Completed Tricks of the sea

The sea part is important it seems.

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Far below the water's surface is the living coralline city of the Charodae, Charbosi. Inaccessible to those who cannot breathe underwater, Charbosi is a city of culture and peace. [Lore]

Tricks of the sea

Postby Luradin on April 1st, 2013, 3:54 pm

33rd Summer 507 AV

Curiosity was plentiful in Luradin's heart today it seemed, not only was he out on the surface again, he was going to attempt to push himself to his new-found limit without the usual resistance from the water to stand in his way. He wasn't particularly nervous - he told himself - but as he leaped backwards and saw the ground fly underneath him, his stomach flipped. Managing to scarcely land the back-flip, Luradin realised that although he can move much quicker - his mind would have to keep different bits of his body moving, he needed his mind to be quicker.

Concentrate his voice came through his mind with some willingful force, his eyes closed and he took deep breaths, hands out to steady himself before his attempt. With another spring, Luradin threw his hands backwards and up into the air, creating more force upwards and backwards. As his body rotated, Luradin's legs tucked up into his chest and his abs tensed to curl his body inwards even more. This new centrifugal force brought him spinning forcefully, round twice - something he was not ready for. With the dizziness following this extreme centrifugal force, the muscles of his body relaxed and he fell to the floor on his upper back, his weight came down on his spine and would have broken his bones were he not so flexible. Luradin's body flexed inwards on itself, his spine bent extremely and his ribs caves in under his own body weight, his face nearly touched his stomach before he sprung back out to lie straight on the floor - understandably breathless.

After collecting his breath for some time, Luradin rolled himself over and pushed himself to a stand. Though sighing from the pain, he was also quite angry at himself for failing to do something which he found so simple below water above it, especially since he considered it easier to move above water.

Luradin decided to set himself a different challenge and began approaching one of the few large trees this close to the coast - next to it was a tree of similar size. Luradin lowered his body with a breath of concentration and then ran towards the trunk of the tree, gracefully landing one, two, three steps on the trunk of the tree he continued moving through the air with his original upwards force, grasping out at a tree branch above him. As his fingers clasped the rough bark that coated the bough he swung his body out to one side and lifted it towards the branch. With a burst of power he put his weight above his wrists and pushed down on the branch, coiling his abdominal and leg muscles frantically, he managed to place his feet to the bark at the last second.

Though he was slightly off-balance from the clamber onto the branch,he followed this in-balance and as he began to drop forwards he sprang forth from the branch, reaching for the second tree as he did. Once again he felt familiar roughness under his hands and his flexible body arced as he swung from the branch. As the force of this swing took him up on the other side of the tree limb he contracted his body, baring the balls of his feet and holding his knees to his chest as he released the branch.

Soaring through the air, Luradin gazed down half-confidently at the branch he was hoping to land on and watching the balls of his feet brace against it, letting the force of his jump slowly push him backwards he once more jumped from the tree and in a simple movement, caught the branch above him directly. With a flick of his feet outwards and then a swing in the opposite direction combined with a pull of Luradin's arms, he was resting on-top of the branch in a crouch - satisfied and completely balanced, he couldn't help smiling smugly at this point.
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Tricks of the sea

Postby Magpie on April 3rd, 2013, 8:48 pm

Luradin :
Acrobatics +2
Climbing +1

Acrobatics: Fast Body, Faster Mind
Flipping Underwater vs Above Water

Notes :
Always nice to see a Charoda out and about! Wonderful descriptions of movement here, very easy to read while still being perfectly clear about what’s going on. One thing though – Experience points are typically awarded on a by-post basis, so multiple actions in a single post usually don’t get more than one point for that particular skill. However, since you described each action so thoroughly, and there was only one post in the whole thread, I gave you a little extra. In the future, you may want to extend your narration to be able to divide the solo up into multiple posts.

If you have any questions or concerns about what was awarded, please don't hesitate to PM me.
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