Tahl'dhon Rashauds Plotnotes

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Tahl'dhon Rashauds Plotnotes

Postby Tahl'dhon Rashaud on February 18th, 2012, 12:18 am

Long Term IC Goals: Recognized
-Don't Die.

Long Term IC Goals: Unrecognized
-Become an Immortal (Anvil of Souls?)
-Get Over His Romantic Problems
-Find Gods That He Can Believe In

Short Term IC Goals: Recognized
-Find Out Who his Parents Are.
-Find Out Why He Was A Slave.
-Learn About Akalaks.
-Learn About Riverfall.
-Train to be an Akalak Warrior.
-Go through Right of Trial. (to prove to himself just as much as others)
-Go through Right of Manhood. (to prove to himself just as much as others)
-Forge a Lakan.

Notes on Parents and Why He Was Slave: Tahl's parents are open to ST's to be created, but his mother must be a Myrian that is the only restriction, though his father obviously has to be an Akalak. So this means all history of his Parents and how he became a slave is open to ST's creation.

Short Term IC Goals: Unrecognized

Long Term OOC Goals
-Go To Each Region and City and Experience The Ones That Are Developed
-Become Awesomely Skilled

Short Term OOC Goals
-Learn Tukant: Flunet
-Learn Pavi: Fluent.
-Every Lore on Cyphrus and Everything and Anything In It
-Become Moderately Dangerous in Skills
Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.
Note: Unless stated otherwise, Tahl is speaking in common, except for his thoughts
If you think you have some constructive criticism or ways I can better my writing I would love if you send me a PM. I am only learning and I am not very good of a writer yet.
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