OOC Info [Sunberth] Seasonal Calendar & Thread Goals; Fall 513 AV

Planned events and important dates for the season of Fall!

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[Sunberth] Seasonal Calendar & Thread Goals; Fall 513 AV

Postby Twister on September 5th, 2013, 4:04 pm

Fall, 513 AV


Summer has passed into history and makes way for Fall. After a relatively calm summer, Fall is packed with dramatic development and harsh weather. Expect the weather forecast to be mostly wet, and look forward to a storm at the end of the season that will shake the city to the core. Many things will go down this season, and these events will be very important for the future of the city; both on an IC and OOC level! The layout of the city will change just a little bit and there will be opportunities to reap some generous rewards for participation in city-wide events. More details about these events will be posted up later.

Also, make sure you check out the regional Fall Almanac for more details on the weather forecast!

I hope you'll enjoy your Fall here in Sunberth!

Dates of note for Fall:
8th: Crowds begin to gather by he docks when they hear about the Ambassadors from Sahova arriving soon.

10th: Ambassadors arrive from Sahova, gifting the city with two valuable artifacts from their vaults.

11th: Uproar. The populace is made acutely aware of the presence of the two artifacts in the city.

12th: The artifacts are torn out of the hands of the Ambassadors and their envoys.

14th: The Sahovan Ambassadors go missing, and the artifacts are nowhere to be found.

18th: With the Sahovan ship still resting by Sunberth's docks, intense struggles to claim the vessel start between small-time gangs, sailors and pirates.

22nd: Malkar rounds up his gang to establish a base of operation near Robern's old reaches. They clear out the old Daggerhand dungeons, slowly refurbishing to host their own business there.

26th: The Daggerhands get a new leader. (To Be Announced.)

27th: Doctor Petricious mysteriously takes an eager apprentice to practice in his clinic.

31st: A "bank" opens up in the old tunnels. Rumours have it that the "bank" is an extension of the Sun's Birth.

33rd: Someone claiming to represent the Night Eyes appears in the city, actively seeking out able-bodied individuals to somewhat forcefully recruit them.

40th: Soulmist rolls in from the Dust Bed and Dust Bed Ridge. The result seems to be an especially uneasy series of hauntings in the northern part of the city. Jebediah is seen in the city.

45th: The soulmist recedes to the Dust Bed. Jebediah returns together with them.

60th: Thunderstorms and heavy downpour start. The river at the center of town floods very quickly due to the heavy rain and with some help of terribly timed tides. The Tent City moves further away from the city for the time being into the fields. Farmers are most displeased.

61st: Violent weather off the shore sends waves all the way into the city. Buildings that aren't properly anchored to the ground move or are destroyed, the walls of the river start to crumble and the bridges break and tumble into the water. The populace is unable to cross the river inside the city.

62nd: The slums are hit badly. Weak buildings are torn down by the flooding water, many homes destroyed and streets clogged up by the debris. Many of the old tunnels under the city are completely flooded with water, forcing rodents and dregs up on the surface. Shacks and larger caverns in the mines are filled with water.

64th: The storm and heavy rain break up slowly and start to move on from the city. The water doesn't recede just yet, leaving most of the streets surrounding the river still covered in knee-deep water.

72nd: The water starts to recede, draining from the streets and returning to the river. Many of the buildings in the city are discovered to be damaged beyond repair from the water, plenty of buildings falling apart from the strain. It is discovered that the river has widened to almost twice its previous width, much of the ground at both sides simply torn away and some buildings even hanging off the riverbank.

74th: The buildings hanging off the edge of the riverbank tumble into the water.

76th: Three new rope bridges are finally stretched across the river, enabling citizens to cross it again. The initial rush causes one of the rope bridges to collapse and some citizens are lost to the river.

78th: A rebuilding project starts in the city. It starts by clearing out debris of old buildings, unclogging the streets. Much of the debris is tossed to the Slag Heap Fire, beyond any further use. The Tent City moves back to its previous location.

80th: The cleaning stops, and the populace instead gets started on gathering materials and volunteers for the rebuilding.

81st: Rebuilding starts! (More details to be released.)


Thread goals for the season:

    - Witness a mugging / Be the victim of a mugging.
    - Lose something to the flood. (Size/significance doesn't matter.)
    - Help someone else rebuild after the flood.
    - Visit Doctor Petricious's Clinic.
    - Find yourself a new friend in the city.
    - Tell someone else a secret.
    - Gain 5 points in Swimming.
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