part of the other students and kids around town. Though, I was rather quiet, compared to the other children, because I did not have many friends. This took to a series of unfortunate events that got me involved in a rather rough group of kids.”

“So you were bullied?”

“I would not say that exactly. That implies that they went out of their way to beat me.”

“What do you mean by rough?”

“Well, they let me join their group of friends, but only if I did what they told me to. A lot of the time what they told me to do was not exactly the nicest thing.”

“I see.” He nodded. “What was your worst memory when being a child?”

“I would have to say when I was chase by horses.”

“How did that happen?”

“Well, I was with the boys and a horse carriage or a caravan of some sort was making its way around town. They told me to unhook the horses from the carriage. So, when it stopped, I snuck behind the horses and unhooked it. I returned to the boys, though, when the horses started to move again, the carriage front hit the ground and startled the horses and the started to run down the street towards us. So, we all ended up running down the street with the horses chasing us until we went into an alley to avoid them.”

“Oh dear, that sounds terrible.”

“Yeah.” He nodded.

“Well, you have good memories too, right? What was your favourite memory?”

“When I met Hana.”

“Who’s Hana?”

“Hana Filk was the girl I liked.”

“Aw, how sweet.”

“Yes, yes, I know.”

The young man went on to writing in his book and continued,” So, you mentioned that your father is undead. Did you get along with your parents at all?”

“I did not know my father when I was a child. As a matter of fact, I did not meet him until recently. I do not say that we get along well, though, we never really see each other anyway. As for my mother, I would say it was an average relationship. She did her job as a mother and made sure I was safe from any immediate danger, though she never went far beyond that.”

“So your parents weren't your rolemodels exactly?”


“Who was?”

“Hana. She was a very polite girl and she always knew what to do. I was older than her, though I looked up to her because of that.”

“You sure it wasn’t because you liked her?”

“I liked her because of that.”


The Knowledge :
“You mentioned trying to fit in with other students and kids in the city. What sort of education do you have?”

“A pretty basic one. Much like any other kid in the city who could afford such.” He took a sip from his water.

“Do you like learning?”

“Of course. I love learning. I just wish the things I learn today were like the things I learned back then.”

The mouse like man looked up. “What do you mean?”

“Well, back then, the things you learn were things like what you like to do, things you can do well. Now, the things I learn are how I handle death, what attempting suicide is like, and how to talk to friends who are in pain.”

The young man stared. “That’s a little dark, don’t you think.”

“Yes, it is. But that is just how it is.”

The interviewer slowly went back to writing. “Where do you typically learn about what you’re good at?”

“Do you mean how?”


“By my experiences, typically. I learned how to draw at school and I just picked it up. I did not know I liked walking until Hana told me I should go for a walk to relieve some stress. Now I walk whenever I am stressed. I do not really know how else one would learn a skill.”

“Yeah, I can understand that.“ He nodded. “How do you learn best? By book? A tutor?”

“Just practice. Repetition. Instructors may be able to help you learn the basics of a skill but they cannot make you any better at it. You just have to do it.”

The interviewer nodded again. “Do you have any educational goals for the future?”

“Besides naturally learning? No.”

The Connections :
“Okay. Do you form close bonds with people?”

“No. Not often.”

“Why not?”

The blonde man shifted in his seat to cross his legs and place his hands in his lap. “I do not form close bonds with many people because most people are not interested in forming a bond. And the people who do usually end up passing away somehow.”

“That’s a little harsh.”

“It might be, but that is just how I see it.”

The young man nodded once more. “So, does this mean you don’t trust people either?”

“With what?”

“Erm.” The mouse like man looked surprised. “I guess with things you would trust a friend with?”

“No. I do not trust people who are not interested in forming a relationship or bond with me or my friends.”

He scribbled down in his notes. “Okay. You aren't gay or bi, are you?”

“No, I am straight.”

“I’m sure you've kissed before. Can you describe your first time?”

“Excuse me?”

“Kiss? Can you describe your first time kissing someone?”

“Uh.” The blonde man looked confused, running a hand through his hair. “I guess it was… alright, but why do you need to know?”

“Just a small bit of information we need is all. Don’t worry, we won’t use anything against you in any way.”


“You've had sex before, too, yes? Can you describe your first-“

“What type of interview is this?”

“I told you. It’s just a precaution. We won’t be telling anyone anything you say, so it’s safe.”

The blonde man glared with confusion. “But why do you need to know that? That makes no sense.”

“Mr. McCenry, can you just answer?” The young man plopped the notebook in his hand.

Rolling his eyes, the blonde man thought with frustration,” It was passionate- but I do not see any logical use for this information.”

The man’s lips slowly started to curl with a smile. “Who was it with?”

“Hana.” He glared. “You are making fun with me?”

“No! No! I swear, I’m not! It’s an actual question!”

“Pfft.” He rolled his eyes. “Can we just move on?”


The Drinking :
“Thank you.” Gale said, rolling his eyes.

“Alright. Have you ever been drunk?”

“ Yes.”

“Can you descri-“

“Do you want me to describe everything I've done?!”

“No, no! That’s the last one! I swear!”

With a glare, Gale answered,” It was numbing. I tripped and busted my lip but it did not hurt.”

The mouse like man nodded. “Do you drink on a regular basis?”

“Pretty regularly, yeah.” He took a sip of his water.

“What type of alcohol do you prefer?”

“Kelp Beer, of course. It’s cheap and it tastes good. Unlike those silly, bitter wines I see some people drinking.”

The man’s face cringed in a manner of disgust. “O-okay.” He hesitantly wrote it down.

“Have you tried any other types of drugs?”

“No, I have not.”

“What do you think of drugs and alcohol in general?”

The blonde man uncrossed his legs. “I think they are necessary in a way. “

“Can you explain?”

“Well, everyone has one of those days where you feel like you are going to explode. For me, that happened to be most days, especially after a death. If I did not drink I think I would be long gone.”

“You don’t handle death well do you?”

“No. I do not think anyone does.”

The Pros and Cons :
“Do you have any other activities you do on a daily basis? Or possibly to relieve stress?”

“I use to draw.” He shrugged. “I still kind of do, but not as much as I use to. Now I walk, mainly. I have always walked.”

With a nod, the young man looked up at the blonde man,” Do you like to read?”

“Read? Read what?”

“I don’t know. Things at the library?”

“It depends on what it is.”

“Well, what types of things do you like reading about?”

“I do not know. I do not read often.”

The interviewer looked at the man with a face that would have gone hand and hand with a scoff. “What annoys you?”

“That is a long list.”

“Okay, what is your biggest pet peeve?”

“That is still a long list.” He shifted in his seat again.

“Okay, pick your top three, then.”

The host’s face contorted into one of thought. “I really hate it when people assume that I am one type of person. Like, they label me into this group of people. I also hate it when people get mad and complain when I get mad when they are the reason I am mad. Oh, and dogs. “

“Dogs? Dogs are one of your biggest pet peeves?”


“Right. They are abominations…” Gale nodded firmly. “ But you mentioned you walk to relieve stress, no?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Do you do anything else to relieve stress?”

“Um. I cannot say that I do.”

“Hm.” The young man shrugged. “Okay. What types of things embarrass you?”

“Probably just the typical stuff. “

“Typical stuff?”

“Yeah. Things that everyone would be embarrassed over. “

“Okay, but what’s something that’s not typical you would be embarrassed over?”

“I do not know. Confessing my past, I guess.”

“Alright.” He nodded again, jotting things down in his book.

The Favs :
“Going back to some basic questions, what is your favourite color?”

“Pink.” He said all too quickly.

“Pink?” The young man looked up. “Pink pink?”


“Like flower pink?”

“Yes. Is there something wrong with that?”

The mouse man blinked a few times. “No, no! Of course not.” He shook his head. “Um, what’s your favourite time of the day?”

“The mornings.”

“What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?”

“Hm…” Gale though, leaning on his hand again. “ Martin.” He said after a while.

“Martin? Who is Martin?”

“He’s my Godson.”

The interviewer nodded,” Okay. I can understand that. “

“Do you?”

“Sure.” The blonde man looked at him quizzically,” Anyway, what is your favourite thing to eat?”

“Zeltivan fish.” He said confidently.

“Least favourite?”

“Anything spicy.”

“You really don’t like spicy foods, do you?”

“Nope. I cannot stand spicy.”

“Not many can. What type of weather do you like?”

“Well, I like all types of weather really. “

“Do you have a favourite?”

“I do not know.” He thought for a moment. “I like thunder storms.”

“Oh? Why?”

“I do not know. I like the sound of thunder I guess.”

“Huh.” The guest thought. “Does any type of weather scare you?”

“I would not say that weather scares me. Just the results of such.”

“So none?”

“None that I have experienced, no.”[/ spoiler]

[spoiler=The Perspective]

“Alright.” He finished up his note. “Would you cons-“

“I thought you said it was almost over?” The blonde man interrupted .

“It is. We only have a few more sections to go.” The mouse man looked at him puzzled.

“A few sections?”

“Yeah. There is only a few questions in each. We’ll be done in a few chimes, I promise.”

“Okay…” Gale sighed.

“Would you consider yourself optimistic or-“

“Pessimistic. As much as I try to look on the bright side, I am definitely pessimistic.”

“I see.” He stated with a rather bland tone. “Are you religious?”

“Not very. I have a gnosis from Priskil so I suppose you can say that I follow her, but I do not know much about many of the gods.”

Again, the interviewer nodded. “Would you be able to kill someone?”

“Yes.” He said without hesitation.

The guest blinked a few moments because of this but moved on. “What are your views on sex?”


“It’s not ‘again’. I’m merely asking how you feel about the subject.”

With a huff, the man replied,” I believe it is one of those things that is really circumstantial. If you are not trying for a baby or if you do not love the person then typically it is a bad thing.”

“Does that go for prostitutes as well?” The man glared angrily. The guest raised his hands,” I’m not making fun! I swear! It’s an honest question.”

The blonde man thought for a moment,” It depends. If they need the job in order to keep their house or take care of their family then I do not see what is wrong with that. But as soon as it is unnecessary, then it is no longer right.”

“Okay then.” He wrote and put a distinct dot on the page. “What makes a life successful in your eyes, Mr. McCenry?”

The man sat there for several ticks in thought. He crossed his legs and starred at the table. “I do not believe there is such thing as a successful life.”

“Why not?”

“Because you cannot win life. You can be successful in things within your life, but life is not something that can be won or succeeded. You simply do what you can with it and do what you can for others.”

“That’s interesting…” The mouse like man muttered.

The Memories :
“So what have you done in your life, Mr. McCenry? What’s the best thing you’ve done?”

After another few moment, the blonde man responded. “Keeping Telion safe when pirates wanted her dead. That is about the only thing I have done right…”

“Oh…” The young man frowned. “Well, that’s a very honourable thing, you can be proud of that, right?”

“Yeah, of course.” He continued to stared at the table and almost waved his and dismissively.

“What was the worst thing you’ve done?”

It didn’t seem to take too long for him to think of his answer. “Not staying with Kendhl when the dogs attacked her…”

“Who’s Kendhl?” The guest asked quietly.

“My bondmate.”

“Oh. Well, I’m sure she understands-“

“She is dead.”

“Oh…”The young man stared at the table. “Well… If you could change something in your past, is that what you would change?”

The man simply nodded then looked at his nails again.

“Well, I’m sure you’ve done lots of things you can be proud of too. Right?”

“Let me guess, you want to know what I am most proud of?”


Looking away from his nails, the man leaned forward in his seat, his elbows on his knees. “The thing I am most proud of if the fact that I have not died yet.”

The interviewer looked at him puzzled. “Well what happened to saving Telion?”

The Inside :
“What about it?”

“N-Nothing…” He shook his head. “ How honest are you about your feelings with others?”

“I would say pretty dang honest. I do not see why I would hold how I feel back. If you make me mad, then I will let you know that I am mad. It is not like I can hide what I feel anyway.”

“Good point.” The interviewer nodded. “Are you bias towards certain things or people?”

“Yes. I am sure everyone is in one way or another.”

“Like what?”

“Well, I hate people with dogs.”

“Alright…” He quickly scribbled it down. “What makes you happy?”

“My family.” The blonde man leaned back in his chair.

“Would you say you would die for them?”

“Of course!” He exclaimed. “I would die a thousand deaths for them, and they know that.”

The guest watched, startled before asking,” Is there anything else you would die for?”

“Um… no. I cannot say I would.”

“Okay.” He wrote away. “What’s something that makes you really angry?”

“That is different than what makes me annoyed?”


“Death.” He said with a flat tone.

“Death? Okay…” The man huffed and wrote his response down.

The Situations :
“So Mr. McCenry. In general, how do you treat others?”

“It depends. I treat them the way that they deserve to be treated.”

“Okay. Who is the most important person in your life?”

The man appeared to have taken more time than usual think about his answer. But once he was ready, he placed his arm on the arm of the couch,” Martin.”


“I believe Martin is the most important person in my life because Richard and Telion gave me the responsibility to take care of him if anything happened to them. I love all three of them, but because of that responsibility, I am going to have to say Martin.”

“So Richard and Telion is the parents of Martin?”


“Do you have a significant other?”

“No, not at the moment.”

“But you mentioned you had a wife and a bondmate, yes?”

“That is correct.” The blonde man nodded.

The interviewer took a tick to write his response down. “Who is the perfect woman then, Mr. McCenry?”

“The perfect woman?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Yes. Let’s say your dream woman.”

“Uh.” He took a few moments to think. “ I suppose a woman who is responsible. Someone who can take what I have done and move past it and someone who knows how to handle themselves well. Oh! And wants to have kids.” He quickly added.

“Kids? You want kids?”

“I do.” He nodded with a smile and a chuckle.

“So a responsible, understanding woman who wants kids?”

“Yep. That just about sums it up.”

The two chuckled for a moment. “That’s not very specific, you know.”

“Why does it have to? I do not want to rule out someone because they do not fit perfectly within my guidelines.”

“So, what if she didn’t want kids?”

“Oh…” He started to chuckle again. “I do not know. If she does not want kids then maybe she is not the one.”

“So is that your one guideline that she has to pass?”

“Sure, I suppose.” He rolled his eyes with another chuckle.

“Alright.” The interviewer smiled, quickly jotting down the answer. “Do you trust anyone to protect you?”



“Because I am sure Richard would do anything for me, just like I would him.”

“Is there anyone else who would do the same?”

“I suppose Telion would but that is a little different.”

“Why? Because she is a woman?”

“I suppose.” He chuckled again. “I mean, sure, I would trust her, but when it comes to being in immediate danger, such as someone wanting to kill me, I would feel much safer with Richard on top of it. Not that I do not want Telion’s help though.”

“Aaaaah, I see. You’re scared she’s not strong enough to protect you?”

The blonde shrugged,” She can prove me wrong if she wants, but yes.”

The guest nodded slowly,” Okay. I can understand that.”

The Circumstances :
“When it comes to group situations, do you tend to argue with people or would you rather avoid any conflict?”

“Well, conflict and arguing is different. I argue with people all the time. People just manage to tick me off. But I never want to get in any sort of physical fight. Whenever I am in the Kelp Bar, I find myself always trying to stop the fights there.”

“And do you stop them?”


They both laughed. “I can only imagine why.” He shook his head. “No, do you take the leadership role if an opportunity arises? It sounds like you do.”

“Oh, no, no, no. Not at all. I do not like being in charge, for when I am in charge, I usually end up making a bad decision. You see, I really do not like peer pressure, so being the leader in something is just not for me.”

“I get it. Do you not like interacting with large groups of people then?”

“No, I like being in groups. I just do not like talking with large groups. I do not mind talking to one or two people within a large group, but that is about it. I do not do groups well.”

“Okay. Do you care what other’s think of you? You talked about peer pressure before.”

“Only if it is someone close. I do not want people I know thinking wrongly of me. But if it is a stranger and they cannot accept me for who I am, then that is there problem. Why should I have to worry about it?”

“You have a point.” He waved his quill a bit before continuing writing.

The Image :
“So Mr. McCenry. What is your greatest strength as a person. It can be anything.”

The blonde man sat there and huffed slowly. He scratched his head before finally saying,” I suppose I will have to say my connections with Richard, Telion, and Martin.”

“Care to explain?”

“Well, a lot of people find the traits I have undesirable. I mean, who wants to be friends with a pessimistic guy who argues with people, you know? But being such close friends with Richard and them that I can consider them family, that is something I believe most people do not have, and I believe that is my strongest attribute.”

“What is your greatest weakness?”

“My moodiness.” He nodded.

The interviewer chuckled almost hysterically. “Yeah, no kidding.”

Gale laughed,” I know, I know. I get it.”

“So, Mr. McCenry. On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being extroverted and 1 being introverted, how social are you?”



“Yep. I am more of a watcher. I do not talk much unless I have to.”

“I see now why you don’t like being a leader.” He chuckled. “So, are you a fairly organized person?”

“Considering I do not have much stuff to mess up, yes. As organized and neat as you can be when you are carrying charcoal with you.”

The Beliefs :
“This may seem like a redundant question, considering you technically answered it earlier, but what god or goddess do you find most appealing?”

“Of course Priskil.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Do you fear any gods or goddess’?”



“You heard me.”

“You’re scared of Priskil? But she favours you?”

“Yeah. That is what scares me.”

“What do you mean?”

“She favours me. That means I have to be on my best behavior. If I am not then she could do what she wants. She could take my gnosis away, heck, she could turn it into a negative if she wanted.”

“I don’t think Priskil has a negative mark.”


The young man blinked. ”I see what you mean. How did you get Priskil’s mark then?”

“I attempted suicide, actually.”


“Yeah. After Kendhl died, I jumped off the docks because I could not swim. Right before I blacked out, I felt someone grab me. When I woke up, Priskil was sitting next to me in the sand. We talked for several chimes before she told me who she was and asked me to be her friend. Of course, I accepted.”

“I see. How far would you go to please Priskil?”

“I do not know. I do not even know exactly what she wants me to do. I suppose spread hope? Not be such a downer? Protect people against Sagallious followers?”

“I’m sure she has more plans for you than that.”

The host shrugged,” I suppose. I suppose as long as it was not to murder someone or to leave Richard and them behind or anything I would not mind doing it. Though, again, I would have to know what she wants me to do.”

The Lightness and Darkness :
“Alright Mr. McCenry, last set of questions.”

“Thank Ssena. This must be the longest interview in Mizahar.”

“It’s not that long… But anyway, what do you absolutely live for?” The blonde man stared at the interviewer blankly for a long few ticks. “Well?”

“I am not sure what you mean.”

“How could you not know what I mean? What do you live for? Why don’t you just go jump off the docks again?”

The blonde man looked away from the mouse like man and stared at the table. “I do not know...“ He muttered. He took several moments after this, even a few chimes to think. Finally, he broke the silence,” For hope.”



In a fairly soft tone, the guest questioned,” Can you elaborate?”

Continuing to look at the table, Gale explained,” The only reason why I stick around is because Hope. Hope that my friends bring me and Hope that I somehow bring to others. Hope of things getting better. If I did not have that, I do not know how I would survive.”

The interviewer simply nodded and scribbled quietly for a few ticks. “So, what is the best part of life then?”

“The moment when things do get better.”
He scribbled some more. “What about death? What is the best part about death?”

“ It depends. The best part for the one who dies or for everyone else?”

“For everyone else.”

With a soft, slow breath, the blonde man sat still and quiet for a few more moments. “I do not believe there is a best part to death. If there is, I certainly cannot see it.”

The mouse like man simply nodded. “If you could choose how you died, how would you want to go?”

“Alone.” He said quickly, unlike his previous responses.

“Alone?” The man responded, startled. “Why?”

“So no one would have to watch.” He shifted in his chair slightly so he could cross his legs the other way. “Watching someone die does something to you that I would not wish for anyone to experience. If I am going to die, I want the satisfaction of knowing that no one was watching.”

The guest looked at the man for a few ticks before hesitantly writing down the answer. He then asked his final question. “What do you think you would be remembered for after you die?”

The host sighed again, once again thrown into thought. “I do not think I will be remembered.”

“Not at all? What about Richard and Telion?”

“Yeah, they would remember me likely. Maybe Martin. But once they are gone, I think that my name would be nothing more than a grain of sand in the wind.”

The Outro :
The interviewer stared at the man for several chimes. Nothing moved for such time, not even a breeze. But the guest finally closed his notebook and said,” Well, that was the last question I had.” There was a delayed response, but the blonde man looked over and smiled softly. The young man stood up from his chair and picked up his case. He nodded to the man in front of him, “I appreciate you finishing the interview Mr. McCenry.”

“Sure, no problem. “ The host nodded in return, standing up himself. “If you need anything else for your ‘precaution’ then do not hesitate to come back.” The two men headed for the door, and the host opened the door and stepped to the side for his guest to exit.

“Thank you again.” The mouse like man said with a tip of his head as he headed out the door.

“Anytime.” Gale smiled before closing the door.

The young man headed down the street, carrying his case at his side while the blonde man went back to the couch to sit down. The mouse like man made his way between the people and turned down the nearest alley, meeting a figure in the shadow of the two buildings.

A woman peered out, approaching the man nervously. “Did he answer my question?” She fidgeted with her hands.

“I don’t know. See for yourself.” The young man held out his notebook.
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