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Home of the Konti people, this ivory city is built of native konti stone half in and half out of the sea. Its borders touch the Silverwood, and stretch upwards towards Silver Lake, home of the infamous konti vision water. [Lore]

Jets of Ink

Postby Okara on July 8th, 2018, 1:05 pm

Grades and Awards

Suvai 1
Persuasion 1
Socialization 1
Fishing 2
Endurance 1
Interrogation 1
Observation 2

Fishing: Hunt for Squid at Night
Tap: Konti Fisherwoman
Fishing: Different Poles for Different Fish
Fishing: Bait Should Resemble What the Fish Eat

Self grade.

Tap, if you should return please PM me and I will provide a grade for you.

Please edit your post in your grade request to reflect that it has been graded. PM me with any questions.
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