Deep Darkness (open)

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Taloba, home to the Myrians, is the thriving core of Falyndar. Inhabited by a fierce and savage tribe where blood sacrifices are normal and a way of life, they are untamed and proud of it. Warlike, and with their numbers growing, the Myrians are set on reclaiming what is rightfully theirs. [Lore]

Deep Darkness (open)

Postby Tun'ek of The Lethal Vine on February 18th, 2012, 12:48 am

Winter 81 511AV

While the rain made it more difficult to distinguish the sounds of other animals moving through the forest, it also masked his own foot fall. In these conditions he could easily stalk an animal if he came across its tracks. They were significantly more visible in the mud and the collective roar of drain drops striking leaves allowed him to move quickly through the brush without being heard.

More importantly than any of this, most large predators bedded down in rain storms like these, preferring to conserve energy rather than venture into the soaking rain. This enabled Tun’ek to focus more of his attention on his prey instead of preoccupying his thoughts with not becoming prey himself. Even the most skilled hunters in Taloba were weary of the dire animals that populated the jungles in Falyndar. In this way, Makutsi protected him with her rain, and he never took this blessing for granted.

Before entering the Jungle outside the walls of Taloba, Tun’ek knelt down and pressed his hand into a pool of water to say a prayer he learned from his sister’s. His mother taught it to them the first time they had accompanied her into the wild, and they taught it to him the first time he was permitted him to join them.

Myri kih’al nan metavre, Makutsi kih’al nan makanume
Ka ni’al Mizahanen na teth, ne encabre ‘al na dirala

‘Myri is our courage, Makutsi is our cloak.
I give them my trust, they will find my way’

Tun’ek stood up right, brushing his hands off on the sides of his leather pants. Just outside of the gate at the border of the city the jungle took control. Heavy with shadows and thick with uncertainty it swallowed any line of sight. Though he knew of many, the tangle of flora masked any sign of a trail, creating only a deep darkness ahead. He took a meditatively slow breath, shouldered his short bow, and walked with conviction toward the chaos.

On this trip his prey would not be an animal, but a particular kind of wood, the wood he found best for fletching arrow shafts. He didn’t need to travel far, nor did he want to, as the particular type of tree he used was fast replenishing and grew commonly along the banks of creeks. He referred to it simply as ‘arrow tree’ and knew of a creek about 1 mile to north that reliably provided a source.

Cautiously, he took a first step in the jungle, setting his foot down as if each step must be stolen. He surveyed to the right and left with eyes and let the sounds of the forest fill his ears. Nothing he saw or heard gave him alarm so he began walking, placing each foot with careful consideration while he kept his senses alert. Navigating at this pace was excruciatingly tense, but also necessary for his survival. With this stealth it took him more than half an hour to just to move deep enough into the jungle that he could hear the babble of the creek.

Up ahead the trees parted, however slightly, to allow the water to flow between them. The water held a rusty red color, rich with minerals from decaying plant matter. Its color reminded him a strong herbal tea. He quickly spotted his target, growing in bunch on the far side of the bank. He hopped across and took his knife out of a small pack at his left hip. He selected a few hearty stocks, not more than an inch in diameter but quite tall, and carved a deep notch in their bases with his blade. Then he grabbed them at the highest point he could reach and pulled down hard, causing them to break where they he had weakened them. He ran his hand along up along each of the stocks to survey their quality. The wood was light, hard, and a touch brittle. The arrows were therefore not terribly durable, being likely to shatter if they hit a hardened object, but also naturally straight and long flying. He estimated that he could fashion about 25 quality arrow shafts from this harvest, plenty for a few days of work.

Tun’ek slung his bounty over his shoulder alongside his bow and began his careful expedition out of the jungle. His senses had adjusted to the sounds and movement of the forest by now and he felt more at ease heading back. 20 minutes later he found himself again at the edge of the city, headed toward the Trading Square to find materials to fashion arrow heads.

Recently he had seen some more ancient designs of arrows that had employed barbed heads made of Tskanna Ivory. He felt unsure of his ability to match their craftsmanship, but also eager to revive the old design in his own work.

The market swelled with people who were equally undeterred by the muggy spring weather. He stood in the middle of a crowd, the long stalks of arrow tree wood creating a hazard for people rushing by. He rubbed his forehead with his free hand, deciding who he should approach about trading ivory.
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Deep Darkness (open)

Postby Aoife on May 7th, 2012, 12:58 am

Aoife turned her face to the rain with her arms hanging loosely by her sides, her mouth was partly open and she breathed deep breathes to calm herself and to chase away the sour memories of her past. She opened her eyes and looked around the bustling marketplace, people were starting to whisper to their companions and look at her furtively before rushing off to continue their activities.

Mentally she shook herself and strode quickly but confidently to a low roofed building before effortlessly swinging up onto the roof with the practised grace of a hunter and hopping over the roofs of the many buildings that crowded the edge of the marketplace, slowly but steadily making her way higher over the rooftops so she could be closer to the sky and it's beauty.

She reached the tallest building that she could jump to without risking herself and sat down with her legs swinging down from the roof. Aoife untied the leather harness that kept her two spears on her back and set them next to her before a series of mutters drew her eye.

The mutters were in accordance to the man who seemed to be looking for something but was also carrying a big bundle of wood on his back and so was a danger to any passers-by and was probably going to take someone's eye out with those big branches of his. Twisting her body so that she was in a crouch, she continued to watch him from her rooftop to see what he would do next.
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