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An inland sea created by Ivak's cataclismic fury during the Valterrian, the Suvan Sea is a major trade route and the foremost hub for piracy in Mizahar. [lore]

Kalista Island

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Kalista Island was very clearly shaped by unnatural means. Once a small isle of little renown, sailors passed it day by day without paying it any attention. There was nothing of note on it, after all. Rocky and with little brush besides a few trees, there seemed much better places to anchor up against. Until the day the priestess of Laviku came by, it didn't even have a name. Once the thrice-marked woman named Kalista D'Lani, who would later go on to become Laviku's first Post-Valterrian Champion, settled down there, however, things changed.

A quest had led the enigmatic konti here, the will of Laviku compelling her to build a temple to him by the ocean waves. And she obeyed. She left Mura for the solitude of that small islet, where by her own hands she pieced together the temple that still stands there today. The island was named in her honor, and still bears her name today.

If one were to approach the island today, they might find the temple swarmed by men and women, anxious to receive Laviku's blessing - or perhaps not. After Kalista became Champion of Laviku the Temple she had built had seen a rise of popularity, with sailors and pirates alike now coming to pray to Laviku for safe passage across his domain. But they come and go as the winds demand it, making attendance to the church very...erratic. The latest priest appointed to the Temple, a svefra by name of Caspien, has been known to joke about how he'll be swamped by a congregation one day only to find the pews empty the next.

And as a result of the Temple of Laviku's newfound notoriety, the Temple has seen a change in decor from the simple one-room church it was when Kalista first made it. Reimancy has been employed to shape the island to get the best usage out of the island and to create a connection between the water and the Temple iself, by way of a long passage leading from the waves to the Temple itself. Gardens flock the Temple on all sides, where transplanted fruits and vegetables are grown by the priest. Ornate and serene, the Temple of Laviku makes a striking impression on all who pass by.

NPC List :
ImageName: Caspien Oceangem
Race: Human, svefra
Description: Wise beyond his years, Caspien is perhaps one of the youngest priests of Laviku, but he deserves it. Even as a child in the Oceangem pod, Caspien has displayed a reverence for the sea god that went beyond that of most svefra. Early trials and tribulations Caspien experienced in his life only reinforced him faith in the god, who had seen him through thick and thin. Over time the god marked him once, twice, and most recently, a third time after Caspien helped do away with one of Laviku's most despised enemies. The man was an infamous pirate and looter known for his enmity with Laviku. Tracked by a band of svefra, he was forced into hiding until Caspien managed to ferret him out and slew him; Laviku appointed him a priest in response. It just so happened the last priest in charge of the Temple managed to die a few weeks beforehand (perhaps motivation for Laviku's decision), and as a result of his entrance to priesthood Caspien inherited the infamous Temple of Laviku. Now striving to take on the responsibilities of the Temple as well as continue on in his faith, he nonetheless can always find time for a friend looking for some of Laviku's guidance.
Gnosis: 3 Marks from Laviku (Oceanus)
Skills: Teaching: 64
Swimming: 47
Weapon (Cutlass): 41
Gardening: 37
Wilderness Survival: 29
Sailing: 26
Philosophy: 17

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