[The Drunken Fish] Damsel in Distress (Jahssasyuri & Zenai)

Zenai rescues a maiden in trouble.

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[The Drunken Fish] Damsel in Distress (Jahssasyuri & Zenai)

Postby Zenai on November 28th, 2011, 3:47 pm

Season of Fall, Day 74, 511 AV

Zenai found himself back in the Drunken Fish, not because of anything really. He just made it a point to drop by the Drunken Fish once in a while to accommodate himself to the denizens of the docks. He is after all a Tagger that mostly concerns himself with whatever affairs that has to do with the docks so that means Zenai had to deal with sailors, privateers, merchants, slavers and dock workers. Usually, the Drunken Fish would be at maximum capacity and a brawl should have at least broken out in half of the tavern but today seems to be a bit slow relatively. Zenai also had notice the docks have been slow today; not much people and activity. Maybe it stemmed from Old Legs’ capturing those Zeltivans the other day or it was just a slow day at the docks. Winter was approaching with only less than about three weeks away but Zenai don’t think it would slow down dock activity. That also means Zenai is going to continue to work as a Tagger throughout the winter days. He shivered from the imaginary winter cold he is going to suffer and wondered if he needed thicker clothing but dismissed it when his soup had arrived.

“Here you go.” The barmaid said as she carefully sets the bowl before Zenai and placed a spoon alongside it. Zenai smiled at the slave-barmaid and nodded his thanks. She smiled back at him and went back to her duties. “Such a pity…” Zenai lamented. Zenai took his spoon and inspected it; there was a smudge on the spoon so he wiped it with his sleeves. Satisfied that it was clean enough, Zenai examined the soup of the day by stirring the soup with his spoon and seeing what surfaces. It was your typical sand-colored soup and some chunks of stringy white meat that you would normally see in crustaceans. The fishermen must have been having a bit of luck with catching crabs and lobsters or it was the season for it. Zenai chowed down on his soup, saving the seafood chunks for later but slurping up the soup. It was warm for one thing; good when the days are getting colder. However, the soup was a bit too salty so Zenai had to gulp down some watered-down ale to wash down the salty aftertaste. While he slurps on his seafood soup, he looked up if he had missed anything; still nothing. Zenai wondered if today was one of those slow days that happen once in a while; a day with little interests and dangers.

Of course, life has a way of proving you wrong; a woman with a big bust and hips came just came down and sat next to Zenai. She was wearing a very loose and almost revealing dress especially around her chest area. She seems to be wearing thick red lipstick and a bit too much powder on her cheeks as well as mascara around her eyes. She was also having a heavy aura of perfume which a hint of sweat and other bodily fluids about her which nauseated Zenai a bit. She seemed a bit young though and luckily not an old hag. He kept his posture as if he didn’t notice her and observed as she sat down without turning his own head. She leaned forward so her supple breasts would be in Zenai’s view. It was in Zenai’s opinion that this kind of women had a bit too much baggage with them that would normally lead to trouble. Trouble was something Zenai wanted to avoid as he had enough of those as of late. A number of things could happen when you get in bed with a prostitute; one of them was being scammed of your money. The entire set of problems could range from being assassinated in your sleep to getting some disease from her. Their line of work could be very unhygienic and messy too.

“Hey, big boy; watcha doin’?” She said in an-almost seductive voice, leaning more towards Zenai as if she was interest in Zenai. The Tagger presumed that she was only interested in getting into Zenai’s pockets. As much as it is tempting to let loose his manhood, the alarms in his mind went off blaringly. Zenai just shrugged in response. “Eating dinner.” The Half-Inarta just gave an answer you would expect from an uninterested male; short and sweet. Of course, women could not comprehend the simplicity and literalness of a short answer. Most would take it like it was some kind of offense to them; something which Zenai wanted to do on purpose. This was a battle of wills and he just needs to keep up his defenses in addition to firing off short answers. She chuckled. “I can see that, sugar-lumps. Now… what are actually doing here? Looking for company? You wouldn’t be out here by your lonesome if you didn’t want to seek company. Dear, I can provide that company.” She placed her hand on his arm. Zenai just looked at her with a passive face and removed her hand on his arm. “Lady, I thanked you for the kind offer but I’m just not interested. You are free to share the table with me if you feel lonely.”

Her smile turned into a scowl. “Lonely? You think I’m lonely? You are the lonely one! You! I’m beautiful and you’re a man! An ugly, ugly man! You! Ugly! Me! Beautiful!” She continued on rambling, obviously her buttons have been pushed by Zenai’s reply. The rambling most concerned her being the one being sought out by lonely men while Zenai was supposed to be that man seeking her company or that’s what Zenai could surmise from her incoherent ramblings otherwise Zenai couldn’t make it out. Zenai could only make out the words; you, are, ugly, I, am, and beautiful while the rest was a combination of spits and screams. It quickly turned into a screaming fest and only participant was her. All eyes are on them; Zenai passively eating his soup while she was screaming and pointing at him as if eating soup was the most terrible thing in the world. Zenai kept his passive posture but it was difficult not breaking out in laughter at her spectacle. Zenai couldn’t hold it back and grinned that she immediately noticed. “Why are you happy? Does it make you happy when I’m sad! You are such a man! An ugly man!” She continued on rambling. After about half a bell, she was out of breath and wanted to be away from Zenai but not before taking his mug of ale and pouring it all over him. “Petch you!” She swore at the Tagger before stomping off to vent her frustration elsewhere. Zenai just sat there until she was out of sight. He waved to one of the barmaids. “Miss, another tankard of ale and a piece of cloth please.”
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