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Date of birth508 AV (aged 15)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitlePolar Bear Guard
Wilderness Survival15
Weapon (Sword)10
Gnosis marks

Jaiun is an Kelvic polar bear and Ice Reaver who is a current member of the Icewatch. After Kalgar, his mentor, was tragically slain protecting Jaiun, the bear devoted his life to spreading Kalgar's message of peace and order by doing his best as his job as one of Avanthal's protectors.

Physical Description

Jaiun's human form is tall and toned, with the compact build of a runner. Pale of skin yet dark of eye, Jaiun often sticks out among the darker-haired Vantha, especially since his short, buzzed hair is a vibrant blond. His skin is unblemished except for one part, the inside of his right forearm; on it, a sparkling blue snowflake, the mark of Morwen, glows. A raw intelligence lies, half-concealed, within the murky depths of Jaiun's eyes, as well as a ferocity that is apparent to all who approach him- many have been known to feel uneasy and perhaps a bit intimidated in Jaiun's presence. He is aware of this and, if he likes the person, will try to ease their uneasiness with one of his rare smiles.

While his appearance is odd for Avanthal, Jaiun by no means looks anything but human. Even among his fellow Dire Polar Bears, Jaiun has a humanish look to him- from a distance. If you get close enough, you will begin to notice clues to his bestial side. The easiest one to see is when Jaiun shows his teeth; they are not normal human teeth, but that of a bear, sharp and pointy. His eyes, a stunningly dark blue, have been known to seem black as a bear's eye in the right light- fitting, given Jaiun is a polar bear.

In his Kelvic form, Jaiun is an overlarge polar bear- one of the fabled Dire Polar Bears that make up Avanthal's Icewatch. Large enough to carry two or three regular-sized Vantha on his back, Jaiun's polar bear form is monstrously muscled beneath that thick, shaggy white fur, enough to rend a man in two. The mark of Morwen in found in the same place- the inside of his right forearm, though it's pearly blue sheen is dimmed by the shaggy white fur surrounding it. Dark eyes, filled with a keen intelligence, lie above a dark muzzle filled with tough teeth- all in all, quite a ferocious form.


Jaiun was one Dire Polar Bear among many born into the Icewatch Barracks in the year of 505 AV, just one more Kelvic destined to be a member of the Icewatch. He was moderately skilled at it, sure; but nothing more than that. He was one more young face among those of the other Kelvics, for the teachers of the Polar Bear Guards: for most of them, at least. One bear, a grizzled old teacher named Kalgar, took interest in the young Jaiun.

Under Kalgar's tutelage, Jaiun grew to be a fierce bear, proud and great, the best of his year. Kalgar taught Jaiun to be strong, helping hm get over his parents' death when Jaiun was half a year old. In time, Jaiun grew to respect Kalgar as a father, but, unfortunately, this would all fall at apart a year after Jaiun's father's death.

Kalgar died suddenly and tragically, slain by an unknown assaliant, and worst, it happened right in front of Jaiun's eyes. While in one of their last classes together (in both ways), the pair ventured out into the Northern Reaches, on a tracking mission. While following the trail of a deer, the polar bears came upon the campsite of a man, a criminal...and a cannibal, roasting a human arm over a fire. When he caught sight of them, the man jumped up and attacked, Jaiun specifically, spewing fire reimancy at him. Kalgar threw himself in front of the flames, shielding Jaiun; instantly, the young bear leaped to protect his mentor, striking the man across his face. He thought he killed the assailant and turned to help his mentor, but when he turned to him, he saw only his mentor's body, burned, lying still on the ground. The fierce grizzledness, the vigor, that had once inhabited Kalgar's eyes, was now gone, to be replaced only be unseeingness. And even worse, the man who killed Kalgar managed to survive Jaiun's blow and escape while Jaiun was tending to his fallen master.

Kalgar's death hit Jaiun hard. This bear- the one he looked up to- had given up his life so Jaiun might live, and he never forgot that. Jaiun threw himself into his work, training hard and furiously to become the best bear he could ever be. He felt that was what Kalgar would want; for Jaiun to become a strong bear and devote himself to the Icewatch in order to live up to his mentor's sacrifice. He began to feel impatient to become one, though an encounter early in life with Morwen helped deal with that, as well as gave Jaiun the first mark of her Gnosis, Ice Reaving.

Time passed, and Jaiun became more and more like a Polar Bear guard each day. He became powerful of limb and keen of eye. He seemed the epitome of a quintessential polar bear, but for one thing; he has not taken a mate. The bondmate, the connection between Vantha partners and their bear mounts, was a traditionally accepted idea of the Icewatch, but Jaiun never took one. Perhaps it is because he feels unworthy of one, still trying to make worthy Kalgar's sacrifice; perhaps he feels taking a mate who would do him do so would dilute such a thing, but, to this day, nobody for sure truly knows.

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