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This shining population center is considered the jewel of The Sylira Region. Home of the vast majority of Mizahar's population, Syliras is nestled in a quiet, sprawling valley on the shores of the Suvan Sea. [Lore]

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[Syliras Location] The Spinning Coin

Postby Gossamer on October 4th, 2009, 12:43 pm




We offer a wide variety
of gambling within this
facility. Be it cards,
animal fights, or games
of chance, feel free to
start your own game
or join one already in
progress. Just remember
the house gets 10%.
Occupying one of the only free standing buildings outside of Stormhold Castle, The Spinning Coin occupies space in a large warehouse above the docks but still in the castle and city proper. One end is made up of a giant stage. An enormous cage can be lowered onto the stage, for death matches. There are tables set up for card games, and a full mirrored length of bar keep participants good and drunk so they bet freely and their money flows. Space can be rented for special events (pig racing is popular), and there are mats on the floor for wresting. If there is a vice known in Syliras, it most likely is practiced here, under the vary noses of the Sylirans that guard them.

People wandering by can walk in, and most likely they will be instantly invited to a card game or two... or to toss some dice. Sometimes there are chickens or dogs to bet on, and sometimes even children in street fights reenacted. The owner, Gene, is normally out and about - reliably able to start a conversation, make small talk, put someone at ease, or show a beginner the new ropes.


He's mean. That's the first and foremost prominent thing about Gene that anyone remembers right off the bat. It might be because his eyes are somewhat dead. Rumor has it he is a transplant form Ravok's gladatorial pits. Regardless of the truth, Gene Duval is a person not to be riffled with. Scarred, bearded, and generally not wiling to give folks the time of day, he runs his own security at the spinning coin.

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Brawling: 87 pts, Business Management: 67 pts, Unarmed Combat: 54 pts, Sword: 12 pts

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Re: [Syliras Location] The Spinning Coin

Postby Kebdl Amradji on October 11th, 2009, 4:50 am

(OOC: Open to anyone.)

Fall, Day 41, 509 AV

After tying Finder up out front of the gambling hall, Kebdl turned slowly to scan the street around him until he saw a boy, perhaps 14, leaning against a store across the street. As Kebdl crossed the cobbled street the urchin's eyes narrowed suspiciously, and he clearly settled himself as if making ready to run.

“Two gold Mizas if you make sure my horse doesn't get stolen.” He held one up and let it catch the lamplight. He watched it glitter in the boy's eyes, and waited for him to nod. “Good. One now, one when I come out.” Turning, he started to head back across the street. He paused and said over his shoulder, “And if you decide you can get a better price from a horse trader, I'll check every alley and garbage heap in the city til I find you.” With that, he continued across the street, strapped on his gladius, and headed into the Spinning Coin.

The noise struck him like a physical blow. After so long out in the wilds with only himself and the wind for company, the sound of so many people in so small a space was a shock to his senses. He made his way around the card tables to the bar, and caught the barkeeps eye. The man wandered over and met Kebdl's gaze briefly, before returning his attention to the gambling floor.

“What?” he said gruffly.

“Black Ale,” Kebdl said as he drew out four copper Mizas and laid them on the bar. “And,” he added, setting a gold miza beside the others, “information. You know anyone lookin to hire a sword?”

The coins disappeared somewhere beneath the bar, and the bartender wandered off to pour his drink. When he came back, he gave Kebdl a closer look, appraising. “You any good?”

“I traveled here from the Cobalt Mountains. Alone.”

The man grunted a response. “So you're either brave, or insane.” He let out a long breath as he scanned the gamblers. “I'll ask around. It'll cost you another gold miza if I find anyone interested.”

To that, Kebdl raised his glass in salute as the man wandered off.
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Spinning Coin

Postby Kebdl Amradji on October 13th, 2009, 4:31 pm

(OOC: Self-moderated)

Kebdl didn't have long to wait. Before he'd finished his drink, the bartender returned to his end of the bar after making the rounds in the common room.

"Got a bite," the man said as he rummaged through a cabinet for a bottle. "Gold first, then you get a name." He found what he was looking for, a bottle of amber-colored wine, and went back out to the tables to deliver it. By the time he returned, Kebdl had a gold Miza ready. "Right then," the man said as he tucked the coin away. "Name's Dylanes Marrow. He don't want no meeting face to face. Prefers me as a go between, as his offer ain't exactly on the up and up." He paused there, meeting Kebdl's eyes with a sharp glance.

Kebdl nodded his agreement to the terms, and the man continued. "Seems there's a wrecked vessel a few days ride south. May just be a rumor, but your employer would like to know if there's any truth to it." With a careful glance to either end of the bar, the bartender leaned closer under the pretence of taking a rag out from under the bar. "He's already hired a wagon, just needed a driver who could protect himself. If there's cargo, anything valuable, he wants it brought back." He straightened and began wiping the end of the bar where Kebdl was sitting.

Kebdl finished off the last of his ale and set the glass down. "Pay?"

"10 gold mizas for the trip. Double that if you bring back something valuable."

Kebdl let his eyes wander around the room, as if pondering his decision. One of the patrons returned his gaze to his cards a little too quickly. Noting the fine cut of the man's robe and the swell of his well-fed belly, Kebdl pursed his lips and turned back to the bartender. Time to see if the messenger is allowed to bargain... "15 for the trip and double."

The bartender's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "12 and double."

"13 and double, and he pays for a healer if I'm hurt bad."

There was a long pause as the bartender considered, clearly consulting whatever guidelines Dylanes had given him. Finally, "Done." He held out a calloused hand to Kebdl, who took it and shook it with a firm grasp. "Go to Windmount Stables, give them Dylanes name. They'll give you the wagon."

Business concluded, Kebdl stood and made his way back outside. His horse was still tied where he'd left it, though the urchin was nowhere to be seen. As Kebdl began untying Finder, though, the boy stepped out of the shadows at the gambling hall's side. "Wanted to sneak up on them if they tried for it," he said, hefting a thick piece of wood.

"Clever boy." With a grunted laugh, Kebdl swung into the saddle and tossed the boy a gold miza. "What's your name, lad? I may have further uses for your cleverness."

"Tyriun." He gestured with his chin to the store he'd been leaning against when Kebdl had found him. "You can find me here most days." With that, the boy dashed off into the shadows. Kebdl swung his horse around and headed toward the more reputable side of town.
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