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An inland sea created by Ivak's cataclismic fury during the Valterrian, the Suvan Sea is a major trade route and the foremost hub for piracy in Mizahar. [lore]

Ryker's Point

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Ryker's Point is actually not one point, but a series of sea spires located near the center of the Northern Suvan Sea. Due to it's critical location, many sailors have used the point as a guide in their travels, as a landmark or to even tie up against, but few know why the sea spires are actually there. For those that do, however, they know Ryker's Point is a site of great treasure - and death.

These tall stone formations are unnatural in their making. Those who are well versed in geography can easily say that these were not nature's doing. Rumor is, they were formed from the tallest minarets and tower tops of the once-proud city of Suva, for which the Suvan Sea gets its name. It is said that if one person were to enter the 'sea caves' of Ryker's Point successfully they would find themselves reaching ancient stairwells that dive deep under the ocean's surface into the flooded areas of the city below. From there, they may pierce into the sunken city of Suva proper, and perhaps discover the untold treasures that sunk with it - but nobody knows how true these stories are. Some say these are simply the farfetched tales of the sea's people. And, if one even tried to investigate these tales and enter the caves, they would have to get past Ryker Point's guardian...

NPC List :
Name: When she lived, she was known as Engre. Now, however, she is known as the Siren of Ryker's Point and the Mariner's Woe.
Race: Ghost, once an akvatari.
Description: The figure that has come to be known as the Siren of Ryker's Point is the ghost of what was once an akvatari woman. Many rumors abound about this mysterious figure, stories that vary wildly between themselves. The basic facts of all these legends and stories, however, share several common details - the Siren, it appears, is the ghost of an akvatari who haunts the sea caves of Ryker's Point. She is known to sing at times, calling to ships passing by with her seductive voice. Her voice has led many sailors astray, often luring them overboard or even diverting entire ships off their course, which had led to her second nickname - the Mariner's Woe. Why she does this and why she inhabits Ryker's Point are a complete mystery. The one fact that is known to be true, however, is that anyone who has entered Ryker's Point have vanished completely, never to be seen again.
Skills: Singing: 57
Seduction: 51
Materialization: 43
Possession: 30
Soulmist Projection: 23

Credit for idea goes to Archelon.

Note: Tying up at Ryker's Point you don't need a moderator for, but going inside you do. (Currently, the depths of Ryker's Point are unavailable for play.)

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