Flashback (The Training Yard) Hard Lessons (Kaie)

After the embarrassment at the long house, Turrin heads to the training yard to vent some steam

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Taloba, home to the Myrians, is the thriving core of Falyndar. Inhabited by a fierce and savage tribe where blood sacrifices are normal and a way of life, they are untamed and proud of it. Warlike, and with their numbers growing, the Myrians are set on reclaiming what is rightfully theirs. [Lore]

(The Training Yard) Hard Lessons (Kaie)

Postby Turrin on March 3rd, 2014, 11:47 pm

When the conditions of the spar were set, Kaie didn't waste anytime in pummeling the Twisted Vine youth. The two started to circle each other and Kasha balled her fist like a tskanna's foot and Kaie had hand open, but he hand was tense and shaped like a feline paw. Kaie was the first attacker as she bull rushed Kasha to the ground. Turrin could tell this spar degraded from a training spar to a full blown battle for dominance. Turrin looked at Talula who stood still with her arms crossed with a smile on her face. The half-breed flickered his eyes to Vala who had a look of concern on her face as Kaie pummeled the face of Kasha. However, Kasha was able to break free of Kaie and landed a few blows to Kaie. Eventually, Kaie got the upper hand on Kasha, and Talula had to physically had to separate them to stop the brawl. When Talula let go of Kaie to go check on her clansmen, Turrin immediately went to Kaie and knelt down in front of her and said with a smile, “Thank you for fighting for my honor, Kaie. I won't forget about it.” Turrin looked over and saw Talula covering Kasha nose with a piece of cloth to stop the bleeding. The half-breed gave the little girl a warm smile, stood up looking at Vala, and said, “Are you ready?” The hunter walked into his position in front of Vala and waited for her take her position.

Looking up from her sister, the Twisted Vine teenager said sharply, “Hold on one chime, male!”

Turrin watched as the older sister treated the mostly superficial wounds to her sisters face. The male myrian cracked his knuckles as he waited for his opponent to face him. The male teen knew that he wouldn't need to hold back because he didn't want to insult the females pride by going easy on her. When Vala was ready, the teenager rolled her neck to loosen the muscles and got into a defensive position. Turrin got into his stance with his right back and left leg forward. Making a fist, he put the ready fist on his side and left hand out in front him pointing in the direction of Vala's chest. Cira a half-Dhani woman had been teaching him unarmed combat and acrobatics, so he didn't want to let his teacher down today. Turrin wasn't going to make the first move, so Vala moved quickly and shorten the distance between them till she was in striking range. The half-breed just stood there waiting for her attack. Vala lifted her leg and thrust the ball of her foot forward towards the stomach of Turrin. The young hunter sidestepped backwards out of the way of the kick. As he moved to the side, he made a sweeping motion down and across his body to deflect the attack away from his body. When he deflected the kick, he turned back into his stance and punched into the side of her body. The punch missed her completely because Vala saw the punch coming and jumped out of the way of his fist.

Turrin decided to react, so he lifted his leg, turned slightly on his foot, and kicked out with his ball of his foot coming from the side. The roundhouse kick was awkward because he couldn't get his kick high enough to hit the target the side of the abdomen, so the ball of his foot impacted the side of the upper leg. Vala stumbled back at the impact, but she recovered blow and threw a punch at the face of Turrin. The novice fighter wasn't quite sure if he should use a high block or a middle block. Turrin swung his arm up and across his body, but he wasn't high enough on the middle block to deflect the punch. Vala fist connected with the cheek bone of his face and the myrian felt a sharp pain as the fist connected his face, but he blacked out and found himself on the ground. When he came to Talula was patting Vala on back about her victory over the half-breed male. On the ground, Turrin reached up and touched his now bruised face. The hunter released that he lost to a opponent that he should have beaten. Turrin didn't look up at the teenage girls as Talula said to Turrin, “You definitely need more practice cousin. I will make sure Grandmother knows about your dismal loss today..”
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(The Training Yard) Hard Lessons (Kaie)

Postby Traverse on October 7th, 2014, 2:37 am



Skill XP Earned
Endurance 4 XP
Intimidation 2 XP
Land Navigation 1 XP
Meditation 2 XP
Rhetoric 1 XP
Shortbow 3 XP
Socialization 5 XP
Stealth 2 XP
Unarmed Combat 1 XP

Lores Earned
A Myrian Who Doesn't Speak...Myrian?
Turrin of the Twisted Vine: Not Quite Myrian
The Effect of Flattery on a Child (Self)
Shortbow Uses vs. Longbow
Stance and Grip: Key With Bows
Turrin: A Good, Kind Teacher
Beating the Shyke out of Kasha: A Mean Puke


Skill XP Earned
Acrobatics 1 XP
Endurance 1 XP
Intimidation 1 XP
Land Navigation 1 XP
Observation 5 XP
Rhetoric 5 XP
Running 1 XP
Shortbow 2 XP
Socialization 5 XP
Teaching 4 XP
Unarmed Combat 2 XP

Lores Earned
Talula: A Vindictive Female
Kaie of the Cutthroat Shadows: A Fierce Young Female
Panther: Sacred in the Cutthroat Shadows
Teaching Someone About Shortbow Techniques
The Feeling of Someone Standing Up for You

Yes, I Bite.

Additional Notes :
Alright so there were some points I wanted to make before getting to the thread:

Kaie you have your skill in unarmed combat listed as competent even though it is in fact expert, just thought you should know.

Turrin there aren't any deadly dangerous animals located within the confines of Taloba except for the Myrian tigers. Creatures that dwell in the city might be many types of birds, lots of insects, and non poisonous snakes and lizards and frogs that dwell in the trees. While it would be uncommon for a child as young as Kaie to wander by herself there is no immediate danger to such a child wandering around the city unless they stumble upon the Blackened Claw morphing zoo or something like that.

Also no Myrian clan is going to teach common over Myrian to their children, while I can understand Turrin being fluent in common, having an Inartan mother, this probably wouldn't be reflected the same way throughout his entire clan. I can understand common being taught alongside Myrian more intensely in a clan, it does not make sense for the clan to only speak in Common except in certain circumstances as you mentioned in this thread.

I also wanted to bring up the half Dhani NPC you mentioned briefly in this thread along with Turrin's family. Your SS thread doesn't have any permission for family NPCs or otherwise, if you are planning to use any of these NPCs for future threads, or have already used them in threads they need to be recorded somewhere, either in the city NPC list if applicable, or in your SS thread, being approved through the HD.

I was a bit confused in the beginning of this thread as to both PC's locations since the Cutthroat Shadows live outside of the city, and its sort of undetermined whether the Twisted Vines do or not, so at first I thought these guys were outside the city working there way there, but once that got sorted out I enjoyed this thread quite thoroughly, I really enjoyed Kaie's child self, an impatient violent little spit fire, while Turrin's reaction towards her was very sweet. You guys did an awesome job playing to your skill levels in 99% of what I saw, but Turrin you are only a novice in teaching and despite your PC's lack of skill were totally owning the lesson in a way of novice teacher would not be able to do, something to keep in mind for future threads.

I'll be interested to see later threads with these two and what a continued relationship might unfold, if there are any concerns about XP or lores that you wanted let me know, there was a lot going on here and I won't be surprised if I missed something. :)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your grade, please send me a PM and we can figure it out. :)
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