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Jillene Ironside

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Jillene Ironside
Date of birth44th of Summer 345 AV
Place of birthSunberth
TitleInkeeper/Orphan Mother/Mama
Blind Fighting32

Five foot tall and as intimidating as a six-foot brawler, Jillene Ironside is the new proprietor of the Sunset Quarters Orphanage since the blaze engulfed so many lives and structures in the Sunset Quarters.


It was impossible for anybody to get over the fire that ravaged the orphanage easily, but even more difficulty did people get over losing Calyn "Knower" and accepting her unknown replacement, Jillene. There's not much known about her, except that she's blind and strict on the kids. Though she's not cruel or harsh, she does enforce a rigorous and slackless set of rules the kids must follow. Unlike Calyn, Jillene will toss them out into the streets if they refuse her demands, so those that need her have no choice but to accept her and her requests.

She has a growing bone to pick with Pate Wormhand, also known as "Orphan King" who is well known for selling drugs to some orphans as well as getting them to do illegal deeds for him. The building mainly used as an orphanage for little ones, she also rents out rooms on the third floor for those that prove to be of use to the orphanage without bringing or causing more trouble than they already have, as well as pay rent on time and not minding sharing a building with orphans. Anyone who decides to bring harm or cause trouble for the orphans or orphanage, or decides to skip out on rent receive a mouthful from her and then put out on the street. She is known to walk through the building making clicking sounds as she moves to avoid obstacles that block her path as if she could see. She also has impeccable hearing and sense of smell. For any traveling outside the orphanage, she requires a guide usually an orphan.