Solo Vertigo's Love Life

Before She showed up, he didn't have a love life.

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Vertigo's Love Life

Postby Vertigo Greene on June 26th, 2014, 6:02 pm

20th of Summer, 514 AV


Vertigo had no love life before Her. He barely even spoke to women. And I know what you're thinking, and no, you're not correct. Vertigo had no affliction to the fairer gender, nor was he a social hermit. He enjoyed women, yes, but the reason, the real reason he never really had a relationship was because most women either were to clingy, to stubborn, absolutely repulsive, or just didn't attract him. He fondly remembered the one real time he'd had a sturdy relationship, and that was with a Kelvic named Ben.

No, Ben was not a boy. It was short for Bennessa. She had dark emerald eyes, and auburn hair that, on its best day, didn't look to much like long lightning bolts. But her hair or abrasive personality was no issue for Vertigo. He loved her... at least, he thought he did. There was the one day Vertigo tried to give all of himself to Bennessa, including his inner-most emotions and... well, his virginity. She definitely took the virginity, but left everything else, including Vertigo himself. 2 days after the worst intercourse Vertigo and Bennessa would ever have, she left him for a Symenestran fellow.

And that's what was on the other side of the bar right now.

Vertigo sat himself down at an empty booth in the bar. drinking a concoction made from sugar and seaweed. He fixed his jacket around his shoulders, which were thinner than they were a week ago. He had to start eating more. Then, he noticed Her.

She was at least 6 feet, thin yet elegant. Her fingernails had been, somehow, sanded and shaved to a manageable length. Her hair was jet-black, and her eyes were a deep purple and teeth marvelously white and straight. She wore a long trench coat, leaving Vertigo wanting more, tight-fitting pants, and stiletto heels, black as night. She was sitting in a comfortable, laid-back position on her stool, fishing a cherry from the bottom of Her glass. Vertigo imagine immediately her ripping the stem off it and popping it into her mouth, chewing, juice running from the corner of her mouth like blood. And then he remembered Symenestrans had to liquidate their food. Ugh.

He saw his window of chance, and it was a large one. He could either try and impress her, be suave, or go for the calm, relaxed approach. He racked his brain trying to figure out an approach that would woo her.

And he had to be quick. It looked like she was preparing to leave!
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