Wacky, Wet and Wild Adventure on the Suvan [Tydus]

Finn meets some Svefra dude.

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An inland sea created by Ivak's cataclismic fury during the Valterrian, the Suvan Sea is a major trade route and the foremost hub for piracy in Mizahar. [lore]

Wacky, Wet and Wild Adventure on the Suvan [Tydus]

Postby None on May 29th, 2014, 9:50 pm

Suvan Sea, Near Kenash
Spring 55th, 514AV

What was that, a tuna? Finn couldn't tell right away. The sunlight peaking through the surface of the waves made it a little hard to see; even his orca-eyes weren't immune to glare. He was nearly a hundred feet down, but he was rising fast, barreling upward like a black and white arrow through the blue. He could see the fish was getting bigger and he opened his mouth wide to catch it, rows of pearly white, fat, conical teeth lined the smiling maw. Slap. Crack. Close, but no tuna. The tuna was swimming by faster than he'd accounted for, and Finn's mouth had grazed the fish's tail behind it's dorsal fin, sending it spinning and spiraling upward, uncontrolled, but still out of Kang's bite. Now it was reeling, ready to swim for it's life, but this wasn't going to be it's lucky day.

Finn needed to turn quickly so he reflexively shifted to his human skin, where the momentum of his fast upward swimming would send his feet up above his head and make this sharp turn near instantaneous. He shifted back now, flexing that winged tail and guiding fins, pushing himself underneath more and more, till that disoriented Tuna fish was within his bite range. Chomp. He got it. But, now, he realized he was almost completely out of breath. He felt stupid for having turned to human, for doing so had cost him most of his air-supply.

Finn crunched down on the fish in his mouth to end it's squirming then he broke for the surface. He shot through to the top, breaching just as he spouted out a blowhole full of salty Suvan water. Where was-? There, his catamaran, nothing fancy, but somewhere dry to keep his things. It'd floated a little further away than he'd expected. He'd have to make sure and keep better track of it out here. As things got deeper, they started to look more and more then same; even to a creature of the sea, rolling blue waves here looked just like rolling blue waves there. Ah well, no harm done. He made it quick back to the boat and shifted when he got to the side. Finn climbed in and reached over the bow, pulling up his hefty catch with all his strength. He barely was able to pull the thing in as a human, it was so large, but he was eager to get it's bloodied corpse out of the water, lest he attract some unwanted diner guests. Well, he got it in, and then sat there for few ticks, heaving from the strain. Now was time to eat it, and he preferred- not as a rule, but on this particular occasion- to do so as a human. So Finn took out that sharped curved hunk of metal he liked to throw and dragged it across the tuna's skin. He hacked at the soft slices of thin white fat that marbled the soft pulpy flesh, until he had a fist-sized chunk pulled off.

For him, he'd learned, the only drawback to eating raw fish as a human was the chewing and the slipperiness. He sat there, leaned back in his little boat, gnawing on the catch. It had a different taste when he was human too, not better or worse, just different. The sea was more noticeable in the flavor. Maybe because, as an orca, he was just so used to being surrounded by salt water. He peered over the side of his boat. Weird. He'd never thought about it, but did fish even know they were wet? He thought about it. Probably not, but he dismissed this idea with a shrug. As far as he knew there were people off, somewhere, that possibly didn't know they were dry. In his opinion they were all missing out.

He raised a nostril, catching something funky on the wind. His sense of smell was keen, and his vision decent, but it took him awhile to hear the sounds of their talking across the wide open waters. The calm sea made it easier for him to make out the sounds, as they got closer though. It sounded familiar. Chatter in Fratava, the voice of at least one man. Finn sat on his boat, staring at the approaching vessel for sometime, wondering if this was a person safe to be talking to. Well, he'd never been treated wrong by a Svefra, but plenty of whalers spoke Fratava too, or other kinds of people who still might try and hurt him. He tapped the flat of his boomerang against the side of his knee. 'Try' being the operative word. Alright, he'd had enough waiting, and decided to take action. He gulped down another chunk of fish, considering the fact that he might not get to so again for awhile, and clenched his boomerang on the unbladed side between his teeth. Finn got a running jump and dived. His fingertips broke the surface, and then swirling light and sound made his human body into his whale one and his was plowing through the waves leaving quite the wake as his tall dorsal cut water. In this form, the rather large boomerang looked more like a bent metal toothpick.

Soon he was upon the boat. He shifted, and took the boomerang in one hand. <<Hail!>> he called in Fratava.
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