Kro's Scrap Book of Wonder!

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The player scrapbooks forum is literally a place for writers to warm-up, brainstorm, keep little scraps of notes, or just post things to encourage themselves and each other. Each player can feel free to create their own thread - one per account - and use them accordingly.

Kro's Scrap Book of Wonder!

Postby Kro on September 26th, 2010, 5:18 am

Hello everyone! I decided I should make one of these so here it is... I don't have many rules, but here they are:

1: Don't complain about the your eyes bleeding because of this page.

2: Spin around and rub your tummy every time someone says training!

3: Jump 3 times, and take a shot of vodka every time someone says "Hello," "Hey," "Hiya," "Greetings," or any variation there of.

4: All posts must be written entirely in pig-latin on every Tuesday and Thursday, As well as every third Monday of the month.

5: Do what you like, as long as I get to do it fist! :)

6: Don't spam unless it has to do with the following subjects: Dancing Space Monkeys, Shark with Land Suit vs. Grizzly Bear, or the secret of life.

7: I reserve the right to continuously post nonsense rules until my fingers bleed, and my eyes fall out from looking at the red text!

8: Enjoy my Scrap Book.... No matter how small it is at the moment....
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