IC Info [Sunberth] Seasonal Calendar & Thread Goals; Winter, 513 AV

See inside for the dated events of Winter as well as the thread goals of the season!

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[Sunberth] Seasonal Calendar & Thread Goals; Winter, 513 AV

Postby Twister on December 11th, 2013, 2:39 am

Calendar: Winter, 513 AV

Winter's here! Brrrrr.

This Winter is going to be mostly quiet on a story-plot level. Minor events here and there with the regular snowfall and misery that comes with the cold in a place like this. Due to a big group of people rolling in this season with the intent to wreak havoc or, at least, start something new and exciting, most of this Calendare is currently SUBJECT TO CHANGE depending on what goes down in threads to come. But, for now, refer to this calendar and the events listed in it. The likelihood of events being removed is very low, but I may add things to it as things progress around the city before the season's up.

Stay tuned, and have fun in Sunberth this Winter!

Dates of note for Winter:
15th: Flash-hail. Large chunks of ice plummet from the heavens, many reaching the size of fists. Many roofs in the city suffer significant damage but people despite this retreat from the streets to take cover indoors for the whole day, some fleeing underground. The streets are practically barren.

16th: Hail lets up during the night to shift into steady downpour. People dare the streets again.

24th: Jebediah comes down from the Dust Bed to for the first time, as far as anyone's concerned, plead to the citizens of Sunberth to help him. He attempts to draw people in with the promise of a generous reward. (Quest)

29th: Doctor Petricious expands his clinic in the wake of the recent storms, opening up a new reception in a separate location while his old establishment is renovated.

34th: The first real snowfall of the year blankets the city quickly in bright white. Snow levels remain moderate and doesn't cause any significant trouble as of yet, but the appearence of snow causes people to scramble for resources to start rebuilding before too many citizens are homeless for the winter.

35th: Rumours spark around the city that a powerful sorceror is arriving, putting the population on edge. An increased number of dogs are encountered in the streets.

35th, addendum: Rokan, a Daggerhand general and one of the few remaining, is slain and put on display by a faceless assailant, at the steps of the gallows near Robern's old mansion, with a note attached to his chest, daggers driven through his heart and hands, eyes carved out and put in his mouth.

37th: Hooded and cloaked figures start appearing more frequently in the streets, seemingly wearing uniform. They patrol alleyways and remaining stable rooftops, avoiding human contact but nevertheless making their presence known.

40th: Heavy snowfall. Unstable buildings start to cave under the weight of the snow and citizens gather together for a mass effort to collect materials and start building a refuge for the homeless in the old ruins of the city. It's a temporary solution, but they nevertheless try to offer reward for any help they can get. (Mini-Quest)

44th: Merchants in the city start to hold on more dearly to their wares. Foodstock becomes scarce and expensive, all fresh foods increasing in price to twice their listed prices.

44th, addendum: Much of the food in the city seems to spoil very quickly, which prompts the increase in prices and also in public outcry as their hard-earned money is spent on rotten, sour or otherwise spoiled foodstock.

52nd: The refuge is half-finished, allowing some vagrants to move in and huddle together for warmth, protection and shelter. Many of the homeless that aren't able to fit into the new refuge are found frozen to death in the streets. Anyone who is wounded or carries a wound with them to this date, until the 70th of Winter, will find their wounds do not heal as they should. Unless treated actively, the wounds will become infected. Please notify your local Storyteller if your character becomes sick or wounded during this period of time.

53rd: Dogs are found dead in the streets and many more rodents seem to die inexplicably. The cause of death is as of now unknown.

55th: There is a huge pyre lit in the Tent City, the tents rotating around to huddle as close to the fire as possible without endangering the tents themselves. Anyone entering the Tent City after this point is subject to suspicion and potentially violence and robbery before ejection.

56th: The Sunset Quarter Orphanage opens its doors to adults, provided they are prepared to work for the matron for the duration of their stay.

56th, addendum: A stink goes through the street as the corpses, some half-eaten by dogs and rodents, decompose at a rapid pace. An increased number of people start lining up desperately outside Doctor Petricious' temporary reception despite his odd reputation. Many seem to have come down with a horrid flu.

59th: Brega and her girls from the House of Happy Endings are seen patrolling the streets this day, handing out blankets and warm embraces to the needy. What prompted this act of charity?

66th: Inexplicable violence breaks out in the streets, the weak and tired citizens lashing out against eachother. These fights rarely lead to casualties, however; the combatants separate after beating eachother bloody and move on to the next victim.

67th: Hooded and cloaked figures make themselves known once more, patrolling streets and rooftops. They maintain a distance from the common folk.

78th: The Tent City is stormed by hungry and frozen street thugs. They are promptly beaten to death by the Tent City collective. The alienation of the Tent City continues and their pyre continues to burn.

83rd: The other half of the refuge is finished. It is quickly filled to the rim with homeless thugs and families. Violence breaks out as people race eachother for the limited space available.

85th: The roof of the refuge collapses, burying an unknown number of people under snow and debris. Jebediah and Doctor Petricious appear together nearby, talking to eachother.

88th: Doctor Petricious reopens his renovated clinic and advertises eagerly. He also asks they public if they can supply him with fresh bodies or bodyparts, even going so far as calling for a hunt, offering payment for whatever people can find and bring to him. (Mini-Quest).


Thread goals for the season:

    - Get your food stolen from you by a hungry child.
    - Be attacked by one of the street dogs.
    - Be trapped for a few days inside a snowed-in building.
    - Accept a blanket and a hug from one of Brega's girls.
    - Save someone else's life.
    - Meet someone new (another PC).
    - Bury your head in the snow. Reason? Up to you.
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