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Built high in the massive branches of Taldera's bloodwood forest, The Spires is a city crafted by the peaceful and scholarly Jamoura. Considered a haven for scholars and sages Mizahar-wide, The Spires is a mecca of philosophy and science that draws people from far and wide with its promise of deeper thinking and higher reasoning.

Be my Refuge(Koda/Open)

Postby Jolie on May 7th, 2012, 10:13 pm

She listened for a slight movement, and then turned her head as they walked, to see her sister's hackles raised a little. She laughed, in that hyena way, and then turned back forward, making her way into the outer edges of the Spires.

When they made their way to the lake, Jolie just watched her sister. A smile which wasn't much of a smile, but more resembled a smirk(although it held the same manner as a smile would), made it's way onto her facial features. She watched as the younger Kelvic pranced a second, and then sat down in the water. Jolie's head shook, and she laughed at her sister. What a cheerful Kelvic. Jolie thought about how she had never really been a happy child to her parents, which had never bothered them. To them, Jolie was just there. But to Koda, she was the child they had favored. In no special way, though, as they didn't really know how to bring up a child of their own. Jolie shook her head slowly, when her sister waved for her awkwardly, with a paw, for Jolie to join her. "Nah," she said simply. "I don't do swimming very well." really, she was saying, "I don't know how to swim," but she wasn't going to let her little sister know that. And if she did go into the shallow part, where Koda was, Koda would eventually ask for Jolie to join her in the deeper part... and that Jolie could just not afford, so she kept her distance from any of it.
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