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Taloba, home to the Myrians, is the thriving core of Falyndar. Inhabited by a fierce and savage tribe where blood sacrifices are normal and a way of life, they are untamed and proud of it. Warlike, and with their numbers growing, the Myrians are set on reclaiming what is rightfully theirs. [Lore]

Scout's Roost

Postby Cayenne on January 21st, 2010, 12:48 am

Scout's Roost


One of the busiest buildings in Taloba is Scout's Roost. This is where information is exchanged, scouting parties are organized, and maps are carefully made and kept up to date. It is located near the garrison, since it works in close coordination with the military. The Myrians firmly believe that Falyndar belongs to them - that no one understands its secrets better than they, who have lived in it since time immemorial. Knowing your borders is key to defending them. Those who know the terrain, and all the ins and outs and secrets thereof, are going to have a much better chance at using them to their advantage than those who are running blind.

Unlike Cyphrus, with its endless seas of grass, Falyndar is one heavily tangled mess that can look very different when the seasons change and the floods come, and the faint paths are are beaten down over time are overrun with water. They use landmarks and wildlife as guides: there are no roads, and none that could last anyway. Scout's Roost is also tasked with keeping an eye on outsiders in Falyndar, particularly the Dhani. They watch Zinrah closely for any snakes who leave their pit, and coordinate those efforts to get rid of them when they do. They also scout the coasts for the Charodae (while not necessarily considered a threat, they're good eating) as well as any boats that might land. Similarly, if pools of wild magic are found, they're reported to the Roost and scouts are sent to investigate and deal with it.

Scout's Roost is a two-level building, made of stone and wood, round and broad, with slanting roofs with considerable overhang designed to make sure that the water from the rains run off of it. The main level is pretty sparse, with tables and chairs made of bones, along with plenty of current maps and lists... not only of Falyndar, but of a number of the other regions of Mizahar: information brought by those who slip along the other races and report back, sometimes sending rough maps along with their notes. Stairs start at the far side of the room from the door, and climb the wall to access the second level. The second floor is used mostly for map making and storage, with broad wooden tables and stools and supplies. The maps are kept on the second floor, each rolled and labeled carefully and stored inside tubes made of water-proofed hide and wood, and are wrapped again in yet more hides in bundles, or stored in leather-bound chests.

The NPCs

Secret :

Scout's Roost is always busy, and there are a number of people always moving in and out: scouts reporting in, messengers, apprentices, and more, but these Myrians are the mainstay of Scout's Roost.

Rahi of the Tiger Eyed: Spy Mistress
Rahi is another one of Myri's descendants - Tika, Myri's second daughter, started the Tiger Eyed... to which Rahi belongs. In her mid forties, Rahi inherited the post some ten years ago from her mother, and uses Scout's Roost as an office. Solidly build with flashing green eyes and red-brown hair, she has a number of tattoos attesting to accomplishments. Tigers, missions, fighting, leadership - she didn't gain her position by her blood. Rahi sits on the Council of Nine, and runs the Roost with a tight fist.

Corra of the Changing Moon: Interregional Coordinator
While Heda and Zedu look after the scout organization of Falyndar, Corra's job is far more reaching: she keeps track of everything with the various scouts and spies that have spread out throughout the world, and send information and news back. A veteran of such details herself, Corra has been ostracized in the past for bringing back a Drykas mate, and having a pack of half-blooded children.

Geeta of the Morning Bird: Keeper of the Maps
The Morning Birds are excellent hunters and trackers - so it's no surprise that Geeta, one of the Elders of that clan looks after and oversees the maps and makes sure that they are up to her considerable standards, and that they are accurate. Her sister, Julii, sits on the Council with Rahi. Now elderly, she doesn't go out on her own, but takes what she knows of the jungle from many, many years of experience and combines it with what new information Heda's Scouts bring her.

Heda of the Creeping Vines: Scout Leader
Heda has the title of Scout Leader at Scout's Roost. A long time scout who knows the jungle inside and out, she is responsible for coordinating the scouting parties and circles in Falyndar. She also acts as a military liaison to see what scouts are available, and who will go when and where. She also assists her mate, Zedu, with organizing the incoming reports from the scouts. This information goes to Geeta, who makes sure that the maps are properly updated to reflect an chances.
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[Location] Scout's Roost

Postby Voodoo on September 18th, 2014, 2:56 pm

Destruction: 6th of Fall

With the fires springing up around Taloba, Scout’s Roost was busy trying to coordinate groups to help put out the fires inside and outside the city. People were always coming in and out, running messages back and forth to keep track of the fires outside of the city and the condition inside the city. Rahi has been incredibly busy laying down the commands, almost too busy to realize the winds had changed direction. Fire caught the south wall of Scout’s Roost, creeping up to the second level where dry maps were quick to burn.

OOCThis location is damaged. Due to the amount of people coming in and out, this was the shortest burning building and damage is minimal.

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