Practice doesn't always make perfect (Solo)

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Practice doesn't always make perfect (Solo)

Postby Zatar on October 7th, 2011, 11:35 pm


The 10th of Fall 511AV

Zatar had beached his Casinover last night on the far southern shore of Falyandar, and today he meant to study and practice a new found hobby of his, knife throwing. To start off with Zatar wanted to try and carve a target from some wood laying around in the jungle, he had talked with a fellow svefra a day or two earlier and the man had described how he had seen men learn to throw blades. It seemed like a good suggestion at the time, a series of circles each getting smaller, until in the middle you made a dot.

So the sailor had walked all over the beach looking for a suitable piece of wood. But he couldn't find any wood that would seem easy enough to work into the correct shape. However one thing he did find was a half eaten deer, whose hide would make quite a wonderful target if the fur was shaved in circular patterns. So Zatar took out his knife began separating the hide from the meat and bones. It was messy and disgusting work, but when finished Zatar had a deer hide ready for use.

So he took his knife and starting rubbing the edge on the fur in circles of decreasing size. After about two hours of ceaseless shaving, the hide had the markings of a target shaved onto it and was ready to hang and use.
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