Broken Foundations

[Silverwine Tavern, Ly'an]

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Headquarters to Izurdin's Hammer and the entry point into and out of Sultros City, Sultros Citadel is the farthest most outsiders will ever travel into the Isurian Kingdom. Heavily fortified and intimidating to view, the Citadel is the mirror of Isur strength, endurance and patience.

Broken Foundations

Postby Merinil on August 21st, 2012, 8:07 pm

[ǂ summer 12 512av ǂ]
[ Silverwine Tavern ]

Today she had just been wearing her skirt and her shirt, which happened to look much like the Vinati that traders from Wind Reach were wearing. She occasionally thought about buying one of the beautiful shirts off the back of a merchant, but she had decided against it for the time being.

Today, she had just been browsing the wares that were for sale, all of the interesting and exotic goods. Someone even selling a litter of kittens that their pregnant cat had a almost half of a season before they left, which led her to question exactly why they brought their newborn kittens on a merchant's trip. He had replied, 'To sell the kittens.' In her opinion, they were absolutely adorable, and she was certainly going to buy one. After a few minutes of bargaining, he had said that one would be set aside for her. Cats apparently had wonderful night vision, so the dim light that the cities offered wouldn't be a problem.

Now she was sitting at a corner table in Silverwine's tavern for, of course, a lovely mug of Silverwine. She was carefully nursing this first glass, attempting to not be very tipsy if, or when, someone of interest came along.
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Broken Foundations

Postby Ly'an Godhammer on August 27th, 2012, 7:32 pm

Summer 12 512av

Ly'an didn't usually frequent the bars as much as she did the forges or the temples, today though she felt the urge to go and see what all the fuss was about. Sure she had the Silverwine from this settlement during dinner, but beyond that she wasn't big drinker.

She spotted a large array of the Isurian population within this very tavern, some she knew and waved to them cautiously, knowing all too well that some could have mighty bad attitudes and temper problems once they started consuming the fore-mentioned alcholic beverage.

But after a quick scouting out of the occupants she found someone that could be of some interest. She seen the color of the person's primary arm to be one that wasn't seen very often, a lost clan line if she remembered correctly.

Stepping in that direction the Vizerian side stepped a few stools and chairs being pushed out before stopping at the edge of the table the other was sitting at.

The lighting at this table wasn't exactly the greatest, but one could see the shiny sheen of sweat on her bald scalp and brow.

"Good evening, mind if I sit with you?"

After all, manners were important.
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Broken Foundations

Postby Whimsy on April 3rd, 2013, 7:42 am



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Not much to go off here, but I gave you what I could! PM me if you have any questions or concerns.


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