[Taloba DS Office - Voodoo] De Doctor is In...

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[Taloba DS Office - Voodoo] De Doctor is In...

Postby Voodoo on June 5th, 2014, 4:32 am

Welcome to the
House of Voodoo

Welcome to my office, where you can find me amidst my needles, skulls, ravens, and other random malicious concoctions. I encourage you to stop in, have a look around, and of course, drop me a message with your strange requests.


For now, please place all grade requests HERE.


Since I am just starting out here in the Jungle, I will only be accepting a maximum of 1 moderated thread request. Once I start getting the hang of things and have projects in mind, I shall increase this to 3 moderated thread requests. This will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please reply below with a completed Request Form, and I shall see to it that you have a response in a day or two.

Moderation Request Form :
List of Players Involved:
Summary of Desired Plot of Thread:
Purpose of Thread:
Additional Information:
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[Taloba AST Office - Voodoo] De Doctor is In...

Postby Kol on July 25th, 2014, 1:22 am

        Title: Back To Battle

        List of Players Involved: Kol

        Summary of Desired Plot of Thread: Kol goes to sign up and reenlist in the military after some devastating events regarding his sister, Dahlia, and her death. He seeks to find a way to get his mind off of the pain and hatred he feels, and so he looks for a release with a reason to kill (Did I just rhyme, kind of? O.o).

        Purpose of Thread: Kol becoming a member of the Taloban military again.

        Additional Information: I'm thinking the date for this can be around the.... 35-40th or Summer? Overall, your call. I thought a modded thread for this could be cool. Feel free to use whatever NPC you see fit. Gotta make the first steps towards getting him that tiger. Slowly, but surely, I will climb those ranks.
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[Taloba AST Office - Voodoo] De Doctor is In...

Postby Ayatah on July 26th, 2014, 9:00 pm


Title: Teachers Pet
List of Players Involved: Ayatah, Filo Gentiva
Summary of Desired Plot of Thread: A young Ayatah, following the advice of her clan matriarch and grandmother, approaches Filo's hut to learn more about the world beyond the jungle.
Purpose of Thread: This is going to be the first time Ayatah is actually encouraged to broaden her academic horizons, so it's kind of a pinnacle moment in her story. She also learns the first crucial pieces of information about her paternal culture -- at least other than the snippets of derogatory phrases she's heard from other Myrians.
Additional Information: I'm only just returning to Mizahar so there is literally no rush for this. This is just a thread I've been hankering to do for quite some time.

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