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An inland sea created by Ivak's cataclismic fury during the Valterrian, the Suvan Sea is a major trade route and the foremost hub for piracy in Mizahar. [lore]

Senda Cove

Postby Trident on November 24th, 2011, 3:29 am



The Svefra sing a song about Senda Cove…

The Tale of Senda Cove :
Oh, say, wuz ye ever down Senda Cove?
'Way for Senda!
It's there that the river flows down by a treasure trove!

An' we're bound for the Senda Cove,
Then away, bullies, away!
Away for Senda!
Sing fare-ye-well, me Svefra gels,
An' we're bound for the Senda Cove!

So heave up the anchor, let's get it aweigh,
'Way for Senda!
It's got a good grip, so heave, bullies, 'way-ay!

Oh, where are yiz bound to, my bully boys all?
'Way for Senda!
An' where are yiz bound for to make yer landfall?

We're bound to the south'ard, me bully boys all,
'Way for Senda!
Bound out to the Jungle Wild, me bully boys all.

An' what'll ye do there, me bully boys all?
'Way for Senda!
What job will ye do there, me bully boys all?

We'll dig for red gold, oh, me bully boys all,
'Way for Senda!
We'll dig for a fortune, me bully boys all.

Or die o' the fever, me bully boys all,
'Way for Senda!
Or die o' the fever, me bully boys all.

Heave with a will boys, oh, heave long an' strong,
'Way for Senda!
Sing a good chorus, for 'tis a good song.

Like all Svefra folk song its partially based in history and culture of the people. Senda Cove was once a hiding place for a pirate name Captain Magra of the Slitted Throat, she was half Myrian and with her pirate crew she sailed the Suvan Sea killing and sacrificing crew of the raided ship to the gods. Once her dark devotion was done, she went about collecting goods and riches to bring back to her people. One night Captain Magra, spied a fast and sleek vessel going through the Basu Shallows, heading to Faleyk Gulf. Calling her crew to action, she ran down the vessel and killed the crew, allowing their blood to be given to Myri. As they went below deck they found chest upon chest of books and pre-valterrian artifacts. As they began to lift up the booty and take it aboard their ship, a iron golem arose with bladed arms. Captain Magra and her crew fought the savage thing to the main deck, by the time a yard arm swung and threw the thing over board Captain Magra had lost almost all of her crew. They loaded up the booty and set sail for Senda Cove. The treasure had been cargo destine for Sahova, the nuit had bought several artifacts in various cities. Deciding it better to take a long voyage then braving the overland journey, the nuit had chartered a sleek skipper to do so believing the iron war golem would be enough protection. During the fight the nuit pretended to be dead and watch as the crew stole Sahova’s treasure. Going into another body, the nuit made landfall and eventually made his way back to Sahova to tell his story.

Yet that wasn’t the end of it, forty years later, a young Myrian girl was rescued by a Svefra pod. She was grateful to the pod for all their help and told them that she had been sent on a mission to retrieve buried treasure of a famous hero. She was to take it back to Taloba, showing them a map the pod decided to risk a few of its members by sending them to find this lost treasure. They made copies of the map, and sent them out into the Falyundar wilderness. A day later the girl began to break out in a horrible rash that oozed green pus. The girl began to scream that the illness that killed her hunting party was now killing her. The pod in desperate shape flung the flag of disease and kept the plague from spreading to the rest of the pod. As they burned the ship, one lone Casinor returned from the treasure party. He told a tale of a dangerous trek through the jungle, following the river that exited out in the cove. As they went further inland, they hear the crashing sound of an iron beast, while feeling the sting of mosquitoes on their skin. He had somehow not been bit by the bugs, and they had made their way to treasure spot. Surrounding it were 8 skeletons with shovels, showing signs of large cuts that swept through bone. The team had dug up the treasure and were about to carry it off when a rusted iron war golem began hacking and hewing the Svefra. The boy escaped and as proof of his tale, he brought back a handful of pre-Valterrian red gold coins and a map back to its location. The Svefra named the cove Senda, after the young Myrian girl who led them to it.

The map since then has been copied and forged so many times that no one is sure of the real location. In fact, it’s a favorite scam to sell maps to the treasure on the streets of any port town. On top of the dangers recorded in the story, the Myrians have realized that trapping treasure seekers for their sacrifices is very efficient, so there is always a scout or two in the jungle around the cove. Yet with all the danger, the so-called treasure trove of Captain Magra attracts the stupid and greedy like flies to honey.

NPC List :
Nothing living stays at Senda Cove - or, at least, not for long.

Credit for idea goes to Onyx Maelstrom.

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