Location The Twilight Tower

The Twilight Tower specializes in the teaching of morphing and alchemy.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

The Twilight Tower

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Perched on the Sartu Peak in a very prominent location, on the shores of a small stone lake, is the famous dual-spired Twilight Tower. Often partially shrouded in mist from the naturally heated lake, the Twilight Tower often gives off an air of mystery without truly meaning to. The Tower itself is made up of a mixture of stone and skyglass, the colours of the outer walls a lovely shade of navy blue blended with orange and gold.

The grounds around the Tower are well-kept and beautifully landscaped, and a walking path encourages visitors to visit the lake at the base of the Tower. The lake offers the morphers of the Twilight Tower a steady (and warm since, it is geothermally heated) place to practice their more aquatic morphing.

ImageBeing one of the three founding families of Lhavit, the Twilight house was said to be responsible for locating Lhavit's relatively safe perch. Since the city has thrived and swelled in its population, the Twilight Tower has opened its doors to the public, with a large section of the estate sectioned off just for visitors. Though one whole spire is reserved only for family use, specifically the west tower overlooking the sea, the east tower has been completely opened up for student use with the top being reserved for the pair of Ethaefal who head the educational facility.

Within the Tower on the main floor is a series of skyglass halls, all roofed in translucent materials. These halls are the practice areas for the students of the Twilight Tower. The main floor also includes lecture halls and classrooms, and the upper floor has laboratories dedicated to a number of necessary functions within the Tower. Pillars are prominent throughout the structure, as are friezes depicting Leth and Syna together.

The front double doors used as the entrance to the tower are grand and made of dark wood, with a door knob in the shape of a crescent moon. Upon entering, a long hallway is the first thing a visitor would encounter. The hall is elaborate, with shining tile floors, and various tapestries and columns along the wall. It leads into the receptionist area, where Frost's desk lies. Frost, the receptionist and security of the Tower, will be glad to answer questions or enroll someone in whatever lessons they require.

Further in to the left, a second hallway leads off into the residences of the Twilight family, and is notable by the vibrant, translucent citrine stone which has been inlaid on the walls. A hallway to the right leads to the practice halls, lecture halls, and classrooms. A staircase located on the far right leads upwards, to the second floor where the labs and various rooms that house materials for classes reside.

The residence of the Twilight family is strictly forbidden for visitors to enter. Only during special circumstances will an individual be allowed entrance, and to do so they must get through Frost's vigilant watch.

The Twilight Tower specializes in Morphing, as well as in Alchemy. It is these two magics which are taught to the select students who attend the Tower.

Location credit: Haeli


ImageName: Frost
Race: Kelvic (White lion)
Birthdate: 512 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Secretary and security at the Twilight Tower
Skills: Hunting - 31, Organization - 42, Singing - 10, Socialization - 55, Unarmed Combat - 75
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Frost is The Twilight Tower's first line of defense and the Tower's receptionist. Enjoying the double duty, Frost likes talking to people, meeting new students, and generally greeting all those who inquire about classes. It is her job to link instructors to new students, make introductions, and show new people around. She also carefully guards the entrance to the Twilight house's spire of the Twilight Tower.

And while she is gifted at combat, Frost is not so gifted at singing. Often as she patrols the halls, especially at night, one can hear her off-key singing. No one has ever been unkind enough to mention she might need lessons, because everyone can tell the big cat loves to sing.

Frost is the bondmate of Altelo Twilight, the head of the Twilight Tower and head morphing instructor in Lhavit.
Mac Gemurk
ImageName: Mac Gemurk
Race: Human
Birthdate: 493 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Mathematician for the Twilight Tower
Skills: Astronomy - 25, Business - 60, Cartography - 20, Cosmetology - 45, Disguise - 35, Gambling - 50, Mathematics - 65
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Mac was supposed to be a cartographer. His father is a shipwright int he tranquil port, and his mother a barmaid. They worked hard to make sure that Mac could get an education and make something of himself, it never occurred to them that he would do it on land and not the ocean. After a near-drowning incident as a teen Mac has refused to go near the salty waves ever again. Although having been trained to become a cartographer, he took his interest in math far and is nothing short of a genius for his age, an absolute whiz with numbers. But for all his strengths in the numerical realm, Mac is largely antisocial, and has not spent much of his time focusing on other skills.

Mac is often described as 'scatter-brained' by his peers, a common assumption for his habit of not finishing his thoughts. He doesn't enjoy casual chatter, although anyone can pick up a conversation with him if they manage to propose a problem to him that he feels the need to solve. He is a friendly fellow, despite his slightly odd behaviors, and although he doesn't enjoy the company of people many of his peers would consider themselves his friends.

He works diligently for the Twilight Tower, balancing their books in order to fund his enjoyment of the night. Mac is a known customer at the Obsidian club, although he is often unrecognized by his peers there. A long time fan of costumes and feminity Mac enjoys wearing costumes and cosmetics before heading to the nearest card game, where he never loses, a habit that has gotten him kicked out of most games before he could collect his wins.

He stands at an average height of around 5'9", with lithe limbs and slight pudge to his stomach. It is clear the man has never had to lift anything near his body weight in his life, and has no intention to. He is pale with dark curly hair that falls past his ears, and although it looks unkempt, seems to be intentionally so.

His face is long and often described as 'sad' although he is not a depressive personality to be around, and so can often be seen wearing a slight grin which exposes the gap between his front two teeth. His nails are long despite his gender, and he often wears color lacquers on it, which he is prone to flaunt with confidence to those who question him. He often wears plain black professional clothes to work, and bright vivid silks and cosmetics in his personal time.

ImageName: Orath
Race: Ethaefal (Day)/Svefra (Night)
Birthdate: 228 AV
Birthplace: The Ahger Ocean
Occupation: Teacher at the Twilight Tower
Gnosis: 2 marks of Syna (Inavalti level 2)
Skills: Alchemy - 72, Flux - 55, Leadership - 84, Musical Instrument (Lute) - 32, Teaching - 70, Weapon (Dagger) - 28
Languages: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Fluent), Nari (Basic)

Orath is a calm, serene individual. He is very poised and rarely gets riled; his actions and words are always sure and direct. Steady and practical, he can be reasonable and sensible under even the most trying of circumstances.

During the day, Orath stands at a tall and proud 6'3". Soft hair falls to his shoulders, and his horns curl up and away from his face. Warm, dusky blue eyes compliment his glowing marble skin tone.

SeasonHair ColourHorn Colour

At night, Orath loses a fair bit of height, and appears much scruffier, his hair even longer and turning a shade of dirty blonde. His eyes lighten somewhat, and tattoos and scars take over his tanned, sunkissed skin.

Orath and Tasa have never been apart, despite the obvious Ethaefal tendency to be loners. The rumors around the tower suggest that Syna and Leth both kicked them out of their realms simultaneously, because they missed each others company to such an extent they were an emotional drag on their divine homes, despite their love for their deities. Seeing them back to Mizahar practically immortal guaranteed that the pair would never be apart again.

Orath usually teaches classes during the day. Being as levelheaded and calm as he is, Orath often serves as a mediator, and has been known to handle any and all disputes within the Twilight Tower in a very fair and forthright manner.

ImageName: Tasa
Race: Ethaefal (Night)/Inarta (Day)
Birthdate: 228 AV
Birthplace: The Ahger Ocean
Occupation: Teacher at the Twilight Tower
Gnosis: 2 marks of Leth (Telepathy level 2)
Skills: Alchemy - 50, Dancing - 34, Hypnotism - 42, Leadership - 61, Painting - 59, Singing - 55, Teaching - 64, Weapon (Shortbow) - 25
Languages: Common (Fluent), **************************I*Nari (Fluent), Fratava (Basic)

Tasa is somewhat of a hothead; she is quick to rile with a flaring temper, and can be biting and harsh when provoked. That being said, when not angered, she is one of the sweetest people around. She is quick to offer aid to those who need it, and smiles often.

Tasa is a divine creature by night, with straight, silky hair, and smooth horns that flow up and back from her temples, making her appear even taller than her height of 5'11". Her eyes are a deep, blazing violet, a contrast to her glittering, pale white skin.

SeasonHair ColourHorn Colour

During the day, Tasa takes on the form of a petite and fiery Inartan woman. She has cascading curls the colour of flames, and pale freckled skin. More than one person has recognized her simply by her gaze; her sharp green eyes carry the same blaze that they do at night.

Tasa tends to teach the night classes, offering instruction under darkness and moonlight where she is most comfortable. She is a kind teacher, but has no patience for those who are not serious about their studies. Tasa is known to send gifts when known families celebrate weddings or births.

It is a well-known fact that Tasa executed Weisur Twilight herself while Orath looked on, not interfering. With that single move, the Ethaefal of Leth secured the love of almost everyone living within the tower once they realized Weisur's absolute and corrupt rule was over.

Altelo Twilight
ImageName: Altelo Twilight
Race: Human
Birthdate: 481 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Head of and teacher at the Twilight Tower
Skills: Alchemy - 20, Composition - 30, Leadership - 62, Morphing - 84, Teaching - 68, Weapon (Cutlass) - 75
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Altelo Twilight is the second son born of the Twilight House's current adult generation. His deceased older brother, Weisur Twilight, often overshadowed him in many ways. Having a more mild manner, Altelo tended to stand quietly in the shadows while Weisur ran the family businesses and oversaw the Twilight Tower's presence in Lhavit.

However, that did not mean Altelo didn't soak up family knowledge, both in terms of the ability to lead, but also in the knowledge of the Twilight's interests in Lhavit. Altelo has had one of the finest educations his family could provide him. In his own quiet way, Altelo has always been picking up Weisur's pieces, soothing the ruffled feathers his brother always created, and been a quiet strength behind the scenes and out of the domineering spotlight of Weisur's presence.

When his brother was executed, Altelo was there to step up along with his younger brother, Nosumo Twilight. Their sister, Kanami Twilight, has long since left the Tower, taking after their mother instead and spending her time focused on farming and agriculture on the Sharai Peak.

Altelo is married to Aleine Twilight. She did not come from a prominent Lhavitian family, but was instead a stranger to the city of Lhavit when she met Altelo. Weisur disapproved of the match - as he did any marriage outside of one of the three Houses - and when Aleine was heavy with Altelo's first child, she mysteriously vanished from Lhavit. Altelo still searches for her, but with each passing year the chances of finding her or his child alive grow slimmer and slimmer.

Altelo is soft spoken, and is said to enjoy poetry and swordplay in equal measures. His curiosity and intelligence has lead him to become a master in morphing, and thus lead the magical teachings in the Twilight Tower. Altelo doesn't believe in taking power or respect; he feels it should be earned, and sets about every day to make sure he is worthy of his position as head of the Twilight Tower. Altelo is said to be compassionate, and in a way encouraging towards those who are willing to work to better themselves in Lhavitian society.

Altelo has a broody facial expression, which seems to naturally fall on his rather youthful features. However, he has his own charm with a slow smile and a soft, gentle voice that guides both his family and his students on a new pathway, one that has done nothing but improve his family since the Day of Discord. Altelo has a strongly muscled body from his constant use of his cutlass, and has made something of a name for himself with his sword. Watchful andprotective, Altelo keeps the Twilight house in line with a gentle and guiding hand, very different from Weisur's old unrelenting fist.

Frost has saved Altelo's sanity on more than one occasion, and he is her bondmate.

Nosumo Twilight
ImageName: Nosumo Twilight
Race: Human
Birthdate: 486 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Teacher at the Twilight Tower
Skills: Bodybuilding - 32, Brawling - 30, Leadership - 40, Morphing - 55, Teaching - 36, Weapon (Longsword) - 48
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Tall and well-muscled, Nosumo has warm brown eyes, and dark brown hair he keeps swept back away from his face. He always has a charming, roguish grin on his face, and unlike Altelo, is almost always talking about something or other.

Nosumo is Altelo's younger brother. For a long time, he had no worries about having to step up, with Altelo and Weisur being the oldest two. However, since the Day of Discord, that has changed, and Nosumo has become much less carefree and more responsible, stepping up to help Altelo keep things organized.

While not as good at morphing as Altelo, Nosumo is fairly talented, and teaches classes on the subject. He is a laid-back man, sometimes not taking things seriously enough, and is known for joking around with his students.


Novice class: 25 kina/season
Competent class: 50 kina/season
Expert class: 75 kina/season
Master class: 100 kina/season

Classes on either alchemy or morphing are offered at the Twilight Tower. Classes may involve lectures covering the theory, history, benefits, and dangers of a particular magic, as well as hands-on practice.

Tuition cost is per subject and stacks; students are expected to pay the per season fees for each subject they wish to attend classes on. Tuition fees must be paid at the start of the season, before classes begin. Should one increase their skill level in a subject mid-season, they will immediately be moved up to the next class level, and expected to pay the difference.

OOC Info
Becoming a student at the Twilight Tower is not merely a simple matter of registering; those allowed to study at the Twilight Tower are carefully and exclusively chosen. One most have connections of some sort or another to either a member of the Twilight family, the Constellations, or the Shinya; even then, acceptance is not guaranteed. The only time a student can be guaranteed acceptance without a shadow of a doubt is if they provide a recommendation letter from Aysel, Talora, one of the Saya, or Zintila herself.

Admission as a student to the Twilight Tower is not simple, but a PC may work towards the necessary connections in-game to achieve this; contact your ST if you wish to attend the Twilight Tower as a student to discuss details.

This location is free to self-moderate as long as you are a student at the Tower.
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