Mitti (PC Plotnotes)

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Mitti (PC Plotnotes)

Postby Mitti on August 10th, 2013, 3:33 pm

Everything is WIP until Kenash opens


Rujaro - Not a fan. She feels they cause more harm to the slaves than good. Will tattle on anyone talking about Rujaro.

Plantations: Silverbite - born, Stormsgrace - sold to at age 5 as field worker, Riverwave - sold to at age 13 first as field worker then trained as a house slave, Blacksugar - sold to at age 19 as house slave and new to the plantation

Yet to be owned by: Boldvine, Shara, Bloodflower, Whitesnake, Whiplash, Smokesend, Clawstone, Godstouch

Has an odd interest in having been owned by every Dynasty.

Mother and Father: Interested in learning their names, and what they did as slaves. Little to no attachment to the people, or their memory. Just wants to put names to the unknown faces.

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    [size=150]Character Registry[/size][/center]

    [b]PC Name: [/b]Mitti
    [b]Age & Sex:[/b]Female, age 20
    [b]Purpose of Being In Kenash: [/b]Slave
    [b]Likes To Thread About: [/b]Everything appropriate for a slave.
    [b]Dislikes To Thread About:  [/b]Nothing, so far. Subject to change.
    [b]Character Goals This Season:[/b]To prove her worth as a house slave and get out of the fields.
    [b]Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: [/b]Unknown
    [b]Willing to Guest Moderate?:  [/b]No. I'm still very new to Miz, and still have a lot of learning to do.
    [b]List Any NPCs With You:[/b] N/A
    [b]Additional Comments:[/b]

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