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Postby Anona on February 5th, 2014, 7:54 pm

Human || Male
Born on the 10th day of Summer, 494 AV || 19 years old
Birthplace : Ravok


Anona stands at a little under six feet, although when out in public, he often walks with a slight slouch that makes him appear smaller than he is. His build is slim, half a product of a modest budget and half a high metabolism, which Anona is immensely thankful for as his Employer is fond of the way his hips and collar are pronounced in the skin (whether the man likes to paint the shadows therein more or less than he simply likes to run his fingers over the bones, Anona can't guess). Anona lets his pale blonde hair hang loose nearly every day, letting it shield him in some part from the prying eyes of other Ravokians. Though the weather is almost always pleasantly mild in Ravok, Anona will very rarely pull his hair back loosely if he feels especially humid, and if he has a spare band to do so.

Though his employment would suggest an overabundance of sexuality in his personality, outside of work Anona much prefers to blend in to the background as much as physically possible. He covers as much skin as he can without being too uncomfortable or too conspicuous. Anona will wear his cloak regardless of the weather and go to great pains to avoid even brushing a passerby's shoulder or arm.

Character Concept


Anona has in his possession and old, loosely bound journal that he found under his parents' bedding while cleaning. Although the charcoal is faint and in some places smudged or faded entirely, it is legible in quite a few areas. In the years since he found and began attempting to read the book, Anona's been able to gather with some level of confidence that the journal, while written in the Common alphabet, looks to be written Vani. He hasn't been able to make heads or tails of what any of it actually means, or how it came to be in his parents' possessions, since they had no Vantha acquaintances in the city and never traveled outside of Ravok. He can't understand any of it at all, but enjoys reading it in his spare time and making up new stories behind the words each time. Anona's employer caught him reading the book and is now under the impression that Anona speaks Vani; often, Anona will find himself spouting out random strings of words he's memorized from the journal under the guise of speaking the language, to James's endless amusement.

Character History

Anona was born and raised in the floating city by his parents, and has never seen nor had any desire to see what lands are beyond the still waters of the lake. Although his mother and father made some attempts to fight their way into the inner rings of the city as the years wore on, they made very little progress, and in the summer of 510 AV, they left Anona to seek better fortune elsewhere. Anona hasn't heard from them since, and assumes them dead.

Fluent Language: Common
Poor Language: Vani

Acting : 25 : Novice
Seduction : 21 : Novice
Persuasion : 15 : Novice
Politics : 5 : Novice
Observation : 5 : Novice
Acrobatics : 1 : Novice
Socialization : 1 : Novice
Cleaning : 1 : Novice
Housekeeping: 3 : Novice
Acting : 10 SP, 15 RB
Seduction : 20 SP + 1 XP
Persuasion : 15 SP
Politics : 5 SP
Observation : 3 XP + 2 XP
Acrobatics : 1 XP
Socialization : 1 XP
Cleaning: 1 XP
Housekeeping : 3 XP

Lore of Ravok Layout
Lore of Ravok Culture
Ravok Without Ravosalas: A Mess
Identifying a Non-Ravokian
Daegron: Outsider
James: The Involuntary Thrill
Lighting a Fire

+ Simple Gray Shirt
+ Simple Dark Pants
+ Simple Undergarments
+ Dark Blue Cloak
+ Waterskin
+ Backpack
+ + Wooden Comb
+ + Wooden Brush
+ + Soap
+ + Razor
+ + 1 Week's worth of rations
+ + Eating Knife
+ + Flint & Steel
+ Old, loosely bound book of Vani, written with the Common alphabet (heirloom)
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Postby Anona on February 12th, 2014, 9:04 pm

Location: Ravok

House: An average sized, single room apartment with a bed, table, a couple chairs, wardrobe, and chamber pot.

Name: James Valera
Race: Human
Birthdate: 3rd of Spring 473 AV, 40/41 years of age
Birthplace: Ravok, Syliras Region
Relationship to Anona: Employer, Stationary NPC
Secret :
Politics: 30 SP
Painting: 10 SP
Persuasion: 10 SP

Description: James is a paranoid, power-hungry man who lives in the Noble District in Ravok. He is incredibly secretive about where he's gotten his wealth, divulging the information to no one, and is obsessed with one day being accepted into the Lark family and exploiting their slave-trading business to acquire even more influence and wealth; to this end, he is likewise obsessed with keeping up appearances as a powerful and successful Ravokian. He's employed Anona as his personal servant to keep his home always ready to impress, and in particular is keen on keeping him in his employ because the boy's feminine features make it easy to keep his sexual tendencies out of the prying eyes of other citizens. Next to his own death, James's greatest fear is being penniless and disgraced.

Purchase Cost Total
SP +100 GM 100 GM
8 sq/yds of Linen -50 SM 95 GM 50 SM

Thread List - Spring 514 AV
Date Title Partners Status
3rd Without a Paddle Daegron Graded
3rd Careless Whisper Solo, Job Graded
4th Break, then Enter Johdin Ongoing
10th Bloodbath Valerius Nitrozian Ongoing
23rd Madness by the Bottle Verin Rush Ongoing
31st Pins and Needles Piraen Saneka Ongoing
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