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Date of birth511 AV (aged 12)
Place of birthSyliras
Unarmed Combat26


Physical Description

In her human form, Firenze can be rather intimidating at her height of 5'11". Her hair is long and blonde with underlying browns and tends to be more wild than not. She has unusually golden eyes with flecks of yellow, with vision that is better at night than during the day. Her body is a slender 120 lbs but can sometimes have a look of malnutrition if having gone too long without eating due to a high metabolism. She has a sharp jawline and high cheekbones with soft full lips and a small straight nose. A long slender neck meets squared shoulders, a curvy physique and long legs. A few small scars adorn her right hand that can be seen in both forms from trying to play with a particularly irritable prey. On the 8th of Fall in 515 AV a bear left her with scratches on her hip about an inch or so running along her side, starting about the height of her belly button at the top of the hip, bright red and crooked down to the top of her thigh and curving around to the front of the hip. After having been stitched up and healed she now has long thin red marks, with very little harsh edges after the skin healed together. The scratches are visible in both forms, but slightly more hidden under her fur and bottom side in her natural state.

Are you Friend, or Food?

Firenze's natural form is that of a sleek and cautious Amur Tiger. Her body is long and muscular approximately 103 inches in length from nose to the tip of her tail. She has mostly orange and golden fur that turns to white on parts of her face with large narrow black widely spaced stripes cover the length of her body, varying in length and darkness. A distinct black pattern in her fur on her head resembles black rain falling down her face and two white spots located on the back of her ears. To the touch, her fur is thick and coarse, most of the year. During the colder times of the year her fur becomes denser, longer, softer, and silkier to aid in warmth. Her tail is longer than average tigers with a length of about 30 inches. Height to shoulder is roughly 3.5 feet. Her back legs are slightly longer than her front legs, aiding in her speed, agility and the ability to jump up to 32.5 feet. The pads on her feet ensure her ability to stalk prey unnoticed. Her claws, each 4 inches long, help in taking down large prey, they retract into her paws when unused to make sure they stay consistently sharp and aid in stealth when stalking. Her teeth are sharp and larger than average with both top and bottom canines approximately 3 inches long. Her eyes are golden, flecked with yellow and her pupils are rounded. She has six times better vision at night, which is when she is most apt to preying. Although her sight is slightly above the same as a human, her whiskers and tail help in communication, balance, direction and hunting.

She is comfortable in either form but is mostly seen in her human form as she only has a few very close friends that are aware of her true nature. Although she has encountered some in her animal form it has been apparent to two, that she is aware of, that she was Kelvic.


Firenze was born to Melody Marshall and Faolan Clathony on the 21st of Summer in 511 AV in the Bittern District of Syliras. Her biological father, Faolan, met her mother, Melody, at the Rearing Stalion in Syliras while she was working as a busker. Their attraction, and bond, to one another was swift and a bit of a whirlwind. The same night that they met was the night that Firenze was conceived.

Dark Secrets

Unfortunately for both, Melody was married to Vinicus Marsh. A spiteful and mean man. Melody had convinced Vinicus she was pregnant with his child despite their moments of intimacy being very few and far between, usually only when Vinicus was blinding drunk, feeling particularly cruel, or wanting to humiliate her. To cover her indiscretion, one night before he made his way to the bar Melody gave him a bottle of his preferred drink and requested that he stay home so she could make him a meal before he went out. Not wanting to waste the beverage, he remained awhile. After he had finished the first bottle, Melody brought him a new bottle. The unusual situation made him question what might be going on, but it was quickly forgotten as he continued practicing his cards and downed his drink. It was this night that she used a few weeks later to tell him that she was pregnant and that it was his. This event drove him deeper into his resentment for her.

Melody’s mother, Misha, also resided with the two and constantly tried to encourage Melody to leave. Unfortunately, the initial fear that had kept her there became increasingly difficult after her pregnancy. After Firenze was born, her mother gave her the name Genovieve Elle Marshall. However, this given name was never known to Firenze as she was shortly sent away by her Grandmother. Once she was born it quickly became apparent, within two short weeks, that Genovive was not Vinicus’s daughter. He had begun to question what happened that evening, the child as it grew began to look less and less like him. A drunken night at The Rearing Stallion put him into a foul mood and when Melody came off her shift of work, he attacked. Eventually getting it out of her, rather violently, that the child was indeed not his but by the time that he made it back to their living quarters Misha and the child were gone.

As for Faolan, after their night together Melody had explained the next morning that they could not be together, no matter how much it hurt to separate, because of the current situation. The blow to his heart left him speechless as she left. Never having been able to say goodbye Faolan took the pain of being separated by his bondmate and searched other means of trying to dull the ache. He began taking on Mercenary jobs, working long hours and traveling to gain coin. All the while never knowing that his child grew within Melody.

An Escape

Firenze was swiftly shipped out on a caravan, the driver given strict orders to take her to the next town. The caravan driver did take her to the next town, Zeltiva, but had forgotten to take the child to the Orphanage, caught up in getting the wares sold and new supplies loaded so they could make it to the next town, Sunberth. This was the city in which he’d delivered the child to the Sunset Quarters Orphanage.

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