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The calendar for the season along with the seasonal challenges!

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[Sunberth] Summer Calendar, 513 AV

Postby Twister on June 9th, 2013, 12:57 pm

Summer, 513 AV

With Sping (Note: If you fulfill the thread goals of Spring, please PM me with links to the threads.) behind us and all the excitement it brought story-wise, Summer will be slower and not at all as dramatic. With the order of the city stirring since the Daggerhands lost their leader and the Sun's Birth are unearthed and in search of a new base of operations, things will be quiet this season and street crime will play a bigger part in the day-to-day. Beware of robbery, kidnappings and outright murder in the streets this Summer; there's people out there just waiting for a chance to sink their teeth in you and your purse. More importantly, perhaps, there are people out there all too happy to take the chance now that the power-balance has been disturbed.

It's a large window of opportunity for everyone.

I hope you'll enjoy your Summer here in Sunberth!

Dates of note for Summer:

    2nd - The remnant of the Sun's Birth evacuate and take to hiding down in the old tunnels underneath the city. The Blood Pits are closed off as Sun's Birth occupy it with force.

    5th - The Gated Community is overrun by homeless and dregs, making the area perilous. Several people are known to venture too close and either be kidnapped, robbed or slain and stripped of possessions.

    18th - Whoever has moved into the Gated Community after the expulsion of the Sun's Birth are ran out. The Orphanage moves in together with an avid group of violent supporters.

    22nd - Homeless and vagrant children are snatched from the streets of Sunberth and given over to the Orphanage; the matron starts handing out little token fees of gratitude for every child.

    25th - Weather gets hotter and Sunberth is shrouded in thick mists rolling in from the sea, the air becoming humid and troublesome to breathe. Street crimes step it up a notch with the culprits able to conveniently slip away into the mists.

    30th - The humidity stabilizes, causing the weather in the city to be near tropical with the level of moisture in the air and the heat on top of it.

    31st - A large number of people disappear from the streets, snatched away into the mists.

    40th - Light showers as a result of the increasing humidity.

    43rd - The mists recede as an aftermath of the rain, leaving only the humid temperatures.

    60th - Harsh weather hits Sunberth, a storm rolling in over the city. Strong winds, whipping rain and thunder. Citizens stay off the street and many retreat underground.

    64th - The Sun's Birth continue to fight for turf down in the tunnels. The Blood Pits are reshaped to their specifications [Location Update].

    70th - A particularly large shipment of bodies is sent to Sahova.
More to come...

Thread goals for the season:

    - Kill someone. (NPC or PC doesn't really matter.)
    - Get kidnapped!
    - Rob someone or be robbed.
    - Visit the Blood Pits after their re-opening.
    - Save a hooker from misfortune.
    - Sell someone to the slavers / Get sold to the slavers.

    More may come.
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